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Ellesora Rue Sep 2020
green hedges tower over,
grey stone boxes in.
there is no way back home:
this is the price of sin.
we are all lost in the maze of life
all around us are the sounds of strife
Ellesora Rue Sep 2020
Truth is good
Truth is accurate
Truth is right

but Truth
it is a blade
it cuts
it opens old wounds

The Truth
it is final
Ellesora Rue Aug 2020
a poem is a gift,
given to those who are worthy
those who you can trust
not to hold you at their mercy.

a poem is a gift
for the ones after you
it touches the hearts of many
and opens the eyes of few.

a poem is a gift
which arises out of silence
it says what speech cannot
and offers some guidance.

a poem is a gift
for you to beautifully express
what you truly feel
for those who know you best.
Ellesora Rue Aug 2020
Hey, you.
Yeah, you.
Look at me.
No, LOOK at me.
Who do you see?

Hello, darling.
You, darling.
Have you seen me?
Have you SEEN me?
Then who do you see?

Look around you.
LOOK around you.
See all these strangers?
Watch them.
So who do you see?
Ellesora Rue Aug 2020
i spoke, but no one heard
i shouted, but they ignored
so i whisper to myself
that one day they will know
the person they ignored
was someone who wasn't heard
but she kept on talking
and was finally known
as a speaker
who respects all
and a speaker
who speaks for those
who may not be heard

who in your life
is ignored and unheard?
take some time to hear them
for if they keep speaking
though ignored
it means they have something
worth saying
is this you?
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