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Mary-Elizabeth May 2014
My heart beats,
To the rhythm of drums,
It's life.
Late night thoughts
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2014
      ­                                    helpless,
Walking through the doors
Again* and *Again
10w is harder than I thought,  it's my first one. Let me know  what you think
Mary-Elizabeth Jan 2015
What will this year bring?

For me: exams at school and dance
A professional show for the fourth year
And my seventh dance school show
A busy year already full

2 jobs; soon to be three
Revision for school
Dance practice
Private lessons

No time for me
One holiday
A week to get away
To relax;  be free

Learning to drive
In amongst the fun
The torture of life
Can stand still

For 2015
Is no random year
*is my year
Thoughts to an already busy year
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2016
I was never able to accept
The position was was in
At eighteen I am stupid
I left myself vulnerable.

In under 4 months
You were gone
The hardest decision I made
A choice, a life

The trust of my friends
The secret out.
I was stupid.

I took a pill,
it was over,
But my pain
My regret

You will always be
on my mind
in my heart
on my conscience

You are a reminder
of my power
my choices
my mistakes.

I have to accept
You were me
I was you
A life never lived.
I have had a tough time recently. A lot changed for me I put myself in a difficult position and even though i regret my choice I believe it was the right one
Mary-Elizabeth May 2014
Have you ever dreamed of your prince?
The man who'll save you from the pain.

When the clock strikes midnight
Don't stay,

If you loose a shoe
Keep moving
It's a hint for your prince
He needs it

Don't stay
Remember you riches
They turn to rags
He will find you

Always remember
If it's meant to be
It will be
Mary-Elizabeth Mar 2014
Walking through the ******* doors
The dance fully prepared
You know your steps
You know the words
Your fully prepared for this
I believe in you
Walking into the dance studio
Don't be afraid
I will be with you
Do the steps
And kicks
I will be waiting
Dancing is the dream for you
Go and catch it
Be the star you can be
For my sister, who inspires me to be the best I can be.
Good luck at dance college ;) **
Mary-Elizabeth Jan 2015
If they miss you
They'll call.
If they want you
They'll say it.
If they care
They'll show it.
And if not
They're not worth your time.
Stay strong you can do it. Love is hard but when it works, it works!!
For my girl Emma!! You don't need a guy to be happy
Mary-Elizabeth Oct 2014
I'm done with the pain
I'm done with the hurt
In my muscles

The inflicted pain
The stretching
Brings me no joy
I hate it

In 13 years
What have I got?
No better
Only worse

Injuries beyond belief
The pysio
For the pain endured
Every week!

Do I stay?
Do I go?
How do I decide
Loyalty of life itself?

I can't,  I really can't!
Been advised to give up dancing due to my injuries.  I cant do a lot anyway but I love my friends there :(
Mary-Elizabeth May 2014
What is a poem?
A work of art,
An artists muse.

To me a poem is,
An expression of
My heart and soul.

To you a poem is,
Express the beauty you can.
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2015
Any assistance for me,
The mild, meek, ugly me?
When will I be...
What I see...
In all those magazines.

A guy like you,
A girl like me...
Naa never going to be
I know what you want.

You want the "perfect" girl,
With the perfect smile.
A girl, skinny and tall
What am I?

All I see is rolls of fat
A short, ugly waste
Have your princess
The girl you want

Please just leave me be, in peace
Without assistance, you or us
You had your choice of me and her
The perfect or just me

Plain old boring me
Mary-Elizabeth Jul 2014
I believed in you.  My
Friend, just like my sister.
You broke it. You broke...

The belief that all
Things happen for a reason
Confuses me, it doesn't work
The way you want.
You make your destiny

I believe that the future
Holds a path of good.
And bad
A path that only we can change
We sculpt it how we
Want it.
Are our lives already known?
Are we just living out other people's plans? 
 Is there such a thing as destiny?
Do we create our own destiny?
Can we sculpt our lives away from the plans we're given?
Mary-Elizabeth Mar 2014
You're just a broken dream
Shattered on the floor
What once was
Stands no more.

The humming
Now just whining

The pain intensifies
Breaking our bond
You're sweet song
A melody no more

I wish it was my dream
I wish it was me
The dreams of the nation
A dream no more

A sweet song
The lyrics
Now just a high pitched
ringing in my ears

What once was
Between us broken
What was once
Shared gone

A dream
A song
Sweet memories
Stand forgotten in
Shadowed light
Mary-Elizabeth May 2014
Knowing what you did
How you ruined our lives
When will you learn?
We come first

No text
No phone call
No letters
Will ever make this right

Your love
Willingness to be there for us
That's how life improves

When will you comprehend
I need you in my life
Be the person I need you do be
Be my Father
Just somethoughts
Mary-Elizabeth Nov 2014
I thought this change
Was for the better
For me, myself and I.

