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Matt Hews Dec 2016
Liberate your soul
And unshackle your mind.
You'll be amazed
At the beauty you shall find.
Matt Hews Aug 2016
Life is a prison;
And we all have death sentences.
Matt Hews Apr 8
changed the locks
to my heart
i should have never given you the keys.
Matt Hews Nov 2016
Even after all this time
My heart aches to hear your voice.
It beats painfully slow, yearning to see you smile.

Even after all this time
My mind drifts off to the times we shared.
My thoughts , a raging tempest,
Filled with good memories.

Even after all this time
I wonder if you still love me.
If you've forgiven me for the things I've done, the words I've uttered.

Even after all this time
I think about how thi...
that's it;
I stop thinking.

I stop thinking because
I know there's no going back.

I stop thinking because
I know I've broken you beyond repair.

I stop thinking because
I know you want nothing to do with me.

I stop thinking because
I know you've moved on.
Matt Hews Sep 2016
I remember it like it was yesterday -
The sickly anti-septic smell,
The bright fluorescent-lit room.
The perpetual

Your eyes are closed;
Your face at ease.
But I know,
Under the immaculate facade
Of gentle freckles -
You are in so much pain.

I gently squeeze your hand.

Your eyes open:
A bewitching light-brown.
You smile one of your illuminating smiles -
The kind that would make stars envious.
Your dimples
A perfect compliment to your picturesque features.

Goodbye, my love
                 You whisper.

Your eyes close;
Your face at ease.

I will never forget that icy sound:
The sound of finality.
The undying

You are always in my heart, my Love. I can't wait to meet you on the other side again; where we can hold each other for eternity.
Matt Hews Nov 2016
preaching to a World
that does everything
Matt Hews Oct 2016

I think not.
Who can blame someone for believing what they are told their whole life?
Matt Hews Aug 2014
the bombs and rockets are above us;
but they have forgotten that God is above them
they shall pay
Matt Hews Sep 2018
Cold to the touch
Sharp to the bone

--—— -

Warm as life
Red as
Matt Hews Mar 2
The promises you fed me were empty
leaving me
hungrier than I ever was
Matt Hews May 2013
She had a box
Filled with all the things
She was told not to open
For the destruction it brings

Ignorance is blissful
Innocence lost
  She should’ve known better
Than to open the box

But what was left in the box
Was happiness, joy , hope and love
To fight off all the other things
To bring peace like a white dove

And today the terrors are still here
But thanks to happiness, joy , hope and love we have no need to fear
why Pandora, why?
Matt Hews Nov 2016
The destructive hail
Destroys the defenseless flowers
They will grow again.
never give in
Matt Hews Sep 2016
It's nothing*
        You say
As he passionately holds you close.
You think I'm blind?
Matt Hews Oct 2016
surrounding us with a fantasy
we are told is reality
controlled by the elite
Matt Hews Jan 1
i brought you the moon
you wanted all the stars
Matt Hews Feb 10
Stop watering dead flowers
that they will grow again

— The End —