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Matt Perkins Jul 2018
I feel old and worn like a tattered piece of fabric filled with burnt holes.

Im not that old man, its all on the inside somewhere deep dark and lonely.

Emotions not dealt with cascade like a flood,
and theres no escaping,
Theres nowhere to run.

My stone heart has broken its shattered to dust. My foundations crumbled im cold and im lost.

I know my own worth, I just want to be happy, to make sure you smile and feel joy when im with you.
Thats all that really matters to me.
Matt Perkins Jul 2018
Constructive pain is not felt in vain. Inside im burning, but really im learning.
All of the trials endured in loves name. I should have just listened but thats not the same.
With every struggle I learn in some way.
No matter what we all must feel pain.
Matt Perkins Jul 2018
Ask me some questions,
get into my head,
This human connection is what I am lacking.

I want to be known and know you as well.
Living alone is like living in hell.

Theres got to be someone to shoot the **** with, a person to talk to just someone to click with.
I know I sound selfish to use you for this. But you can use me I promise I
don't hit. Nothing I do is ever to hurt you, I dont even know you but i can tell you that's true.
Matt Perkins Jul 2018
You can say too much sometimes, sometimes not enough.
Matt Perkins Jul 2018
Ive tasted your poison, been burnt by your touch. The memories stay, the feelings to dust. I was never a saint but neither were you. I'm on to be better, and thats without you.
Much better off in fact
Matt Perkins Apr 2018
Let me be your best friend,
Hold your hand until the end.
Navigating life without a map
It will be ok ive got your back
Help me love my enemies
Show me what it means to live
Learn with me the ancient truths
Show me how the world works
Ill open up my heart to you
Love for what you put me through
Share the knowledge of the universe
After life there is rebirth
Close my eyes and run ahead
On into the land of dead.
Existing as a soul in space
Floating on through love itself.
Tell me what you see and feel
These are things i want to hear.
I give this love away to you.
Now you know right what to do.
Ive been enlightened. I've seen the truth.
Matt Perkins Feb 2018
Would it be a bad thing to die alone?
Living your life coming home to an empty home. Quietly thinking what is wrong with your head. Inside and out knowing neither are great. Some say its karma I say its fate. Playing out scenes that only you make, hoping and wishing that you make the show. Implicitly Complacent show me the scars your insecurities left. Open your heart and show me what's left. I will cherish it up until death.
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