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Jan 2016 · 1.6k
Wandering soul Jan 2016
You came in like a hurricane
I always
feared the destruction

And now
In the aftermath
I am left
with the salvages
spelling out your name
On every crevice of my skin
Warning those
Who dare to stop by
You came in like a hurricane ,my love
And you swept away
With the whirlwind
Of your words
My fragile heart
Jan 2016 · 836
Wandering soul Jan 2016
You simmer in my eyes
Like coffee
Drops of your love
Burning my throat
Warming my insides
Setting my soul on fire
Jan 2016 · 940
Pain is beautiful
Wandering soul Jan 2016
He once told me
Pain is beautiful
Caressing the red scars
On the wrists of my hands

He once told me
Pain is beautiful
While watching my tears
Glide into the sand

He once told me
Pain is beautiful
When his eyes were still
And his lips unloving

He once told me
Pain is beautiful
And standing on the edge
Of my rooftop
I believed him
#pain #love
Jan 2016 · 820
Home is where the heart is
Wandering soul Jan 2016
Embers of your love
Warm me
on a cold winter night
I close my eyes
The wanderlust
is finally satisfied
I can travel anywhere I want
Places that don't exist
places that do
I close my eyes
And imagine
every place
That would lead to you
Our love can travel the world with us
Jan 2016 · 822
Wandering soul Jan 2016
I wish our words
could be as easily
erased from our hearts
as they are from paper
Jan 2016 · 547
In heaven we meet at last
Wandering soul Jan 2016
I do not fear death
And I can tell you why
I will wait
and look down upon you
Until life passes you by
I do not fear death
And I can tell you why
Even if together
we cannot live
My soul will be yours
when I die
Jan 2016 · 581
Wandering soul Jan 2016
Your love is the thread
In the eye of my needle
Together, we stitch
Our broken hearts
Jan 2016 · 977
A second first
Wandering soul Jan 2016
That moment
right before you kiss me
Right there,
so close I can feel your words
on my lips
When your warm breath mixes with mine
When I can feel my heart beat,
slowly at first,
not used to such exertion
When i let my heavy lids
droop into oblivion
It feels like the first drops of rain
are falling from my eyes
Jan 2016 · 945
To Fall in love with you
Wandering soul Jan 2016
Kissing you
Felt like fireworks
Underneath my skin
Wanting you
Felt like waves
Crashing against my chest
Needing you
Felt like salty tears
In dead eyes
Loving you
Felt like a hurricane
In my unfeeling soul
Jan 2016 · 493
Wandering soul Jan 2016
You left marks on my skin
Every place that you touched me
A beautiful symphony of colours
Red, purple, blue
You left marks on my skin
Every place that you kissed me
I can still feel the tears
Running down my nape
Right down to my button
You left marks on my skin
Every place that you whispered
That you love me
You left marks on my skin
Every place that your willing fingers
Broke the sanctity of mine
You left marks beyond my skin
Beyond the seam of every dress I dared to wear
Beyond every protesting word I dared to speak
Beyond the blood running down my thighs
Beyond my unwilling smile
You don't deserve my forgiveness
For the marks still there cry out your name
For my body hasn't forgotten the sins
The marks
go beyond my skin
You felt lust I felt love
Jan 2016 · 820
Windows of the soul
Wandering soul Jan 2016
I saw in your eyes
two universes collide
The cosmic dust
Guiding me home
I saw in your smile
The curve of the earth
And in your happiness
I found mine
Dec 2015 · 616
Strangers to my skin
Wandering soul Dec 2015
Your hands were strangers at first
Greeting my bashful skin
Trying to figure out the way
Wanting to unveil
every curve
Jump off every edge
Your hands
were strangers at first
Tracing my scars
Your hands
were strangers at first
Exploring every crevice
Cupping all the pain
You hands were strangers at first
And now
they write poetry on my skin
Nov 2015 · 554
Wandering soul Nov 2015
I see the beauty in your brokenness
Your scars don't scare me
It's hard to break your walls
As hard as it is to let you in
Your body cracked to let the hint of sunlight through
But here I promise you
I'll love you when you're a storm
That wrecks me
I'll love you when you're a still day
That perplexes me
I'll love you when you're a season
That changes me
I'll love you when you're a drizzle
That touches me
Ill love you not because I have no choice
But because you saw through my twisted alleys
But because you saw through my faults
But because you chose to love me
Oct 2015 · 567
Love runs deep
Wandering soul Oct 2015
She heard the knock on the door
'I know you're in there!'
She didn't reply. She Didn't move.
'OPEN the door'
She clenched her fists
'Let me IN'
She took a deep breath
She reached for the revolver
She unlocked the bolt
The whiff of alcohol scented the air
Red eyes greeted pale ones
And she pulled the trigger

