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Where the wild wind blows
A full moon hangs high in the sky
Underneath a river reflects
The moons beauty
As if a gateway to another world
It stretches up to the mountains peak
Atop the peak
Stands a lone tree
With blood red leaves
Letting go from their mothers embrace
As they drift among
The wind
Floating on top of the river
And painting the mountains
With their beauty and bliss
The grey clouds move through the valley
Where the wild wind blows.
You knew what the stakes were
When you left a note
And swallowed a handful of pills
You apologized to your family
For being so sad and giving up
You apologized to your would be husband
For leaving him without his would be wife
You left your little sisters
With tears running down their eyes
Hearts broken and crying for their big sister
How could it ever have come to this?
We had our fights, we had our arguments
We had our hate, we had our love
No matter what happened
I bought you one last gift
And now it hangs around my neck
Because the once beautiful smile
I would have seen for a lifetime
Has vanished
Rest In Peace
My Wife
I love You
Despite everything
I hope you look over me
And can forgive me
For the tears that I drop
When I told you
I would be strong again.
I just want to close my eyes
And return to times of bliss
My mental state left me vulnerable
The devil pounced in
Howling like a raging beast
My vision clouded without guidance.

Blades dance
Drawin' scarlet
Sky fallin'
Tears rollin'
Hittin' ground
Life vanished.

I just want to close my eyes
And return to times of love
Wore this heart on my sleeves
Exposed running into a wall
Stumbled backwards
And fell into this trap.

Just wish I had a better sense of meanin'
Never wanted to say I givin' up
Movin' through these foggy steps
Strugglin' to find inner peace
Takin' these pieces
Formin' a picture to look past
Hangin' onto a thread
Losin' grip
Driftin' among the wind
Fallin' to my end.
Dancing in the fire
We create a cage
Bound by bloodline
Through heaven and hell
Descends the flames
Radiating faith and honour
In the belief it takes
For one to ascend to higher life
I don't pray often
But a man has to pray
And break from the pain life brings
Smoldering one step forwards
Cleanses the impurities in my blood
Scorching one step backwards
Purifies the sorrow and grief
Reborn like a phoenix
Through Nirvana
No self in a state
Where all secular worldly matters disappear
In a trance covering space and time
Distorting the vision
These flames refine my being
Mentally and spiritually
Separating myself from greed
Igniting life into a budding sapling.
Evil people  live in safe places
With dogs and jobs
With a husband under her control
With children she manipulated  the state to get
Evil people hide in safe places
They are nurses in church
A " hard working mother"
But behind closed doors
They project all their hurt
They pour their trauma into their children like potted plants
They train you to believe  you are the weakest  link.
They morph your brain into soilders fighting for the wrong side
Evil peopl hide in safe places
Wind chimes float adrift amongst wind
My heart tolls
As thunder claps the atmosphere
First time attempt at this. All thoughts and opinions are appreciated and welcomed.
  Sep 19 Martial Teacher
BR Dragos
Some daughters love their fathers
a bit too much
and their mothers not enough

This father was a cop,
the type that deals with the nasty cases
and he often came home drunk.
Alcohol did help, he said
and drank some more on the couch
and sometimes drank until he passed out

she was thirteen, his daughter
and would constantly nag
him with questions
about work. He didn't wanna talk about work,
about the gruesome details of
it and all that, but edgy teenagers will be
edgy teenagers
She insisted
and he kept drinking and eventually
passed out on his side

She was excited
took his gun from the holster
and started studying it with passion
turning it on all sides, smelling it,
holding it close
to the face


the bullet got her lower jaw
it was a ****** mess
and she was in pain and gagging on blood
and shards of bone and teeth

to call for help right now
would be wrong.
The whole world would accuse daddy
and he had no fault. And mommy would
reopen the case and
have no problem gaining custody of her
****! This was bad!
This was so bad!

And it was getting worse,
she felt it. Felt close to fainting. Father was still
on the couch. Passed out drunk.

She had to take matters into
her own hands. Shambled
into the kitchen
and grabbed the cutting board from
the table
and dipped a finger in her ****** mouth
and wrote with it on the cutting board

(with a single 'N')

She went outside holding the cutting board
and knocked on
the neighbor's door.
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