The blind
and broken
seek a way
But they
don’t know
far away
The path
of glory
will never
But darkness
takes them
Bodies laid
I am
a symbol
Of fear and hate
I am
the legend
I am
your fate
I’ll hunt
you down
Until you
die and
you’ll try to run
my sword
will find,
The gun
Is swift
And the sword
Is sharp
Even though
your pain
my golden arch
The skull
Of death
Your sins
In life
Till you
all are cleansed
****** knife.
I’m a broken man
In a broken world
Tilting too much to one side.
I’m a blind man seeking justice
But justice is for the kind.
The sharp lines they blur and fade
And the broken stare away
Because dreams are for the pure hearts
That never lost their way.
I’m the one mind in a crowd of fools
Walking to their resting place.
I’m the only one who understands the world
yet my demons I cannot face.
For I’m scared that they will break me
Leaved me broken and forsaked
All in all were all just dust
We’ll all crumble and fade away.
A prophesy unspoken
A cloak that is broken
the sorcerer tried them all
But a evils awoken.
Its dawning a day
its the one we can’t say
Its the Last Day of Magic
And its coming our way.
There are no eyes in the closet
No voices in my head
There is no creature in the faucet
But a emptiness instead.
The cape cannot fly
And the eyeglass cannot spy
The wand is torn and broken
But the sorcerer still tries.
The sanctum’s being burned down
and the believers are being found
Like ants they are being stepped on
They are crumpled to the ground
Fire is the punishment
for believing in that truth
And right now lies the testament
The death of Magic in our youth
I run away
From pain
But yet it finds me still.
I scream and
turn away
And yet the voices chill.
The coldness
Kills it all
The feelings I would spare.
I could run away from here
but all I’ll get is broken prayer.

Am I doomed to die?
Am I alone?
I tried to warm myself
But instead,
I got burned
And you’ll just watch and laugh
And watch me, break and cry
I can’t bear again
I won’t even try.
It was written in gold
It was rubies and pearls
Our story was diamonds
But it cracked in the cold.
I lament what I said
Even though it’s the truth
And I speak from the heart
when it calls from the booth.
I guess maybe he was better
Or I just was not enough
Maybe I was far too ****
And I talked way to much.
I valued our friendship
I valued it All
I valued your laughter
And our endless calls.
I scared you away
I’m sorry for that
I know that I’ve changed
But I’m not an old rat.
I ask myself why
I ask myself how
Why did I say that?
How it went wrong.
I feel pretty hopeless
And I feel pretty lost
But you tell me we’re ok
And I knew the cost.
I ruined our story
I ruined our song
Even though it was just a friendship
I wished it prolonged.
If flowers were thoughts
And raindrops my love,
Then maybe someday
You’ll feel the same way.
I love you my lady
Yes, you know that it’s true
I love you my lady
I always think of you.
Like the negative of my heart
Like amber of my soul
I love you more
Than diamonds and gold.
You’re the best part of me
You’re the one I get most
You’re the one who understands me
And without you I’m toast.
To me you are beautiful,
Your smile and laugh
Your cute way of talking
I’ll never get mad.
Your hair is like chocolate
Of sweet tasty ****.
Your braids are the clothing
That tangled my heart.
I’d give up a year
For a moment with you
I’d give up my comforts
For a “I love you too”
If I robbed your heart
Would you call me a thief?
If I blew a kiss,
Would you let me miss?
Either way it don’t matter
For my heart slowly shatters
Cause I never will know
If your heart I will flatter

©Matthew Benjamin Orellana
2018 All Rights Reserved
Apply it the way you want,
Your hunger for me
It made you dead
It’s never enough
To keep you fed.
You ask so much
And give so little
And all my acts
Are turned and fiddled.
Because of me
You turned astray
Now earth itself
Is in a fray.
You saw my tree
And stole its fruits
And know you know
Evil’s afoot.
They say I’m power
And thats the truth
You learn to use me
And lose your youth.
Because of me
Innocence’s a pearl
But now you know
It’s all so doomed.
You might have guessed
Just what I am
My name is Knowledge
You’re all so ******
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