He lay there. Broken.
Blood on his hands
he caressed the scars on his wife's face
As she lay lifeless in his arms
Oct 2015 · 700
Crossing the line
Wandering soul Oct 2015
He saw her
The day they met
With wind blown hair and laughing eyes
He saw her
the day she left
With sweat stained hair and a lifeless smile
He lay there, transfixed
as if staring into another time.
as if staring into an alternate space right there on those dusty wooden tiles where she existed.
He lay there, unmoving
Where he held her close
and they swayed
with the ballerina in the music box going round and round
he opened his eyes
to a phantom embrace
He opened his eyes
And his arms held nothing but the air.
He opened his eyes
His lips as parched and broken as they were.
The ballerina stood still
he slowly walked
across the wooden tiles
And crossed the space where they had their first dance
Crossed the space where he kissed her for the first time
And he kept walking
Until with closed lids
He saw her
Wind blown hair and laughing eyes
Jan 2015 · 797
The first time
Wandering soul Jan 2015
The sin growing heavier
in our hearts
Desire making it's way in
The need for flesh on skin

The warmth calling
to my shivering spine
Fingers trailing
down my back
As we intertwine

Mind overflowing
with just the thought
Maybe i have gotten
The peace that I sought

Every touch
Ignites a fiery spark
The intensity
Leaving more than just a mark

With you
So close
It's hard to breathe
And yet somehow
Your touch
makes me feel complete

Your face like a picture
Touches my very soul
My body is your canvas
So paint me whole
Jan 2015 · 937
Wandering soul Jan 2015
Isolated,by choice,she was
She felt safe on her own
Trust was a fragile thing
And her heart,had long since
turned to stone

Some tried , some didn't
But she remained
Until one traveller
Walked down this
path estranged

He passed the cotton barriers
And reached deep within
He accepted all her goodness and every committed sin

Wiping the tears of blood
Taming that dark murmur
Even though it got the taste of mud
On his shining armour

This was a time ago
And my heart
he till holds
As I succumbed
and I stripped
and he saw me
Naked,both body and soul
Jan 2015 · 1.9k
The moon and her lover
Wandering soul Jan 2015
Another sleepless night
under the starry sky
When the moon kissed
her lover goodbye
Joined but , for a few moments
each day
Destined was she ,
never to see
her suns ray
Her heart was dark
But his burnt bright
He ushered in the day
She cradled the night
She lived in the shadows
He in the light
these two lovers the earth
would never respite
And thus under every starry
sleepless sky
Did The moon kiss
her lover a long
Oct 2014 · 880
Wandering soul Oct 2014
A starry night
A cloudy day
A few drops of rain
The month of May

Flowers freshly bloomed
The early morning dew
Gifts wrapped up and tied
Maybe a chocolate or too

Coffee on a rainy day
Strong winds that make me quiver
Clear blue skies,the birds
And soothing music that just makes me shiver

