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Matthew Cie Apr 2018
You       me

We were not
Ment to be. The way
you pull at my strings,
Takes me down with every
touch. Why even when i hate you,
Do you make me smile, Something is
Wrong with my heart. My broken,
Stolen, painfilled, sickened
heart. I lose track of
pain, for how
my heart
Matthew Cie Apr 2018
All had gone, night had fallen
Lay restless upon my bed
Still plaguing, tried to **** me
Had been chained with all my fear.

What power can torment my mind
with heaviness of what lay ahead.

Be afraid, had i never been before?
Torn apart like i'm in the storm.
Matthew Cie Apr 2018
The seen, the knowing, the invisible
The flesh of light that hides behind the lies,
Yet shows such life that it is irresistible.
The scars, the bruises, the smiles
All shown but never known
and find a way to hide behind the lies.
The art, the pain, the stars
Dreamed up and of but never reached
and yet still we try.
Let's stop hiding behind the lies.
Matthew Cie Apr 2018
I'm overwhelmed with the thoughts in my mind,
You tell me that it's just not the time,
We argue about anything, everything, we can
Maybe it is time to take a step back and stand.

On our own, for a while,
Breath in the cold air of release,
See the whole of the picture in my mind

Before jumping back into the
Jumping back into the fire

You see the past as a good time,
I tell you that it didn't seem right,
We yell for reasons of nothing, of pain
I laugh as we walk away in the rain.

On our own, for a while
Breath in the cold air of release
See the whole of the picture in my mind,

Before jumping back into the
Jumping back into the fire.
One of my new songs!
Matthew Cie Apr 2018
Sleep with words all hidden;
   Cant be dealt with after bitten.
Silence takes my mind too far;
   And yet still i try to par.
Breath of wind in my face;
   I start to take a certain pace.
Fingers light, pull my hand;
   Makes a strong holding band.
Matthew Cie Apr 2018
They reval in my defeat
Laughing as i get beat
Their words like knifes in mind
Singing harshly, they blind

I see black
I see red
I see colors in my head
I hear steps
I hear screams
I hear them laugh as i bleed

Just to take me down
and tear my skin
And know im bound
To cave in

— The End —