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 Apr 2021 Mary Woods
People judge you based on their own rules of play, on their own experiences, knowledge, fears, values. It’s nothing to do with you. It’s their journey to learn.
And you have yours.
You are who you are. Live authentically, live a good life, love others, love you, be kind, be selfless. Then it doesn’t matter what anyone else says because you are living from your heart. You are living God’s will.
Love me all day
And Night

And I'll love you
For the rest

Of my life.
True Love ❤️💖
Her smile
The cutest l have ever seen
Her musical talent
So rare to find
Her voice
Makes me to believe in fairy tales .
A star is born
 Feb 2021 Mary Woods
Self love
 Feb 2021 Mary Woods
Your heart has grown cold,
This love is bad for my health.
I felt rejected, felt unwanted, felt unneeded so I,
Wrote a love letter to myself.
honestly would recommend doing this to anyone, especially anyone struggling right now, treat yourself kindly always
 Feb 2021 Mary Woods
...a pillow
...another pillow
...mixtapes and re-runs
..."500 days of" DVD
...the TV on mute
...your restless hopeful heart
end of weekend companion

— The End —