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MartialPoet May 2020
Crimson eyes
Scarlet skies
Howling gales
Wandering aimlessly into the night
Wishing to feel alive
Alone in the dark
No spark guides the way
Transcending the boundary
Memories form, then shatter into oblivion
Pick all the pieces up like a broken canvas
Heavy is the heart with trembling hands
Seeking guidance
Devils whisper in my ears
Playing with my fears
Sowing seeds of discord.
MartialPoet Apr 2020
Feeding off the fury and vengeance I bring
Cutting loose the chains placed upon me
Walking in Desolate Kingdom
I'm lord of the blades
Blood on the floor
Reaping these souls
Next week its my name
They be writing in the scrolls
King of archaic slaughter
Take a knife through the heart
Drunk off the blood bath, I am losing control
Exhilaration from this mindless bloodshed
Blood in my veins
My heart started pacing
Soul still numb from the lives I've taken
One day soon see the sky slashed open
Blood rain colours the ground crimson
Eyes blood red
Sanity up in flames
Forsaken my humanity
Leaving calamity in my wake.
Late upload written for a web novel called Wolf King: Love That Transcends Worlds
MartialPoet Apr 2020
Lone star in the sky
Patriarch of desolation
Lone heart on ground
Matriarch of sorrow
Billowing tides of vicssitude
Clouded eyes of reckoning
Endless depths inner soul abyssal
Restless nights
The devil speaks of rebirth
Darkness descends
White noise
Black silhouette haunts the mind
Crimson dress
Lustrous eyes
Vanished within a blink
Withering petals
Drift on a solitary wind.
MartialPoet Apr 2020
Fell into the cracks of abyss
As if the lost reminisce of a lovers touch
Hearts mended together
Like broken bridges
Lay the foundations
Separated bonds
Quickly destabilized
Spirit frosted over
No matter how you tried
You were not lock de-icer
And baren
I roam the tovana in my soul
Nirvana of a new man
Split my veins
Devour my grief
Swallow my reluctance
Lost in time and space
Maybe a matter of rushed pace
Laced with tribulations
Clouds converged
Cloaks fluttered in the wind
Just one last touch
To follow the heart of sand
Rage and billow
Sway with frayed nerves
Returning to my internal wasteland
MartialPoet Jan 2020
All stars could scatter
All forms of life shatter
Living in a time nothing matters
Mind clatter
The stars will rise
Life defied
Broken pride
Heart divided
Eyes drop deprived tears
Mocking voices of deride
Lost my guide
Roaring tide of a meaningless love
Broken remains
Spoke to the devil
Soul dispersed as smoke and mirrors
Hoax is the mind
Entwined lies of daggers and passion
Coition is the temptation of lust
Gusts of disarray
The sun has already died.
MartialPoet Jan 2020
No sleep most nights
Geists wander my domain
Mentality heist
Somethin wrong up in my house
Personality changed
Inner beast roaring
Chained cage rattling
Battling my inner demon
Reaping lives
Weeping wives
Creeping darkness in my heart
Doctors say my madness
Is making me nauseous
Been feelin monstrous
Alotta **** contaminating my conscious.

Lately been feelin
Like a demons on my back
Heart turned black like the abyss
Reminisce times of love
Crossed my heart and hope to die
Frost encases my heart
Lost souls wander the streets
Hollow shell is all that's left
Followed the inner darkness
My persona switched masks
Midnight came out
Reaper of the night
Snuffing out the last light
Your life within sight
Became the moonlight walks in the park
Where dark hearts roam.
(Written in advanced for a web novel called Wolf King: Love That Transcends Worlds) As requested by the Author.
MartialPoet Dec 2019
Broken halo
Soul slipped away
Brought out into the streets
Your name turned into ash
Empty sash of gleaming futures
Redeemed soul flickers
Foul depths of agony
Satiny lids closed atop coffin
Walkin through life and death
Kith's heads hang low as we look into the earth
Deferred tears soar into the sky
Rain fell before the pain sunk in
Sunken city resides within eyes
Approval from the sky
The last fire you burned so brilliantly
Risilent life never knocked you down
Renowned you were
Uncrowned you fell
Motionless into the earths embrace
A childhood friend I grew up with, gamed with, worked out with, and trained martial arts together passed from this world.
You will be missed brother.
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