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MartialPoet Apr 6
Fell into the cracks of abyss
As if the lost reminisce of a lovers touch
Hearts mended together
Like broken bridges
Lay the foundations
Separated bonds
Quickly destabilized
Spirit frosted over
No matter how you tried
You were not lock de-icer
And baren
I roam the tovana in my soul
Nirvana of a new man
Split my veins
Devour my grief
Swallow my reluctance
Lost in time and space
Maybe a matter of rushed pace
Laced with tribulations
Clouds converged
Cloaks fluttered in the wind
Just one last touch
To follow the heart of sand
Rage and billow
Sway with frayed nerves
Returning to my internal wasteland
MartialPoet Nov 2019
A cry for the lost
You should know
There's a fire hiding within your eyes
That you cannot disguise
Grey skies
Watch the beauty of all my dreams
Passing right before my eyes
Walk among all these lonely shadows
Light this spark
Leading through the dark
Beating my heart
Innocence depart from my soul
I can't keep trying
To be what you're dying to see
I don't wanna die
Watching this blood pouring
So you'll have to forgive me
As I take one step back
Let me ignite one last time
As I leave this write
Into the deep night
A sorry sight
You took it into flight
So let me send this back to forthwright
I can't be a wraith
Couldn't explain my faith
Swathe slices itself across my chest
Coalesced this blood clots
Dropping like rain
I couldn't stop this pain
This is my final strain.
MartialPoet Nov 2019
I see life
Like a parade before the pain
In a sky full of rain
They march to the sounds of the beat
With a chest full of heart
And a world full of corruption
Don’t you know little boy?
It’s easier to be a killer than a statistic
Yet it’s these rules that taint you
Death floods with overwhelming gaint
A heart beats heavy
In a open chest
Like a billowing crimson
Into the scarlet soil
The blood upon your hands
And the wickedness that made it
I can’t preserve your purity
But I will say one last prayer
And send a kiss into the air
God, what have we taken from our kids?
You left us with the guns loaded,
But taught us how to hold back
Burning like a flag of hatred
Marching right into the breeze
What’s another lifeline like mine?
I see all the lies
Passing like a beauty before my eyes
I see the sky
What I wouldn’t give up to see you fly.
MartialPoet Dec 2017
She had been there when no one else was
I gave her a false hope
And than silently killed it
A pathetic man
Who received love
From someone who was always there
She held my heart in the darkest of times
Listened to my choked voice
As tears endlessly fell from my eyes
Like a rainfall after a long drought.

The bitterness turned my heart black
I felt fear of loving someone
Only to lose them again
All this time
All i wanted was to share happiness
With someone again
Yet i cannot move on
From the fears of once again
Losing someone who means the world to me.

Everyday i tell myself
What i'm feeling for her is one big lie
A delusion to forcefully shut myself into darkness
Love it's so beautiful
But as beautiful as it is
It can **** just as easily
Slaughtering all your feelings
And than leaving you to remain
As an empty shell of who you once were
Forever ****** by love
Your fear of it grows and grows
Solace remains hidden
In the night life
Deathlessly wandering.

A masquerade of emotions
Causes one to lose their self
Stare into the forbidden fruit
The necter falls
And the intoxication
Can't help but drag your attention
Ambushed by what's been long lost
The inferno takes her away
The crimson outline is all that remains
In dreams to haunt
All of this plays through my head
My heart sours
And i continue to run away
From all these emotions i feel.
MartialPoet Dec 2017
You believed in me when no one else had
You have given my life a second lease
There's so much to pay back to you
And yet here we are
You're drifting unconscious
No response
The scars on my hand
Doesn't get the the reaction i'd normally get
My tears drop onto your hand
I call out for you
My voice isn't heard
All night i spent by your side
Your hand held in my hand
No movement
No clasp
No strength is felt
You've loved me like i was your own son
You gave me a mother's affection
That i have long lost for 15 years
Melting my heart you became the second person
So close to my heart if i lost you
I don't think i'd be waking up the next day
You've taken me in
Patched up what I've lost for so long
You've given me so much already
And now you're drifting unconscious
Hooked up to machines
Breathing so subtle
Is the only hope i can hear
Please come back to me mother
I just needed an outlet to vent all the frustration and sadness i'm feeling right now. So powerless and out of control it's such a **** horrible feeling.
MartialPoet Oct 2018
Cold and elegant
Interchanging ethereal and materialistic
Her breath filled with life
With blue eyes sparkling like a sea of diamonds
Long black hair cascading like a waterfall down her jade shoulders
A blue and white striped summer dress
***** in the wind of summers humid breeze
The wind racing through her hair
The lake rippled
The high grass fanned as if welcoming a goddess
Birds chirped and natured talked
Every step she took was a domain
Everything was hers
She is cold and elegant
With a heart of gold
Eyes full of foresight
And a soul like the morning sun
Bright, soothing, peaceful
This is her ballad.
MartialPoet Dec 2019
Oh those bewitching eyes of yours,
A flame flickers within
What was hidden behind
Is my fear for being blind
Twisted by malicious design
You gave me fake love
Pulled me out of my drunken stupor
You broke my recovery
My nexus became unstabilized
Like a deadly blow to my solar plexus
Left me gaspin for air
Your vicious now,
******* vicious now
Born of blood and essence
Dying hearts roam a withering road
The pyre in your eyes
Was all my frozen heart needed
As a hand full of ash
I let myself flow out of your grips
Wind took my remains
You flipped the switch
And I'm ******* vicious now.
Being burned by love hurts, when you find someone else to love. They take advantage of you, and spit you out when no longer needed.
MartialPoet Oct 2018
Hammers, chisels, forges, and coal lay about
Workshops that once use to spring life
Are sullen their masters have disappeared
The earth was dyed red
From the moon high above
Blood and carnage soaked the purity
Of what once used to be holy and pure
The sky was star-less.