Chimes that sway in the breeze
The ripples in water that I see
The grainy texture of the sand
The sun shining bright on all the land
And it's light and all of this together
Is what you are for me,My love
The saving grace in bad weather
Aug 2014 · 921
Loveless life
Wandering soul Aug 2014
If I didn't have you
The sun wldnt
shine as bright
The stars wldnt
make me wish at night
The hands of the clock wldnt
Move agonisingly slowly
When I'm nt in ur sight
My heart wldnt beat
Slow and fast
And I wldnt want
Anything to last
I wldnt Hv a reason
to smile every morning
And I wldnt Hv a reason
For sleepless nights too
And I wldnt ever Hv love
In life
Baby If I didn't Hv you
Aug 2014 · 711
The other side
Wandering soul Aug 2014
Looking through the window
I see you and me
Together stand
Looking through the window
I see u smiling and kissing my hand
Looking through the window
I see you with a single rose
Looking through the window
I see myself happy and content
And it'll always be me looking through the window
While you're with someone else
Aug 2014 · 728
Wandering soul Aug 2014
They say
Humans had four legs
and hands
And the gods divided them
And that they would spend
The rest of their lives
Trying to feel complete
Trying to find their other half
Trying to be whole.
Is that why I'm so broken ?
Aug 2014 · 585
Wandering soul Aug 2014
They could walk with a hundred people
Smiles all around
But deep down
Everyone's really lonely
Jul 2014 · 1.0k
Reality and imagery
Wandering soul Jul 2014
I want someone who will wake me up with a kiss in the morning
I want someone who will tuck me in in the night
I want someone who will listen when I need him too
I want someone who'll make me dinner in candlelight
I want someone who will always put me before anything else
I want someone who will love me even when he hates me
And then again I also want to fly
Jul 2014 · 704
The larger part of me
Wandering soul Jul 2014
The water gushes down
The mountain tops
Across the valleys
Between the pebbles
Crossing every boulder
It started out small
Bt with time it grows deeper
Maybe less pure
But also more
And finally in the end
It reaches the vast
All consuming sea
U are the sea, my love
And The water is me
I will find my way back to you,my love
Jul 2014 · 762
Trials and tribulations
Wandering soul Jul 2014
Those moments
when I told you to leave
Were just a test
To see whether u would stay
Stay with me
Even though
I was broken
I was masochistic
And I couldn't be fixed
Even though
You loved me
And I didn't
Even though
I had hurt you
Caused you pain
And now as you
walk away from me
All I can do is
ask u to stay
Stay with me again
Jul 2014 · 787
Love song
Wandering soul Jul 2014
You got me smiling for no reason
As I sit on the edge of my bed
You got me thinking of every word that u ever said
And everything around me has a happier hue
Becoz everyday I fall more and more in love with u
And now the love songs all seem related
Becoz even a life time with u would make me feel insatiated
And everything around me has a happier hue
Becoz baby I'm in love with u
Jul 2014 · 706
Writers bloc
Wandering soul Jul 2014
There is a blockage of ink
It forms a clot
Which gets thicker and thicker
Until my heart stops
Jul 2014 · 645
First rain
Wandering soul Jul 2014
The first drops of the rain finally wet my lips
As I waited for the words to drown
As I waited for the clash of thunder in my mind
I let my fingertips and my outstretched hands
Greet it like a long lost lover
Finally myself to find
Jun 2014 · 3.1k
Wandering soul Jun 2014
falling out of love
Is more painful
Than falling IN love
Jun 2014 · 498
If there was a page
Wandering soul Jun 2014
for every time
I fell in love with you
I would now
Be holding
**A book
Jun 2014 · 533
Wandering soul Jun 2014
Those moments
when I told you to leave
Were just a test
To see whether u would stay
Stay with me
Even though
I was broken
I was masochistic
And I couldn't be fixed
Even though
You loved me
And I didn't
Even though
I had hurt you
Caused you pain
And now as you
walk away from me
All I can do is
ask u to stay
Stay with me again
Jun 2014 · 562
Wandering soul Jun 2014
I knew I loved you
When I was afraid to die
Wandering soul Jun 2014
You find yourself day dreaming
Every chance u get (nd not becoz the school work is so boring) just want to make him/her happy (might embarrass yourself while doing so) suddenly get a lot more liberal with your allowance (with chocolates and or flowers in question) start listening to the songs he likes and like them too or reading the book she reads trying to find parts of her in it

5.just the sound of his name gives  u butterflies and his voice gives u a smile (even on your most terrible day)

And I'm madly deeply irrevocably in love
The line between love and insanity is obscure.
Jun 2014 · 487
Feast of the senses
Wandering soul Jun 2014

She can't see
The colours so bright
There's only black
in her sight
She couldn't see you
She heard you
She felt you
She knew you
She could only paint
A picture of you
In her Mind
touch your face
A million times
Feel your lips
Against hers
For love is blind
Haven't you heard
Wandering soul Jun 2014
As evening draws in
And the tired breath of work
Droopy eyelids
And desire lurk
In the dark corners of my heart
Your name still engraved
And your voice lulling me
Into a dangerous sleep
From which I'll never wake
I gladly stare into nothingness
And the last words I hear
Over the dripping away of my pain
Was when u said ,'now u can carry your own sunshine and it'll never again rain.'
May 2014 · 531
Silent plea
Wandering soul May 2014
I'm hurting
My eyes are hollow
Swollen with unshed tears
Blent with forgotten images
Filled with longing

