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 Sep 2022 scrawny
 Sep 2022 scrawny
Molten stories smelted
and poured like ashened gold.

We turn to paper
as coffers for lesser ingots - old.

In hopes to lessen;
nay, diminish thy gaping hole.

In hopes to relinquish
and set free caged memories stole.
It doesn't matter how you feel on the inside,
You are always told that your worthless, a **** up,
You are told to give up.
No one ever wants to listen to your pain,
They always push you away,
They make you feel like you have worth, then turn around and your worthless,
Just give up....

If you just hide you will be fine,
No one will ever hear you wine,
You thought they cared,
You were wrong,
All they say is...
Just give up, your a worthless c*nt

Why does life have to be this way?
What happen to the people who swore they'd stay?
They gave up on you.....
They told you that NO one cared,
They want you to shoot up, throw up
Man just give up.

Give up on your dreams they say, give up on life
Who the hell cares that he banged your wife,
No one will love you the way she did,
But man just give up.

You think on that thought,
It flies through your mind,
But then you stand up and cry.

You say to your family that this is "Goodbye"
Then you grab that knife...

But before you end it you think again,
That thought you just had made you grin,
You think of your friends and then your family,
You cry some more then drag the blade,
But you forget that it was homemade ,
You try again and again but nothing works.

Your heart hurts an all you hear is " give up"
But you wipe your face,
Then go downstairs,
You see your family sitting their,
They look at you with bright smiles!
Hunny why won't you stay for a while?
This is a poem about how your thoughts can get the best of you. I would like you to read this and please comment your thoughts on it.
Thank you!
 Apr 2020 scrawny
Alan Brown
6:00 PM
The songbird sang
As it always had,
Mellifluous and free
Up in the apple tree

9:00 PM
The cicadas shrieked
& the wind howled
As the setting sun
Drew blood from the twilight

12:00 AM
Shadows absorbed into the night
Lingered in a foggy patch,
Mingled with the gelid air
& muffled a shriek.

3:00 AM
There she lay,
Pristine as a summer’s day
Her soul swallowed by dark
& pattered by the rain

6:00 AM
The songbird sang
As it always had
Mellifluous and free
Up in the apple tree
He taught romance at college
She craved an iota of love from him
He dug her on nights of his choice
She echoed a deep pleasured noise
He had soon enough of her
She thought of ways to retain him
He found an admirer from his romance class
She slowly sank into depression
He pretended she didn't exist
She ceased in his nightly need
He ******* in a new romance
She broke her ties with acid.
30 years and I had to get this out of my head

— The End —