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 Apr 2015 Mary-Elizabeth
Shylah S
A death sentence
but worse.

It is commended by you.
I see you slowly disappearing
under all the weight
I want to hold your hand
and tell you it’ll be okay
we both know that’s a load of bull crap
and I don’t want to lie
please don’t disappear
please know you are the brightest star
you taught me how to think
you taught me how to frown
you taught me the beauty of vulnerability
and I don’t want to hold you down
please know that I love you
and even if you need
me to let you go
i’ll do that cause I love you
but please
don’t leave this world alone
Written to my best friend
 Jan 2015 Mary-Elizabeth
Sometimes I would hold the hand that broke me, expecting it to be a barricade between me and a vehicle.

Sometimes I got so scared of the monsters under my bed,
but I didn't realize that I crawled into bed with one, expecting it to stop the nightmares it caused in the first place.

Sometimes it kissed my finger when I got a paper cut,
but never once did it cool the tobacco kissed burns on my arm.
Sometimes it whispered "I love you" with the same lips that screamed "You're worthless!"

I remember when I hated everything about it but I still craved it to stay.
I remember when it left, but its presence still breaks my bones and cuts my skin.
I still have nightmares and you still exist in the pictures my mom ripped off the wall.
 Jan 2015 Mary-Elizabeth
Navy blue snowflakes
Melt with a smile from your lips
Demons sleep tonight
 Jan 2015 Mary-Elizabeth
 Jan 2015 Mary-Elizabeth
all of these random facts,
merely an internet acts.
"nothing rhyme with orange",
so you never feel derange?
"and what about silver",
none that makes you shiver?
"then it must be rhythm",
clearly you have no freedom.
"positively its purple",
please make it triple.
though there are words with no rhyme,
let's create something worth the time.
 Jan 2015 Mary-Elizabeth
Darling I want to kiss
Your lips like how the waves
Meet the shore
you're so **** beautiful
 Dec 2014 Mary-Elizabeth
They take away the pain
And in turn my inspiration
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