Gems shattered and strewn about
Swords, Sabres, Spears, Halberds, Great Swords
Emit a blood red radiance
In the middle of the battlefield
Sheathed in black-red wrapping
The king of swords stabbed into the earth
Emits loneliness for its wielders
Slumbers unknown to the tragedy
That had befallen his home.

Obsidian woke from his slumber
His workshop the once well known
Black Flame Empyrium Workshop was devoid of life
Upon realizing his fellow brothers in arms
Have disappeared, and the smell of blood hangs in the air
Obsidian ascended from his underground home
Upon returning from his  deep slumber
The land was decaying
Dismembered bodies of his brothers strewn about.

The hundred of hours he and his brothers put into
Building a paradise where dreams gather
Lay strewn about in shambles of its past glory
The stone fountains, gardens, hand sculpted models
The breeze that use to be calming
And the song the birds use to sing
Are overcome by the ****** wasteland
Of abandoned dreams.

Innate greed is a weapon, and controlled greed is a blessing.
MartialPoet Sep 2018
Everyone knows you've been poisoning the well
Goading the weak willed
Following mesmerized to fall off the cliff
Was it beauty that brought destruction
Or just the person you've become?

You line them up in the streets
Head down hands tied
A ****** machete descends
Turning their names into ash
Their precious lives now history
The lands fuming of agony
Screaming of constant delight
The devil won.

Flags flap in the wind
Pitch black with dripping blood
Built upon deaths of many
How many more will you consume
Every breath you reek of resentment
The mentality of a murderer
Corrodes the centre of one's existence
The soul is black.

City of sin
Where the restless dwell
In the mirror you sealed your fate
Trapped and wounded
No desire and no will
The pride you wore
Arrogance engrained in your bones
No longer resolving around you
As the epicenter of all attraction
Did you learn your worth
Replaceable and forgotten
Mirrors show the beast you are
Beauty is a weapon.
MartialPoet Sep 2019
Not no fear
Blood tears
Rolling down my face
Hitting ground
Thundering tears
Spreading like a forest fire
Ten toes
Your lies exposed
Hit my bottom line
Smoldering like fine wine
Numb to the **** you say
**** it I can't please you
Your mad for no reason
Mentally I get spirited away
I feel like I don't vibe
With this ******* relationship
No emotions no connection no expression
Always talking restless
This negativity between us
Flowing like toxic in heart
What I see is what you get
I'm tired of showing love
When I'm given ****
Frustrations bottled up
Until it spills I can't help it
Product of what this torture created
No more mind games
No more deadly whispers
So selfless
Like raw jade with impurities
Taking me for granted
Flip the switch
And now I'm selfish.
MartialPoet Dec 2017
Imperfections cut us like a heated knife
Cuts through all that we are not
Not the perfect man or women
You don't got the 6 pack abs
Or the curves that men desire
So what if you do or don't have it all?
You see the thing is
All we really do is
Worry about what we don't have
And compare ourselves to those who do
What's the point of living your life
If you're in the shadow of someone else?

We're born to be who we are
And not a slave in the shadow of our master's understood?
There is no such thing as "Perfection"
Perfection itself is the peak of insecurity
The more perfect you are, The less mistakes you can make
Because the moment you slip up
The sky falls down
And you become the center
Of shame on social media
So why do we achieve to be something we're not?
We run away from who we are
Yet all it does is make us more depressed.

Our views of both men and women are warped
Men are supposed to be ripped with abs
And women are supposed to be seductresses
And we the youth of this generation
Believe and bow down to all this *******
Like it's the gods speaking during an sermon.

You are who you are
There is no changing that
Embrace who you are
You can only hide behind a facade for so long
So come out of hiding now
When it's easier and less harm to your self-esteem
We look at ourselves and disgust is what we taste
But we take for granted who we are
You lose yourself in the shoes of others
You forget who you are
Pity yourself for not being perfect
But most important of all
You begin to disgrace yourself
The self hate sits in like bitter medicine
The cuts on your body cry scarlet
And yet all this insignificance
Costs you your life that has more importance
Than what you are or aren't.
MartialPoet May 2018
This time it's different
Inhale the truth
Exhale the falsities
Keep to your silence
Don't look too far out
The stars have already died
Light the morning sky
With the radiance of the sun
That lives on within you
Beyond the stars lay our dreams
To which bind those who don't believe in their path
Break the chains that limit your dreams
That is the way to live
Always going against the limitation our mind creates
Defying the order of life and succeeding our own path.
MartialPoet Dec 2019
Broken halo
Soul slipped away
Brought out into the streets
Your name turned into ash
Empty sash of gleaming futures
Redeemed soul flickers
Foul depths of agony
Satiny lids closed atop coffin
Walkin through life and death
Kith's heads hang low as we look into the earth
Deferred tears soar into the sky
Rain fell before the pain sunk in
Sunken city resides within eyes
Approval from the sky
The last fire you burned so brilliantly
Risilent life never knocked you down
Renowned you were
Uncrowned you fell
Motionless into the earths embrace
A childhood friend I grew up with, gamed with, worked out with, and trained martial arts together passed from this world.
You will be missed brother.
MartialPoet May 2019
Light the fire of my life
Blazing like cascading petals
Fallen from a lotus
Drifting the world on a wind of change
Confirming my existence
Along the path of time
Impassioned like the raging inferno
Crimson courses through my body
Bringing life and great rejuvenation.

Face my fears
Devour my depression
Changed into who I am now
Not because I was weak
I awoke from my step back
My heart burns with agony
Not one day passes
I don't think about my loss
I may be weak, I may be young
Lots of time in this life left.

