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 Jan 2021 Ibekwe ifeanyi c
If I die tonight
Please don’t pray for me
Hell is full
And Heaven’s gates don’t open free

If I die tonight
Look up to the stars
Peel back the façade
Past the hate in our hearts

If I die tonight
Find peace in my courage
Never backed down
Went out in a flourish
 Oct 2020 Ibekwe ifeanyi c
Whether sunrise or sunset
Autumn leaves or sundress
The party always seems like one less

Whether rain falls or snow rests
Your beauty escapes no breath
The party always seems like one less

Whether dark days bring deep stress
Your loves what keeps this pen wet
The party always seems like one less

Whether hearts break or re-mesh
Your soul is my weakness
This party just isn’t the same without your sweetness
 Oct 2020 Ibekwe ifeanyi c
When I was a child,
I was taught poetry wasn't mild,
It was deep as the sea,
And it seemed truly unachievable for me.
I was taught poetry had to rhyme,
Every single line, every single time.
So poetry seemed out of my reach,
Like chasing a seagull down a beach,
Jumping ever so slightly away,
Or soaring into the sunny day.

So I never thrived for what I thought would,
No, Could
Never be.

I guess now I'm fixing the mistakes of past me.
Is it the words whispered
in secret corridors
i love you

are they proclaimed boldly
from roof tops

Or maybe love
sounds like laughter
giggles shared only between two

what if love has no noise
its beauty is similar to a sunset
seen and felt
but never heard
It's been said,
If you love something
Let it go

So you did
And I'm free,

But I'll return

You love me

© JL Smith
 Oct 2020 Ibekwe ifeanyi c
in the space between us
everything connects me to you
each infinitesimal atom a bridge

the same way
I could feel your skin
and we'd never touch
Be your own sun shining in life of others.

Be your own flower that beautified ones dried up garden.

Be your own bird the soars high above in the sky.

Be your own moon that allows the night to bloom.

Be your own star that lighten the way of a person's dark path.

Be your own person and appreciate being you.
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