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Matthew Orellana Sep 2019
Everyone wants you to be someone else
“Don’t conform to society, but be yourself
Remember to educated, quiet, and polite
Don’t make faces, don’t laugh loudly
Don’t forget to be nice!”
They tell you to be different but to act like all the rest
They tell you to have character, but only show your best.

If I’m acting like you and you’re acting like me
Then together what are we?
Were just a bunch of people pretending
to be something were not.
We’re all together putting faces
To be something someone wants

In a world where people tell you
“They’ll like you for who you are.”
I find it kind of funny
how were all same model car
ive just been thinking about this for awhile
Matthew Orellana Apr 2019
Smiling faces with glee
as the children see me
Jackman sings with his big sword
As we dance on the green board.
King and Queen smiling fakely
Everyone dances so happ’ly
As the kingdoms unite,
From their shallow card spite.
Lands of Heart and of Clover
Lands of ***** crossing over
And last but not least
Land of Diamond with ease.
That leaves me; I’m the juggler
I’m the card man, the smuggler
Of laughs and big smiles
We all need one somewhile.
Let me tell you my friend
It’s a tiring job,
But no matter the circumstance
My smile stays on.
My makeup is flaking,
My body is aching
No one cares for the Joker
or the jokes that he’s making.
Smile big, mother told
Smile tall, smile proud
Don’t you fret of your worries
And don’t you dare ever frown.
So I stay a performer
lifting faces, sharing laughter
They expect me to smile
But no one cares for me after.
Smile on, smile big,
Wear the mask, wear the wig
Juggle *****, tell the joke
Keep on laughing till you choke
It’s hysterical, it’s so fun
It’s so gracious, to keep on
Tell the joke, scream the tears
Till my makeup is smeared.
They’re all staring; it’s ok
Laugh your worries away
I keep laughing at jokes
Till it’s me that it broke.
Matthew Orellana Apr 2019
The child coughed as he felt his heart hammer away in his chest. He stared at the window and saw a beautiful lady in a black dress come down from the window. She smiled at him as she knelt by the bed. Softly she whispered, it’s time Henry. She moved her gray hair out of the way as she carried Henry. He looked to the bed and saw himself lying there sleeping. He looked at her puzzled, what about my mommy? She looked at him and smiled sweetly as they started to float to the clouds. Don’t worry Henry, she said kissing his forehead, i’ll come back for her soon.
Matthew Orellana Mar 2019
The angels
And the devils
The goodness
And the bad.
They’re not supposed to mix
For with character they are clad.
The angels will stay in heaven
While the devils are stuck on earth.
Never mix the two together
Or make their actions murked.
If the angel becomes the devil
And the devil does whats right
We lose all principles of order
And the strict line fades from sight.
Never blur the line of goodness
Never stray from doing right
But instead always know
Angels and Devils always fight.
Matthew Orellana Jan 2019
The wedding bells,
The fruit of love,
The holy bliss,
From God above.
The lonely man,
Will find his wife.
The lonely wife,
they’ll share a life.
Groom and Bride,
They beam with pride.
They’ll love each other.
She’ll be a mother.
Their kids will grow
Still with each other.
Then Death will come,
she’ll smile wide,
She sees them both
He’s at her side.
The wife departs.
The man will know,
He swore an oath
Till death, they’d go.
Matthew Orellana Jan 2019
A mother watched
Her son play games
He ran around.
She said ‘Son sit down,
And let me tell you
A bit bout life
And what is true
You wont need it now.
When you are older
You’ll find more friends
You’ll pack you bags
You’ll go to school’.
The little boy
Looked up with drool
She wiped it off
Then told her babe;
‘My son you’ll find
A wife for you.
And in your troubles,
She’ll help you too.
She’ll wipe your tears
Together you’ll last
You live together
And have a past.
Never forget my son
To live your life
but when all is done
Be a man.
Take care of kids
And help them grow
Never take
What you haven’t sown.
Don’t worry about money
Because in the end
The greatest gift
Is time with them.
I love you my boy
Don’t ever forget
And when I pass
I’ll say God I’ve met.
I’ll look down on you
From up above
I’ll smile down
And share my love.’
The baby boy
Fell fast asleep
So then She sighed
And had thoughts deep
She ran her hands
Over her bald head
Then looked at her son
And smiled instead
Matthew Orellana Jan 2019
I know that
we won't love
we will hate
the fact that
we can live.
without the other
thats a lie
with all of me
love you
I will
read it from the end to the top
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