A chance to meet new people
Be liked
Be helped

To find myself

Different from the past I thought
Never to be true
I overestimate what we can do.

This change though
Only months old
Was one too many
6 months full of changes none so far have turned out the way they were planned!
Mary-Elizabeth May 2016
My choices
My life
I put them before you
Before your life!

You aren't here
I ended your life
Before it had even begun
I'm sorry

The only words I have

You're my child
You always will be
Even though you
Will never be born

I love you my child
I may be young but i made my choices. Some good, some bad. I love you my child! ❤
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2014
I regret
Nothing in my life,
Even if my past
Was full of hurt,
I still look back
And smile,
It made me who I am today
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2014
Courage doesn't always roar.
For me it is the quiet voice,
At the end of the day
It says;
*'I will try again tomorrow'
Mary-Elizabeth May 2014
Men in denim
Built this land
For us to love and grow

Men in suits
Destroyed the land
So that man no longer stands
Mary-Elizabeth Jul 2014
5 years led to this
A party
A prom
A goodbye.

Not many shall I miss
Only few will stay with
Me in my heart
The memories we made!

Some people partied
Each one the same
I concentrate, being
The introvert I am.

The final day, Friday
A prom.  Our prom
We created.
We will go!

I won't miss
The loud ones
The rude ones

I will miss
The fun
The games
My friends

My close connection of
People I love.
Have bonded with
Will miss!

We won't meet for
Years to come
This last day
Will be for years

Good luck to you
My friends
My year.
My school
Leavers.  Laat day prom,  will miss my friends lots as we lead separate lives
Mary-Elizabeth Jun 2015
Find me a window,
Find me a door,
Find me a corner
To hide in

I need to escape
This unfortunate life
My house, a building
Not a home

My sister's are my rock
Well what can I say?

What is a family,
When there's no love?
It's emotional
It's my stability,

Well maybe not.

When can I escape?
Without any money
I can only hide
Hidings what I'm good at.
It's been a long day full of hurt and emotions, I just can't face. I really need to escape
Mary-Elizabeth May 2014
A fantasy love,
Between two worlds
The real,
And         the fairy tale

An unlikely prince
Sings to find a lovable Princes
Tragedy strikes
Loves caught between two worlds

I know that the prince
Will find his princess
Loosing one
He shall find another

A love of bonds
A love of life
A love for music and
Nature alike.

Two marriages
Two new royals
Royal blood
Royal love

A love like no other
                                      Just a fairytale
Mary-Elizabeth Jun 2015
My father's love
Is like a
guiding star
That shines brighter
Through my
**darkest hours
Although I know he won't read this, he knows how much I love him. He is my star. Forever a daddy's girl
Mary-Elizabeth Dec 2014
My old home,
My new home
the same.

My building at birth
My building in later years
Leaving,  Returning
I'm reminded of much

My first few years
Are not forgotten
For many back then
Tell me now

I was only little
When we left
As a teen
I return

Flashbacks of past times
With our regulars
I remember much
I never knew about.

To me it's my   forgotten   *past
In the process of moving back to the pub my parents once owned.
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2014
Can I ever forgive you for this...
Mary-Elizabeth Mar 2014
I've been there
Seen it
Felt it
You will never forget it

Never give up
I promise it gets better
The pain eases
The break will mend
Your heart will grow fond again

The hurt once felt
It leaves just a small scar
In the deepest region of the heart and soul.
Remember this...
"whilst the pain may end
You will remember"

Never forget
Learn from the mistake
Never go back to an ex
They break your heart once
They can do it again.
I went there
You don't have to

Those broken heaeted lads/Lasses
You know the feeling
The depth of damage
The time to repair
replace broken parts.
Don't fall into the trap of love
Don't commit if you can't continue
Follow the break in the heart
Never let it break again
Random... bored
Mary-Elizabeth May 2014
No daily conversations,
Never, always together,
It lives in the hearts,
Of you,
Of me.
It's our strong friendship,
True friends
Will never part...
Mary-Elizabeth Dec 2014
Prim and properly
Dressed I must be for the ball
Tonight I shall dance
Mary-Elizabeth Jan 2015
When did family,
Become about choosing sides
I'm done choosing who.
Who is right and wrong
Who I can trust
Which side of my family i want
Is it right for me or them
Mary-Elizabeth Dec 2014
After everything
I know that I will have you
My trustworthy friend
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2014
Think less,
Feel more.
That's the key to happiness

Frown less,
Listen more.
That's the key to happiness

Talk less,
Listen more.
That's the key to happiness

Judge less,
Accept more.
That's the key to happiness

Watch less,
Do more.
That's the key to happiness

Complain less,
Appreciate more.
That's the key to happiness

Fear less,
Love more.
*That's the key to happiness
Mary-Elizabeth Dec 2014
Here I'm happiest
Free to write ever so freely
**Hello Poetry!
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2016
How can I live here?
One day I will escape
Maybe today or tomorrow
Every experience matters
I am leaving, finding an escape
Mary-Elizabeth Jul 2014
How do you know
He loves you
How do you know
He cares

How do you know
He loves you
How do you know
That he really cares?