All gas
No breaks
Burning these cylinders
Empowering my mentality and body
My tears jaded
Fears faded
Now I stand up strong again
See through me like an open book
Read my story if you like
Disregard my existence
Disapprove my sadness
Deprived of former respect
That's okay
What matters is relentless
Headstrong and stubborn attitude
Faith in my being
To see the world in a different way.
MartialPoet Sep 2019
I just want to close my eyes
And return to times of bliss
My mental state left me vulnerable
The devil pounced in
Howling like a raging beast
My vision clouded without guidance.

Blades dance
Drawin' scarlet
Sky fallin'
Tears rollin'
Hittin' ground
Life vanished.

I just want to close my eyes
And return to times of love
Wore this heart on my sleeves
Exposed running into a wall
Stumbled backwards
And fell into this trap.

Just wish I had a better sense of meanin'
Never wanted to say I givin' up
Movin' through these foggy steps
Strugglin' to find inner peace
Takin' these pieces
Formin' a picture to look past
Hangin' onto a thread
Losin' grip
Driftin' among the wind
Fallin' to my end.
MartialPoet May 17
Crimson eyes
Scarlet skies
Howling gales
Wandering aimlessly into the night
Wishing to feel alive
Alone in the dark
No spark guides the way
Transcending the boundary
Memories form, then shatter into oblivion
Pick all the pieces up like a broken canvas
Heavy is the heart with trembling hands
Seeking guidance
Devils whisper in my ears
Playing with my fears
Sowing seeds of discord.
MartialPoet Nov 2018
She's fading
Like a corporeal body
That has lost its essence
All she wanted
Was to spread the gift of life
Instead her gift
Was betrayed
With a dagger through her heart
Tears roll from her graying eyes
Dropping down to the ground
Withering the luscious scenery
A lonely zither plays
Mourning the loss
Of the fiery transcendence

She's fading
The billowing crimson
Slowly becomes white ash
Like the next morning after a heavy snowfall
Her beauty tarnished
The world descends into grey stillness
Bleak and deathly
The wind of life
Now a tempest of decay
Underneath her exhausted body
The ground withers
Leaving black and white ash
Her gray eyes ignite a black flame.

She's fading
Unwilling to believe
Her drastic change of heart
The boundless love disappeared
As if a void consumed all her emotions
The kindness vanished
Like fleeting spectres in the night
Standing up from the ground
Blazing black flames
Shroud her like a mother
Wrapping her child into caring embrace
Sighing to herself
Blaming this world
And its unthankful people.

She's faded
Life had dismissed her
For the jealousy of her beauty
Instead rebirthing
A queen of withering radiance.
Continuation of Fiery Transcendence Bestowed Upon Beauty
MartialPoet Nov 2018
The eyes see the beauty and destruction
Memories of the past are all but forgotten
The crystal clear water
Green and luscious sceneries
The moon would shine above
Blessing the land with bountiful harvests
Raining down the ethereal transcendence
The morning dew
Petrichor weaved illusions of the future
When the last leave withered
Dropping from the arms of its parent
Swishing through the wind
Longing and pleading
Falling upon the land
The greenery became dull
The earth cracked open
Like the *** lid was blown into the air
By the suppressed vengeance
Of a child losing its parent
The sky darkened with global disastrous storms
Tearing apart the land below
The mountains dripped blood
The soil poisoned the crops
Water became contaminated
Highrise mansions and luxurious villas
Fell into the abyss of earth's crust
The water levels rose and swallowed
All of the land and its inhabitants
The world screamed ****** ******
For the death of its parents
Was brought upon the selfishness
Of the inhabitants who took, took, and took everything for granted
Never a single moment of appreciation
The greed ingrained into the bones
Became the final push
For the ticking time bomb
Waiting to happen.

Eyes who have only seen a wasteland, see the glory of its land
MartialPoet Apr 2018
We all gotta start from somewhere
I was just a kid at one time
Understanding and knowing too much
Voice my opinions and i get unwanted stares
I always thought the more you knew
The better you would be off
Hell what a joke that was.

Faithless but he knew the meaning of life
The room he stayed was like a cage
Then paper begun to spring life
Or it was the spirit of his dreams
The clouds would sway above
Whatever crossed my mind
Life would spring itself in the sky
Only to paint itself on paper
Now hidden in books
Stories reveal thesmelves over the ages.

He had all the strength needed
Just not the heart to follow through
Deep down i realize
How foolish i was
Now it's not a matter of heart or strength.
I always had a hobby for writing. It was only recently i started to do so again. This in a way is like inspiration. Everyone has their own reason for writing. Mine simply begun when i was a kid.
MartialPoet Jan 2019
Growing up I always knew your love
A mutual understanding was born
I was young and carefree
However deep down inside
I knew your heart was in turmoil
Mother passed away
Six months after giving birth to me
Like a mad man you worked two full-time jobs
So you could provide a roof
Keep me warm during the winter
And my belly full while you starved
You were stubborn
You were heartbroken
You were a man holding my future
You taught me the passion for Martial Arts
And so today now is time to switch roles
Your son has grown up
And matured to be a fine man
Finally the damage to your body
Has retired your health
This young man has watched you suffer
While I benefitted from the fruits of your labours
I thank you, father,
Because you taught me persistence
To be headstrong with a free will
Suffering doesn't mean you're lonely
Because in the end
You still had your son
And I still had my father.
MartialPoet Nov 2018
She's fiery
Drifting along the wind
Turning the hearts of men into
Frenzied fantasies
The wind brought the beauty
Disappearing as fast as she appeared
Peering into the world
Carefree like the white swan
Her hair billowed like crimson plasma
Static glowing along purple radiance
Sparkling eyes like hypnotic hues.

