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MartialPoet Dec 2019
Oh those bewitching eyes of yours,
A flame flickers within
What was hidden behind
Is my fear for being blind
Twisted by malicious design
You gave me fake love
Pulled me out of my drunken stupor
You broke my recovery
My nexus became unstabilized
Like a deadly blow to my solar plexus
Left me gaspin for air
Your vicious now,
******* vicious now
Born of blood and essence
Dying hearts roam a withering road
The pyre in your eyes
Was all my frozen heart needed
As a hand full of ash
I let myself flow out of your grips
Wind took my remains
You flipped the switch
And I'm ******* vicious now.
Being burned by love hurts, when you find someone else to love. They take advantage of you, and spit you out when no longer needed.
MartialPoet Nov 2019
I see life
Like a parade before the pain
In a sky full of rain
They march to the sounds of the beat
With a chest full of heart
And a world full of corruption
Don’t you know little boy?
It’s easier to be a killer than a statistic
Yet it’s these rules that taint you
Death floods with overwhelming gaint
A heart beats heavy
In a open chest
Like a billowing crimson
Into the scarlet soil
The blood upon your hands
And the wickedness that made it
I can’t preserve your purity
But I will say one last prayer
And send a kiss into the air
God, what have we taken from our kids?
You left us with the guns loaded,
But taught us how to hold back
Burning like a flag of hatred
Marching right into the breeze
What’s another lifeline like mine?
I see all the lies
Passing like a beauty before my eyes
I see the sky
What I wouldn’t give up to see you fly.
MartialPoet Nov 2019
A cry for the lost
You should know
There's a fire hiding within your eyes
That you cannot disguise
Grey skies
Watch the beauty of all my dreams
Passing right before my eyes
Walk among all these lonely shadows
Light this spark
Leading through the dark
Beating my heart
Innocence depart from my soul
I can't keep trying
To be what you're dying to see
I don't wanna die
Watching this blood pouring
So you'll have to forgive me
As I take one step back
Let me ignite one last time
As I leave this write
Into the deep night
A sorry sight
You took it into flight
So let me send this back to forthwright
I can't be a wraith
Couldn't explain my faith
Swathe slices itself across my chest
Coalesced this blood clots
Dropping like rain
I couldn't stop this pain
This is my final strain.
MartialPoet Nov 2019
The Dragon:
Feel the heat the pyre
Fire rising higher
There was a point
I found I had a meteoric rise
Like a dragon rushing to the sky
And the emperor to his throne
I had everything all lined up
There was nothing else I needed
All that was left is to enjoy the life
Then like a skyscraper
Built upon a poor foundation
Of where people pushed me up to be
I fell from the height of my life
To the point of being on my knees
I wished to rise
But found no strength to do so
The domino's kept falling
Fasther than I could recuperate
Losing myself
To smoke and broken mirrors.

The Koi:
I found myself in a mire
Without desire
To rise higher
All these shackles
Lifted themselves off my back
Like billowing water waves
Rushing up to drown me
Within the boundless waters
I found a peace of mind
No expectations, no falsehoods
Now able to meditate in my small place
Been feelin nauseous
A lota **** been on my conscious
In uncharted depths
Feeling montstrous
Without fundamentals.

The Equinox:
Been to both places
Had a treasure trove in front of me
Only to lose the most sincere treasures
That lay deep within my heart
As an eternal dream I will neve give up
But within all of this
I found within there is peace
To live for yourself
Until your ready to create your dreams
With someone else
Similarly a man is human
And more so when he cries
Despite what others think
A mans tears are worth more than you could imagine
For only such tears will fall
When a man has lost what he cherishes the most.
MartialPoet Nov 2019
In a darkening world
Where others are slowly forgetting
About kindness and the gift of hope
Each day this world loses sparks
Like the opening gates of life
The gates took them away to a better place
Or so they say
Like a false sense of security
In this darkening world
There was once a gift
Someone took it for granted
They lost the spark of love
There was once a future lined up
Like a white line of ash
It went right to ones brain
They lost the spark of life
You and I,
We were once the same
I may have no one else to blame
Your spark has lost its brilliance
So you can take mine
Reignite and reinvigorate
Pass it on to others
And be a reason to live another day
In this darkening world
We all live in.
MartialPoet Oct 2019
I reach up to the sky
But it's like I sink further and further
To the depths of the ocean
Water fills my lungs
As I gasp upon the last breath of life
My eyes lose their focus
Wishing it could be all over
I feel like I no longer belong
In this world of grief and happiness
I wouldn't be surprised
If others laughed at the tears
That stained my shirt on a sunny day
Because while it was shining for others
It poured like torrential floods most of my days
This smile I force upon my face everyday
This mascarade I pull off so perfectly
No one could tell
Unless you looked into my eyes
Seeing them waver like weak flames
And surging waves upon the ocean
A boat rocks as it fights to stay above water
Without navigation losing its way in the vast oceans
In the dark I converse with devils, we tend to argue a lot
I ask him what he wants
And he says "what you want I already have,
And what I want you already have."
So we shake hands like professional business men
One walks away with a smile,
The other became a puppet
Because this feeling of loneliness never goes away.

Take my soul
And give me my happiness
Take my heart
And give me love
Take my eyes
And give me sight
Take my lungs
And breathe your breath into me
Take my body
And let me be reborn.

Never turn back
Walk forward
With light or with darkness
The shadows cross among the realms
Weaving and leaving
Ash among the backlash
Petals fell from the sky
Brought from the wild winds blowing
Paint these tears into a legacy.
MartialPoet Oct 2019
Where the wild wind blows
A full moon hangs high in the sky
Underneath a river reflects
The moons beauty
As if a gateway to another world
It stretches up to the mountains peak
Atop the peak
Stands a lone tree
With blood red leaves
Letting go from their mothers embrace
As they drift among
The wind
Floating on top of the river
And painting the mountains
With their beauty and bliss
The grey clouds move through the valley
Where the wild wind blows.
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