I'm hurting
And there's nothing
Anybody can do
Because for the longest time
This is the only feeling I knew

I'm hurting
An unwanted plea
In my smile
Please help me
I no longer want
To be *hurting
May 2014 · 770
My desert heart
Wandering soul May 2014
The wind blew in the desert
Of my heart
Wrecking even the salvages
Claimed as war spoils
And u were the oasis
That quenched my thirst
You were the sky
That showed me beauty
You were the rain
That gave me hope
And maybe now I'm
Not so barren
May 2014 · 490
After all this time
Wandering soul May 2014
I am bursting to find out
What you would say
What you would look like
What you would feel like
What colour your eyes would shine in the morning sun
What would your lips would taste of..
(Mint and Chocolate like yesterday hon?)
The firmness of your hands
And the sharpness of your breath
The way you smile
Is better then watching the sun set
The way your heart races when I touch your hand
The way you play with my hair
Oh god , even the way you stand
Baby I can't wait to find out
Becoz everything still feels new
And after all this time
I'm still very much in love with you
May 2014 · 1.5k
Post (traumatic) love effect
Wandering soul May 2014
I knew the moment we touched
Things would never be the same
I knew the moment you smiled
My feelings could not be tamed
I knew the moment our lips met
That I was desperately in love
I knew the moment you came in
That it was too late to go Back to
Being friends
That it was too late to hide the feelings I had confessed
That i was too far gone
To ever return to what I was
What things were
Before you

For before you
Seems like an alternate dimension
That I had suffered and lost
Because there was no life before you
And there won't be life after
May 2014 · 736
Wandering soul May 2014
Parts of me I didn't know existed
Awaken to your touch
I didn't know it was possible
To long for someone so much
Closer than my heartbeat
I feel you
Your breath on my face
Nd ur lips on mine
I wish we could stay like this
Till the end of time
May 2014 · 609
Broken promises
Wandering soul May 2014
There she lay
Her tears making music
Her pain a sweet melody
Her eyes ocean deep
And there she lay
Hoping to see the sight
Her parched heart
Her sore eyes
So longed
Days passed
And then years
And there she lay
Hope glittering
In traitor eyes
Slowly drowning
In her tears
Apr 2014 · 1.3k
Everytime I leave
Wandering soul Apr 2014
I see your face
Reflected in every mirror
I pass
And my heart breaks
Shards of glass
I can still taste your smile
The feel of you
Under my hands
And I know I can't wait
To come back
Mar 2014 · 498
Wandering soul Mar 2014
You had to melt
Your love
So it could flow into
The broken crevices
Of my heart
And now I'm complete

My love
You fixed me
Mar 2014 · 477
And you said
Wandering soul Mar 2014
I said to him
I'm sorry
I don't know what it's like to love
And be loved
I hope you understand

He nodded
And left
And took his heart with him
And today I stand
With my heart in my hand
And I hold it out to you
*I don't know what it's like to be loved
Do you ?
Mar 2014 · 454
My lover said to me
Wandering soul Mar 2014
You are the stars
In my sky
You are the words
On my lips
You are the colour
In my life
You are my everything
You are my nothing
And I said
I am
*You are
Mar 2014 · 560
Wandering soul Mar 2014
I got struck
With cupids arrow
And now
*My hearts bleeding
Mar 2014 · 720
Cold blooded
Wandering soul Mar 2014
When I see you
I feel a warmth
In my stomach
In my heart
It goes all through my body
And melts my icy veins
And finally
I can feel again
Mar 2014 · 577
Checkered canvas
Wandering soul Mar 2014
I lived in the 'sixties
In a land of black and white
Till you came by
And gave colour to my life

Like a graceful stroke
Of a paint brush
You filled me with hues
Of happiness
With your touch

And now I see the world anew
For you've coloured my life
And my dreams too
Nd I know I can never go back
To black and white
And I know I'll see everything in red
With you in my sight
Mar 2014 · 3.5k
Gates of heaven
Wandering soul Mar 2014
You're killing me
With you words
With your smile
With your touch

To show someone
And then
Deny them
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