Transcendence bestowed upon the beauty
Aromatic blazing into the amative nature
Syringa placed amidst the billowing crimson
Intense heat along the azure winds
Otherworldly unaffected from the
Contamination of the murky spirit
She's fiery
Drifting along the wind
Cleansing those with illness
Jade hands shimmer with golden light
With a pure heart caring for those
Boundless love for the inhabitants.

She's fiery
Unaffected by the contamination
Of the murky spirit
Unaware that
Kindness is not always mercy
Upon the jade hands golden light
A black dagger dipped in poison
Found its way pierced through her pure heart
Her beauty was transcendent
Jealousy contaminated murky spirits
She was bestowed upon the beauty of immortals
And her heart is pure of dusk erosion.
MartialPoet Apr 2018
I was once told the sun rests on my shoulders
Igniting my soul lays the hearts cradle
My star shines bright in the night guiding my future
The morning sun paves my present path
Not one day goes by do i lose appreciation
The gift of life presents allowing me to learn.

Things aren't as they seem
All this pain and pressure
That i'm conceivin
Leavin to a fleetin of an endless dream
Everyday is a new dawn
Risin so the fleetin dreams can gather
Givin faith to unsteady paths
If dreams are worth the limited time in life you can chase
Don't you give up
Or you'll be swimmin with sharks.

The sun will rise in the hearts of ambition
Stars will die in the shattered fragments
Discriminatin against youths who long
Pleadin and dreamin
Don't stop seekin
The setting sun always reignites a new day.
MartialPoet Mar 2018
I know i am no saint
The fool lays upright
With 3 moons checkered in the cosmos
A tower pierces through
The epitaph of a bell sounding
Into the fire of a cradled grave
Possession shows itself in the form
Of one who we cherish the most
Twilight doesn't always guide lost souls
To the burials setting sun.

I know I've been a fool
Taking all those i love for granted
Treating my life as bait
Innis a hiss to this
I miss the guise of my past self
Let me light the torch
Pass it off into the styx
I know I've always been second best
Never could i stand a chance
To the heart of my being
Knowing all my faults.

I know i lost myself
Turned in the wrong direction
Illusioned myself a dream of no return
Skeith'd feelings for a lover no longer
Propogating my loss to void
Light opens a path
Casting my fire into a candle.

I know i was never a good enough of a son
To break the flow
I won't glow
But i will reprieve
The self loathing built up into someone i'm not
This is the fools last epitaph
Ding rings the jokers bell
Three checkered moon ignites one last time
Tower crumbles with the last ringing bell
The fool was himself all along.
MartialPoet Jan 2019
You are my world
Snow pelted from the sky
Your cheeks became a rosy hue
Bundled up like a snow fairy
Tightly wrapped and loved
Tender with care
Filled with sincerity
Just like your eyes of clarity
This world is your territory
Midnight stories
Flock from my reservoir of knowledge
A migratory herd of troubled hearts
Invaded by tears from distressed eyes
The wind screamed
I kept your warmth dear
My world was clear
And then sprung with fear
For the day
Rapidly approaching
I would become frozen
When our love depleted
I could not comprehend
How isolated I have become
Writing all alone
Choking back the pyre
Coursing through frozen emotions.
MartialPoet Jul 2018
Life isn't always about having a golden spoon
Waking up and wondering, why the struggle?
For what reason do we strive?
It isn't always crystal clear
The mentality is feeble
breakable like precious china
Existences plague the heart
Strengthen your heart
Stand back up, and wipe off the blood
Until the day you become infinite,
Fall you may
Rise you will
Stone builds bridges
Fire builds life
Tribulations build courage
Hammers build toughness
Life builds peace.

I think we all know it
Time waits for no one
Stalling lessens the lessons
We take from life
Maturing with oxygen added to the fire
At one point, head hung in shame
Eyes have lost their focus
The mind has become a playpen
For where the haunting  partakes
When you lose your sight,
What do you see?
When you lose your self,
What have you become?
When you take the hammering of life,
Do you become stronger?

Life is not always easy
Every step, you eventually feel like Atlas
Holding the weight of the world on your shoulders
Take this calamity, be born anew
One step at a time
With a conflicted heart,
The pent-up frustration bubbles
The lid blows off the ***
When you give your all
Only to see it tumble
All you can do is clench your teeth
Know your effort, is not for vain
Experience expands from a pond
To become a vast river
Misfortune shadows your Fortune
Disgrace trails behind Respect
Live, brave one
And prove your effort
Is not a sand castle,
Swallowed by the tides of life.

The hammer is heavy like the heart
Bearing all your emotions,
Exhausted and tired of it
With thoughts of escaping
Who said things would be a cakewalk?
Don't pity yourself
For your not the only one
Who has worn the weight
Of the world on your shoulders
Live and learn
Face the sky and howl.
MartialPoet Oct 2019
I reach up to the sky
But it's like I sink further and further
To the depths of the ocean
Water fills my lungs
As I gasp upon the last breath of life
My eyes lose their focus
Wishing it could be all over
I feel like I no longer belong
In this world of grief and happiness
I wouldn't be surprised
If others laughed at the tears
That stained my shirt on a sunny day
Because while it was shining for others
It poured like torrential floods most of my days
This smile I force upon my face everyday
This mascarade I pull off so perfectly
No one could tell
Unless you looked into my eyes
Seeing them waver like weak flames
And surging waves upon the ocean
A boat rocks as it fights to stay above water
Without navigation losing its way in the vast oceans
In the dark I converse with devils, we tend to argue a lot
I ask him what he wants
And he says "what you want I already have,
And what I want you already have."
So we shake hands like professional business men
One walks away with a smile,
The other became a puppet
Because this feeling of loneliness never goes away.