How do I know
It's meant to be
How do I know
That he wants me

What is love?

How will you know
When you find it
How do you know
It will last

Will it last?
Will it be?
Will it work?
Will we be us or
You and me

The various questions
That hide the truth
Of something so simple.
Issues of a young girls heart.
Mary-Elizabeth May 2014
chaos** --
The law of nature

The dream of humans
Mary-Elizabeth May 2014
I'm ready,

ready to see your smile,
ready to see you dance,

I'm ready to hear the music,

I'm ready to dance,
ready to light the stage,
ready to impress.
Inspiration from the Strictly Come Dancing Tour that i will be taking part in tonight
Mary-Elizabeth May 2014
I'd rather live a life
Full of 'Oh wells'
Than a life
Of 'What ifs'

In my life
I was taught
And I've finally managed
To follow my instincts

I know fake when
I see it
I know B.S when
I hear it

The most important thing
I've learned to this day
I can respect real when
*I feel it
Sorry about the abbreviations I thought it would be best not to use that word.
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2014
Like a rubber band;
      It can only stretch so far,
             Before it comes back and
                  **Smacks you in the face
Mary-Elizabeth Mar 2014
time* decides who you meet in your life
your heart decides who you want in your life
behaviour decides who will stay in your life

life is a whirlwind
A Whirlwind you say
each day is a virture
the next to be lived

all those ups
mould each scar and
living memory

memories with friends
*the world
Mary-Elizabeth May 2014
        Is offended by mere sights
                                                        Of you and I.
Mary-Elizabeth Dec 2014
In understanding
We can forgive and forget
All our past mistakes
Mary-Elizabeth Mar 2015
Abused And
But always forgotten
It's only a question of death.

Searching, not knowing
For a dream
I don't know
There's nothing here for me

A life spent wanting
Spent waiting
For something never to be
Is there any point

Life is lame
It *****
It's not what we expect
That why

It's only a question of death

It may seem dark
But there may be
It's never a question of death
life is hard but I'm used to it. Amongst the dark there's a glimmer of light. Just find it
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2016
I'm learning

learning to be free
learning to love myself
learning to live

I'm living

living my life
living without you
living with love

I'm loving

loving my life
loving myself
loving you
The last few months have been tough but I am learning, living and loving!  I am accepting my mistakes, my choices and beginning my life again
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2014
I am me,
You are you,
Similar and different

Don't get confused,
I have a personality
I have an attitude.

Always remember these wise words;
"My personality,
Is who I am.
My attitude
Depends on who you are".
Mary-Elizabeth May 2014
What's meant to be,
Will be.
It may take a year,
It might take a day,
But what's meant to be
Will always find a way
Mary-Elizabeth Apr 2014
Never misuse the ones,
Who like you
You will regret it.

Never be busy for the ones,
Who need you
You will need them oneday.

Never cheat the ones,
Who trust you
The trust will be gone for good.

Never forget the ones
You love.
Mary-Elizabeth May 2015
This tear stained pillow
Means nothing

The heartache and misery
Mean nothing

You build me up
You break me down

You tear our family apart

What is this?
A dream?

This is the reality

I feel nothing inside
My head hurts
My heart breaks
I feel nothing anymore
Mary-Elizabeth Jun 2014
The stabbing feeling
That I experience
Day in day out.

Knowing that for
Three years
The issue has been
This the pain is unneeded

To stop the pain
These tablets, Painkillers
Cause more pain
Than they solve

The daily tears
The throbbing
Like a knife

A dance career
No longer possible
Ended before begun
Mary-Elizabeth Dec 2014
Wanting to run
But with no where to hide
How to eacape this misery?
I can't stay

It's not a house
It's not a home
It's a hell
I'm in for eternity

I'm ill, Tired
2 jobs, school and dance
With you are far too much

The rising pressure
I'm constantly under
The want to please you
It's killing me day by day

I can't stand the agony
Any longer
I'm out

I will run from you
Hide in a safe place
Not that I have one,

Run and hide
Hide and seek
I know that I will be found
You know where I feel safest

An unexpected place
I'm still to be found
I live in a public place
Known by many I do not know

Help me run
Help me hide
I just need to
Run and hide!
It's a dark piece partially (mainly) based on truths in my own life.
Mary-Elizabeth Jan 2015
This is who I am. I am me!!!
Mary-Elizabeth Jan 2015
Side by side
      Or        Miles       Apart
Will always be
Connected by the heart
Love my sisters wish we all lived closer. Edinburgh to London is too far!! Miss my big sisters
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