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The sun hangs high in the sky
Rising over the darkness
Painting the earth through the night
Like the caring embrace
Of a mothers open embrace
And the heartfelt coarse hands
Of a father's protective back.

Wearing this masquerade
Withering my emotions
Because men who cry are "weak"
Men who give up are "hopeless"
Who would ever understand
The meaning behind the tears that I dropped?

Emotions course through my veins
Like fast acting poison
Dipped in depression
The knife stabbed into my back
Tearing through my heart
Like a ****** mood ascending the night sky.

I used to know myself
Now my reflection talks back to me
Or maybe it's the demon that haunts my heart
Tears upon tears build up
Until the flood gates burst
Because men who cry are hopeless.

But no one will understand
Until they see knives with devilish thoughts
A man who cries IS BECAUSE HE'S HUMAN
  Jan 25 Martial Teacher
Wet falls on the striking lines of cobble
On the swerving paths of trouble
My socks are damp and my feet are cold
Light climbs on the dusky evening
Sharp as faerie wings
Hot like golden spring
My eyes are closed and
My hands are bound

There are rats at the dip of the grass before
The ***** to the water begins
Before the moulding wind sings
On the spine of a duck’s back
There are trees and trees and trees
That live in solace without wings
That rise with a curved branch
Towards the sky

Green air tinged durky damp
Leave spots on fading paths
Where my scared footsteps leave no visible mark
Is there a curse among the leaves?
A misgiving in the trees?
I open my door to a bumbling kettle
Go home breathing empty grey
To dream of the lake.
ah there's a lake near my house and it's so magical there I never stop thinking about it! it's not quite as dark as the lake in this poem, but you get the gist.

the title of the poem comes from the origins of the word 'lake' - it could mean 'pit of ****' in Old English, apparently :) dramatic, right? also I made up the word durky which was extremely fun.

horray for my first poem of 2019 :D
Growing up I always knew your love
A mutual understanding was born
I was young and carefree
However deep down inside
I knew your heart was in turmoil
Mother passed away
Six months after giving birth to me
Like a mad man you worked two full-time jobs
So you could provide a roof
Keep me warm during the winter
And my belly full while you starved
You were stubborn
You were heartbroken
You were a man holding my future
You taught me the passion for Martial Arts
And so today now is time to switch roles
Your son has grown up
And matured to be a fine man
Finally the damage to your body
Has retired your health
This young man has watched you suffer
While I benefitted from the fruits of your labours
I thank you, father,
Because you taught me persistence
To be headstrong with a free will
Suffering doesn't mean you're lonely
Because in the end
You still had your son
And I still had my father.
You are my world
Snow pelted from the sky
Your cheeks became a rosy hue
Bundled up like a snow fairy
Tightly wrapped and loved
Tender with care
Filled with sincerity
Just like your eyes of clarity
This world is your territory
Midnight stories
Flock from my reservoir of knowledge
A migratory herd of troubled hearts
Invaded by tears from distressed eyes
The wind screamed
I kept your warmth dear
My world was clear
And then sprung with fear
For the day
Rapidly approaching
I would become frozen
When our love depleted
I could not comprehend
How isolated I have become
Writing all alone
Choking back the pyre
Coursing through frozen emotions.
Martial Teacher Dec 2018
Often times
A man can refer to himself as a thief
For no reason other than
Drawing tears from his lover
As if space had shattered itself
Time comes to a deathly stop
Like the grandfather clock representing life
Strikes for the last time
My rosy complexion paled
The reaper cut my string of "future"
When was it
Our love started meaning nothing?
Self-consumed in my own loss for time
You should know
When you derailed
Yet all I am drawing upon is empty sheets of paper.

The tears of time trickled down her eyes
Cascading like falling rain
Grey clouds and thunder
Crackles like a lost symphony
The thief
Has none to blame but himself
All the keys hung from his chest
Yet none could predict
The suffering he was causing
With no answers
What is the point
To try and fix something
That's beyond repair due to blind eyes?
Martial Teacher Nov 2018
She's fading
Like a corporeal body
That has lost its essence
All she wanted
Was to spread the gift of life
Instead her gift
Was betrayed
With a dagger through her heart
Tears roll from her graying eyes
Dropping down to the ground
Withering the luscious scenery
A lonely zither plays
Mourning the loss
Of the fiery transcendence

She's fading
The billowing crimson
Slowly becomes white ash
Like the next morning after a heavy snowfall
Her beauty tarnished
The world descends into grey stillness
Bleak and deathly
The wind of life
Now a tempest of decay
Underneath her exhausted body
The ground withers
Leaving black and white ash
Her gray eyes ignite a black flame.

She's fading
Unwilling to believe
Her drastic change of heart
The boundless love disappeared
As if a void consumed all her emotions
The kindness vanished
Like fleeting spectres in the night
Standing up from the ground
Blazing black flames
Shroud her like a mother
Wrapping her child into caring embrace
Sighing to herself
Blaming this world
And its unthankful people.

She's faded
Life had dismissed her
For the jealousy of her beauty
Instead rebirthing
A queen of withering radiance.
Continuation of Fiery Transcendence Bestowed Upon Beauty
Martial Teacher Nov 2018
She's fiery
Drifting along the wind
Turning the hearts of men into
Frenzied fantasies
The wind brought the beauty
Disappearing as fast as she appeared
Peering into the world
Carefree like the white swan
Her hair billowed like crimson plasma
Static glowing along purple radiance
Sparkling eyes like hypnotic hues.

Transcendence bestowed upon the beauty
Aromatic blazing into the amative nature
Syringa placed amidst the billowing crimson
Intense heat along the azure winds
Otherworldly unaffected from the
Contamination of the murky spirit
She's fiery
Drifting along the wind
Cleansing those with illness
Jade hands shimmer with golden light
With a pure heart caring for those
Boundless love for the inhabitants.

She's fiery
Unaffected by the contamination
Of the murky spirit
Unaware that
Kindness is not always mercy
Upon the jade hands golden light
A black dagger dipped in poison
Found its way pierced through her pure heart
Her beauty was transcendent
Jealousy contaminated murky spirits
She was bestowed upon the beauty of immortals
And her heart is pure of dusk erosion.
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