Take my soul
And give me my happiness
Take my heart
And give me love
Take my eyes
And give me sight
Take my lungs
And breathe your breath into me
Take my body
And let me be reborn.

Never turn back
Walk forward
With light or with darkness
The shadows cross among the realms
Weaving and leaving
Ash among the backlash
Petals fell from the sky
Brought from the wild winds blowing
Paint these tears into a legacy.
MartialPoet Sep 2019
In our wake
Our bodies unified
Mending body and spirit
Severing ties
Like the raging blade
Of a tsunamis devastation.

In our wake
Our emotions raged
With two tigers on one mountain
Like trespassing territory
My scent drove you crazy
Your emotionless drove me insane.

In our wake
The clouds scattered
The sun gave one last ray
Before darkness covered
Our waking feud
Turning the world upside down.

In our wake
Broken bridges separated
Each other from crossing paths
A long sigh echoes
A lonely tear drops
Gradually turning into petals.

In our wake
A tempest brew
Bringing the petals aflight
Into the world below
The clouds
Giving hope to others.

In our wake
Emotions turned into petals
Landing in the hands of
A heart broken traveler
To bring back to his lover
For forgiveness.
MartialPoet Oct 2018
One step forward
Then two steps back
In a race to the bottom of life
Every disaster is another ambition
Cut off from the tally of life
Every face has its place in the ground
You can bow in shame
Without the right to look up
Become someone who you are not
But never can you
Disregard the principles you live by
Every word is a lie
Every blessing is a curse
Every cure is false
This world has gone astray
Asundered from times where
Respect was an everyday thing
You can live the way how it is written in books
Or you can live life with your own ideals
The scripture is yours
A pre-written one is worthless.
MartialPoet Apr 17
Lone star in the sky
Patriarch of desolation
Lone heart on ground
Matriarch of sorrow
Billowing tides of vicssitude
Clouded eyes of reckoning
Endless depths inner soul abyssal
Restless nights
The devil speaks of rebirth
Darkness descends
White noise
Black silhouette haunts the mind
Crimson dress
Lustrous eyes
Vanished within a blink
Withering petals
Drift on a solitary wind.
MartialPoet Apr 24
Feeding off the fury and vengeance I bring
Cutting loose the chains placed upon me
Walking in Desolate Kingdom
I'm lord of the blades
Blood on the floor
Reaping these souls
Next week its my name
They be writing in the scrolls
King of archaic slaughter
Take a knife through the heart
Drunk off the blood bath, I am losing control
Exhilaration from this mindless bloodshed
Blood in my veins
My heart started pacing
Soul still numb from the lives I've taken
One day soon see the sky slashed open
Blood rain colours the ground crimson
Eyes blood red
Sanity up in flames
Forsaken my humanity
Leaving calamity in my wake.
Late upload written for a web novel called Wolf King: Love That Transcends Worlds
MartialPoet Sep 2019
It's me and you baby
Or it was us
Now it's all about you
Woe is me
When was the last time
You said you loved me
When was the last time
I saw your smile
It's cold in December
Do you believe that baby
The snow coats this world
With mother natures beauty
It's a universal law
Did you know that
We take and take
Without ever giving back
You call me heartless
When I tell you
I have had enough of this
This love is starting
To mean **** to me
I'm trying to please you
**** it
I'm trying to deal with this
**** it
I'm trying to give you the world
**** it
But it's never good enough
**** it
Your becoming the demon
Wrapping a leash around my neck
And nailing me to a post
Like a ******* guard dog
Refine this body through martial arts
Refine my mentality through pain
But the hardest of all
Is refining the heart through love
When all I get is ****
I'm trying
**** it
I'm crying
**** it
I'm hurting
**** it
I'm lost
**** it
I'm human too
******* it.

Now my soul lurks around the world, searching for beauty and answers. Believing in a foolish dream of me and you. Crossing this battlefield with poems and love. One shot is all it takes, my soul wanders this world. Devoid of a physical body, only thing left is my awareness. Travelling through space and time, until what's left evaporstes. And my existence becomes extinct
How many tears must a man drop to show the one he loves. A man can cry, and so he cries when he's losing the one he loves.
MartialPoet Nov 2018
So tell me
Was it to forget me
Like the sands of time
Where I would turn into stone
A sigh of fleeting dreams
Flowing along the river of time
Stagnate like the vessel without its fuel
Because all this time
You were the whisper
Transcending time
Giving me a reason
To take one step back
For a major comeback.

So tell me
When you picked me up
Out of the mud and saw the lost sheen
Was it like finding a dismantled treasure
Slowly with boundless insight
And teaching the sheen shone
And like a phoenix rose back up from the ashes
Rebirthed given a new lease for life
The arrogance disappeared
Humility became my reward
Perseverance and unwillingness
Filled my young blood
The master for a day
Became a father for a life time.
MartialPoet Jan 3
No sleep most nights
Geists wander my domain
Mentality heist
Somethin wrong up in my house
Personality changed
Inner beast roaring
Chained cage rattling
Battling my inner demon
Reaping lives
Weeping wives
Creeping darkness in my heart
Doctors say my madness
Is making me nauseous
Been feelin monstrous
Alotta **** contaminating my conscious.

Lately been feelin
Like a demons on my back
Heart turned black like the abyss
Reminisce times of love
Crossed my heart and hope to die
Frost encases my heart
Lost souls wander the streets
Hollow shell is all that's left
Followed the inner darkness
My persona switched masks
Midnight came out
Reaper of the night
Snuffing out the last light
Your life within sight
Became the moonlight walks in the park
Where dark hearts roam.
(Written in advanced for a web novel called Wolf King: Love That Transcends Worlds) As requested by the Author.
MartialPoet Sep 2018
Earbuds in ears
Blaring loud music
Cloaked in black
Exhausted from the stress
Scowering a place for temporary
Scant relief from all the *******,
An escape from checkups
No lord bickering down on the servant
"Take care of your health more,
Why pursue what damages yourself."

Melding into the night's existence
Becoming one with the nightlife
Couples bicker over the phone,
Others split ways
Roaming alleys with bottles of *****,
One lost finds a 'home' for the night,
Sirens ring throughout the night
Another scuffle between colliding interests,
Barring my way is
Slowly becoming stagnant.

These momentary peaceful nights shatter
What does it amount to in the end?
Nights no longer bring that desired solace,
My chest is heavy
With a heart full of anguish
Slaving away all day long
Just for my effort to be washed away
Like the names were written in the sand.

I'm slipping up under all this pressure,
I don't need a ******* olive branch
Just give me the space I need to breathe
**** your pity, **** your insincerity
Wipe your smugness off your face
The nightwalker is tired
Of all his futile effort
being swept away
Only the streets remember
The thundering beat of his steps
Becoming heavier under tumultuous
Waves raging inside.
MartialPoet Jan 13
I think that I get it now
Archaic walking through time
Reanimated death to life
Animated ash to flesh
Congealed blood flows
Unconcealed murderous intent
Decreed imposingly
Revealed intentions
Concealed arrogance
Impotence life slipped away
Incompetence the sand filled the desert
Lost your penitence life took it away
Utterance of fleeting dreams
Gleaming shadows cross the void
Discoid your lies run circles
Your angels be counting time
Minstrels flock from kingdom come
Reanimated death to life
Contaminate water of life
Decimate the bridges of eternity
Eviscerate the minds of serenity
Cursed, I apologize for the profanity
My mind has been like a hearse
No chorus.
MartialPoet Feb 2018
Reapers on my shoulders
Heart's racin in public
So much hate and secrecy
You never really know who you're dealing with
Heart's bracin for participation
While you crave my soul
What i want is already yours
And what you want is already mine
Ride away from a false sense of social shame.

Fly away from cruelty hidden behind a smile
Unbridled character with a loose tongue
I can't help it i'm just a failed product
Of all the ******* i have dealt with
People with eyes full of jealousy
People with chests full of hate
Sat back and watch life bring out the
Devil in all those around me.

Ride away from a life of clenched teeth
Just to find a standing for myself
I put my whole **** heart into this
Giving up on dreams to get where i am
All the hours of sweat and reluctance
All built up knowing i'd never be able to achieve it
Heart's frozen but my effort blood sweat and tears
Never lie about the man i am
Given up sleep to push myself till i fell down not getting up
Stubborn to the bones only eternal rest would end my plight
Ride away all that's left is a arrow at the end of it's flight.
MartialPoet Oct 2018
Spin, spin, spin
Thousands of families flock at this time of year
Under the crimson moon
The sky falling like blood
Cascading down white jade
Pale skin, scarlet eyes, long white hair
Black-white dresses embedded with
Fiery red gems enhancing the temptation
Blood red lips like Pandora's box
To give into the rising desire
But it was also this desire
That was fed upon.

Spin, spin, spin
Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to this humble abode
This gathering of royalty
Dance to the melody
Of the ***** like a dying gasp
Feasting upon the scarlet life
A dance upon sin
Ladies and gentlemen
The night is young
Full of passion
Our life eternal
Is a curse when you have it
Time becomes a killer
For our families
And loved ones may become ash
But we have all gathered
Since the last century has passed.

So spin, spin, and spin
The night is forever young
Like a fair maiden whose
Flower has yet to blossom
tap, tap, tap
Our hearts may be tinged with black
We may consume life
But we too detest this
So let us take this night
And dance away our grievances.
MartialPoet Sep 2019
Dancing in the fire
We create a cage
Bound by bloodline
Through heaven and hell
Descends the flames
Radiating faith and honour
In the belief it takes
For one to ascend to higher life
I don't pray often
But a man has to pray
And break from the pain life brings
Smoldering one step forwards
Cleanses the impurities in my blood
Scorching one step backwards
Purifies the sorrow and grief
Reborn like a phoenix
Through Nirvana
No self in a state
Where all secular worldly matters disappear
In a trance covering space and time
Distorting the vision
These flames refine my being
Mentally and spiritually
Separating myself from greed
Igniting life into a budding sapling.
MartialPoet Sep 2019
Some say he's grief stricken
He lost his will
And now he's in a slumber
Slumbering and wanting to run away
No longer his strong self
He'd rather hide and cry
Than he would stand up and engage
Unwilling or disbelieving
He lost his spirit
And than he realized
He was deep into it
Shattered like glass
Breakable like porcelain
Tainted like raw jade
And a father-less dream
All of this wraps in his head
Keeping him up all night long
Losing his energy
Losing his sight
A internal struggle of emotions, life, death
Yet he made such a big picture of himself
Forever strong able to help others
Yet he can't even help himself
How ironic is that
Maybe he's tired
Of being that picture
Maybe he's ready to give up
But there is a voice in his head
Telling him never to give up
Because that's not how he was raised
Swallowing bitter pills of sadness
Walking the night streets
Stargazing within his depression
Searching through the stars
Looking for his guiding light.
MartialPoet May 2018
Hatred has the same intensity as love
People hurt by it is a pain hard to forget
Nights followed up with bitter red intoxication
Dampening the sheets under droplets tainted with alcohol
Lays the head of proud men and women
Sharing the same pain
So distant from each other
Yet the sorrow brings two together eventually.

Seven night
Seven weeks
Seven months
Seven years.

Falls the king of his heart
The kingdoms radiance
Dyes in black

If only human lives were like an initial meeting
MartialPoet Oct 2018
Stroke Of Sin:
With one stroke
Black like lead
Numbing the senses
Illusions devour the mind
Spiriting away the host's soul
Crunch, munch, wails, agony
Red drips from burning flags
Crowns of precious jewels
Shattered and left to rust
Scattering into dust
Of civilizations golden age
Has descended into the bleak era.

Stroke Of Love:
Radiance, bliss, harmony
Two radiate like the stars
In the heart, both are one
In the soul, both have tasted
The nectar of the forbidden fruit
An amative domain of two
Nestled into their throes of midnight
Wrinkled sheets
Passion just like an undying star
Rupturing like worldly immolation
The white flame creates life
Tender and sincere the candle burns out
With the gift and blessing of life.

Stroke Of Life:
Endless possibilities
Reach out and test the waters
Music, Art, Martial Arts, Poetry, Chef, Gardening, Dance
Life is short, but the possibilities are endless
Take the hand and find your passion
Open your doors
Youth is everlasting at heart
The exterior is just the carapace for your inner life
Time is precious, but so is living a fulfilling life
Different stages, different mindsets
Never too late and never too soon
A lifetime with various spices and specialties is meaningful.

Stroke Of Dreams:
Dreams are the energy
The mind is the soul
The body is the physical
Three forms
One thousand evolutions
Climbing to new peaks
Conquering with nothing but persistence
The sky like chains
One thousand evolutions
One thousand swings, slashes
Chains are just slightly troublesome
Energy, soul, and body
Unstoppable is the will
To make dreams into reality.

Stroke Of Ambition:
Light a torch
Cast your shadow
Mould your ambition
Into the sword
cutting down all obstacles
Aspiration is the driving force
Accelerate past those who
Grab you by the leg and pull back
Deadweight is meant to be neglected
For with a chest full of burning ambition
Nothing is impossible
The only thing that is impossible
Are those who have narrow minds
Lacking the drive and effort
That ambition burns with.

Stroke Of Lust:
Just like the sailor
Who heard the sirens calls
Possessed and enthralled
By the endless fantasies
Lust burns just like the cracking whip
Searing, twitching, wreathing
Uncontrollably desire fogs the eyes
Unaware of the approaching doom
The fool wanders like a blank slate
Memories, life, family
Are all but forgotten
To the red eyes clouded with lust
In a world where carnal desires
Become a reality
The sailor loses his sense of self
And worldly affairs only to end up
A meal for the heart's demon to pray upon.

Stroke Of Fantasy:
Mankind had reached the peak of the chain
Riches, intelligence, beauty, innovation, science, medicine
Everybody led joyous lives
Disaster was far and few in-between
Respect, formalities, consideration, care
After passing the era of wars and slaughter
Mankind bonded together
Everyone acted as their own police officer
Living peacefully with contentment
But, even if mankind had reached the peak
Did their mentality?
Like always there are always
'Glorious times.'
This one just happened to last long enough
Again it collapsed all due to greed
Between fantasy and reality
Mankind had lost themselves
And still suffered, with no one else to blame
But uncontrollable greed to be 'superior.'
MartialPoet Sep 2019
Lately I've been dreaming
A world of silence
Except for the sound of rain
As it pitter patters off the ground
Closing my eyes
I take a deep breath in
Petrichor fills my lungs with longevity
Walking in circles around the room
My mind keeps racing laps
My senses shut off
Numbness spreads
As water flows
Dragging me along its course
My world has been grey and brown
But this unending scenery
As I travel face up
With my back on the water
It brings me a moment of peace
And then the pain returns
So I write again
Eagerly waiting to let my pain out
My pen runs across the paper
That wasn't write so I cross it out
Sit and wait as my mind creates a world
My eyes view upon this world
As I write it down
And tell a story
In the dark I converse with shadows
My body jolts
I wake up
And my world of silence is gone
My emotions turn back on
And my senses return
My eyes long for this world I create
The silence brought me temporary peace
But it never feels like it's long enough
I return to the living world
And I hate it
Because I cannot change this warmth
As I travel across the water
Floating and drifting
Into the endless silence
That releases my pain
For no matter how loud I yell
No one will ever know
No matter how much I cry
No one would tell another soul
No matter how much
I speak to the shadows
No one would call me insane.
MartialPoet Nov 2019
In a darkening world
Where others are slowly forgetting
About kindness and the gift of hope
Each day this world loses sparks
Like the opening gates of life
The gates took them away to a better place
Or so they say
Like a false sense of security
In this darkening world
There was once a gift
Someone took it for granted
They lost the spark of love
There was once a future lined up
Like a white line of ash
It went right to ones brain
They lost the spark of life
You and I,
We were once the same
I may have no one else to blame
Your spark has lost its brilliance
So you can take mine
Reignite and reinvigorate
Pass it on to others
And be a reason to live another day
In this darkening world
We all live in.
MartialPoet Dec 2017
Life is nothing but chains and shackles
Our wings clipped
Unable to fly high in the sky
Unable to have our pride
Unable to have our determination
Unable to live proud of yourself
Forever shackled down
Forever caged
Forever forgotten about
Your image is never seen
Your name unknown to many
Your life story forgotten by many
Your family no longer remembers.

Shackled down until the day you die
A slave to the shackles
The writings on the wall are your only companion
The devils wicked laugh
Trying to live
Trying to breathe
It's just a must
To spread your wings with pride.

Cut the shackles that hold you down
Burn the cage that traps your free spirit
Leave a heritage for people to remember you by
Leave the writings on the wall to guide the next generation
For one day
They might also be able to
Spread their wings with pride
Something that i could not do
They will achieve for me
You may die
But people will learn
The foolish ones were them
For they locked away brilliance
That could have shined bright.

Spread your wings with pride
Soar to the sky
Achieve what you can
Be proud of what you made for yourself
The body is the sword
The wind is the sheath
Spread your wings
Like a solitary sword
Cutting through mountains
Cleaving the sky in half
Will you then be able to
Spread your wings with pride.
MartialPoet Sep 2018
I know I have wronged you
Now just like frozen trees
I see you
Cold and elegant
Things are different
Our connection lost
Shared warmth is meagre now
Maybe it was pride
Perhaps it was arrogance
No it is bluntly just me
I did not realize
The sadness you held back
Hate brewing inside
Trapped with no release.

Selfishly I caused your sadness
I know I am the one to be blamed
My mind was still set on the past
Where I held all burdens
Cut off my emotions so I could push through
Instead I pushed myself until I fell apart
Failure, *******, heartless, emotionless
All are true statements
I have been them all.

The struggle of pride
Is a hard one indeed
Struggling to keep a false appearance
However it is no longer pride
It was a mistake
Cost me your smile
Your heart iced over
And I am the one at fault
I do not deny it
I am a selfish man
I am stubborn and I reek of pride.

I have come to understand my mistakes
Seeing your beauty coldness and elegance
I regret it all
There is no medicine
In this world for regret.
MartialPoet Feb 2018
Withered and fallen petals
Dancing on the solitude wind
In my room it flies higher than i do
Reaching for the stars
Guided out the window
Taken away on it's travels.

Sky pouring and damp
Walkers of the earth travel
In lonely times or to find reason
With eyes full of loss
Burnt out candle with no heat
Palm up to the sky full of cuts
Life hanging by the thread.

All memories flash by
With a damp face
Eyes lose control
Rain descends on the lonely earth
A sudden gust
Falling raindrops
On a palm full of cuts
Scarlet descends
In the form of a petal
Away from it's roots
Life reaches out
To tears of rose
It's calling has been heard.
You decide how it ends.
MartialPoet Nov 2019
The Dragon:
Feel the heat the pyre
Fire rising higher
There was a point
I found I had a meteoric rise
Like a dragon rushing to the sky
And the emperor to his throne
I had everything all lined up
There was nothing else I needed
All that was left is to enjoy the life
Then like a skyscraper
Built upon a poor foundation
Of where people pushed me up to be
I fell from the height of my life
To the point of being on my knees
I wished to rise
But found no strength to do so
The domino's kept falling
Fasther than I could recuperate
Losing myself
To smoke and broken mirrors.

The Koi:
I found myself in a mire
Without desire
To rise higher
All these shackles
Lifted themselves off my back
Like billowing water waves
Rushing up to drown me
Within the boundless waters
I found a peace of mind
No expectations, no falsehoods
Now able to meditate in my small place
Been feelin nauseous
A lota **** been on my conscious
In uncharted depths
Feeling montstrous
Without fundamentals.

The Equinox:
Been to both places
Had a treasure trove in front of me
Only to lose the most sincere treasures
That lay deep within my heart
As an eternal dream I will neve give up
But within all of this
I found within there is peace
To live for yourself
Until your ready to create your dreams
With someone else
Similarly a man is human
And more so when he cries
Despite what others think
A mans tears are worth more than you could imagine
For only such tears will fall
When a man has lost what he cherishes the most.
MartialPoet Feb 2018
Always been defined as something I'm not
Please don't confine this I'm just a human
Behind all the others
I made my mistakes like everyone else
Others reign a life of kings
And I'm just trying to find where I belong
With a sense of helplessness
I stubbed my foot into an iron post
Losing myself along the way
I'm still dreaming for change
A rebirth in flames that purify
The body I put through hell and back.

Don't ask me why I'm so harsh with myself
I wish I had the answers too
I know the person I am
Yet so many times I deviated
Like a spirited away fisherman in a storm
Every **** time I lose a little bit of myself
All the promises I have made
I always seem to break them
Not one mother ******* time
Have I been able to shelter those I love
Feelings change like the seasons
Yet I'm still a failed seed to germinate.

Too weak to carry all the burdens I once could
The lid exploded I can't keep my emotions in line
You've only seen the persona I am
The white mask now turns black
The clear surface becomes cracked
The blue eyes are gray with death
You always thought I was strong
How wrong you are
If I didn't act strong like everything was golden
How long ago I would have lost in this game of life
Always been the pillar for others
But I am no pillar for myself
I've already lost to myself
Better hold my ground and stay in sealed rooms
Maybe then I can mark my existence
And leave talent with a ballad of the ******
MartialPoet Sep 2018
The pen is tired and losing its edge, while frustration settles in with no bright ideas. The world is full of colour, but nothing brings a masterpiece to life. The mind eager and impatient, eager for success, however bitter medicine flows as temporary sparks lose their path.

The forge becomes cold, an opportunity so sought after, is best to let run its course. Temporary failure for insight is not to be frowned over, instead should be treated with care for failure shadows success.

Dark clouds loom over one's mind. The night is young, time bountiful. Ashen cold the workshop once full of life stagnates.

A stroke with sin, a stroke with ambition, a stroke with life and death, a stroke with vitality.
MartialPoet Aug 2018
I grow this garden
With tender care
Hydrangea, Water Lily, Rose
All fail to meet your presence
For the queen dances in
An oasis of beauty
The humming of an angels choir
Spun around the buds
Sought the smell of petrichor.

Aster, Azalea, Angraecum
Entwining vines of amative domain
Secreting morning dew
Reflecting the suns shine
Imitating the beauty of the moon
Presenting an Orange Blossom
May eternity rest in the entwined vines.
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