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May 2022 · 1.1k
Too Sad for Too Long
Josh May 2022
Feel the same every day,
Pure pain won’t go away,
I’ve got no reason to stay,
I know you feel the same,

Pressure making me submit,
The crushing urge to just quit,
I’ve decided I’m going to end it,
Blank face, cold hands, wrists slit.
Jan 2020 · 84
Josh Jan 2020
No one will ever truly know
How much I cry
No one will ever truly know
How much I lie
No one will ever truly know
The things I hide
No one will ever truly know
What’s kept inside
No one will ever truly know
What I’ve seen,

The things I keep with me.
You’ll never see, the beautiful in me, because the ugly is the ugliest thing, more ugly than the beauty, and so that’s all you’ll see....But the ugly you see is actually my beauty, and the beauty you don’t pay attention to is the lies I show you to cover the true ugly about me, but you ignore it and scrutinise what you call ugly, because subconsciously you know it’s beauty and you can’t help but envy.
Jan 2020 · 70
Josh Jan 2020
You never know the value of a moment
Untill it’s a memory
And lately I’ve been treasuring memory’s
Or rather lost moments
Lost in the hopelessness of time waiting
For that new moment
To arrive, afraid that we’ve said our last,
Goodbyes, cut ties-
Made that mistake too late, and that’s fate
I’m sorry but it’s over,
But I’m your head it’s never over not untill

Untill your standing on the edge of a cliff in
Dover, or sat on your
Sofa, with a system full of drugs, or with a
Razor blade in your
Hand, drunk taste you can’t stand, reaching
Out for someone’s hand,
Someone that can understand, the loss
And the pain, the rain
Falling down on your life and emotions
Drowning in commotion
An ocean of pure hurt, sorrow and pain
Fuled by dope,

A horizon of hope, a lie, a false belief
From deep beneath
Thinking that she’s part of the solution
Completely blind to the
Fact that she’s part of your confusion
You need to dispel
This illusion, that tigether your fusion
Would be a revolution
For your mind, your spirit and your sole
It would just ruin and
Dig a deeper hole, leaving you still wanting
More, not realising
That she’s already closed the door.
Value every moment, because soon it’ll be a memory, maybe a treasured one. Or even worse a lost one.
Dec 2019 · 164
Love is Blind
Josh Dec 2019
I hope life gives purpose,
I’m sick of all the hurting,
And feeling so murderous,

Thoughts of violence,
Flowing in abundance,
I need that something,

I really need loving,
To do some sharing,
To feel some caring,

Love is the answer, the key
I’m over flowing with hate,
But, there’s more love in me,

But no one’s loving me,
So much love in me,
No one will ever see,
There’s more to loving me.

But I’ll show no love to him,
And no one’s loving him,
Love in him I’ll never see,
So he shows no love to me.
Dec 2019 · 272
I love you, I love you
Josh Dec 2019

Linger in the pain caused by you,
Oppress my uncontrollable feelings,
Value every moment and memory,
Embrace the sensation of seeing you,

You appreciate me unconditionally,
Obsess over every detail about me,
Understand always and support too,

I love you.
Love is all, loves stands tall, just something small, can effect us all, in love you’ll fall, with a lovely soul, it’ll push and pull, but love will stand tall...because love is all.
Josh Dec 2019
Teary eyes, it’s only me who try’s,
I love those eyes but hate your lies,
But even more, I hate goodbyes,

And cutting ties, Cutting loose,
From your tight noose, closing
My windpipe, I think it’s alright
Because you are my life light,

The singular light in my cold life,
Relieving pressure on this cold knife,
Wresting on my wrist, wrestling this,
Dark feeling from all my **** dealings,

Dealing with my pain,
It won’t go away,
I just can’t stay,
Another day.
Darkness is a lonely person best friend, but it’s the worst person to have and that’s why a lonely person would prefer a good person’s company if they could, reach out to people you know and people you don’t, be a light in their darkness, sometimes it helps more than you realise
Dec 2019 · 334
Josh Dec 2019
She’s a light in the darkness,
With ocean eyes, Indie vibes,
Loves lifes highs, tells no lies,

Stretch marks on her thighs,
Hips, ****, honesty is all she
Ever asks, a Real Woman.

Her curvy silhouette,
Slim, smooth waist,
And Impeccable taste,  

She’s gained another fan,
Had plenty of boyfriends,
But she’s never had a man,

She’s had plenty of endings,
But never love with no ends,
Affection and attention,

Thoughts and a mention,
To his friends, his family,
All that’s ever on his mind,

She’s precious, and so kind,
Straight talker, no messing,
A woman so perfect, a rare find,

There’s so much to love in her
But no one’s really loving her,
So she shows zero love in her,

So much more to loving her,
An alliance, great guidance,
Miss independent herself,

Has no need for anyone else,
She can really hold her own,
Like a queen on a thrown,

Nothing that she can’t do
Nothing that she can lose,
No one, she can’t choose

She’ll get treated well,
Get everything she deserves,
I know that she’ll prevail,

Everything that she’s learned,
I know she’ll use it well,
With her you won’t get burnt,

Her head won’t get turned,
Her heart will start the same
So if you lose her, you’re to
Never hurt a woman, physically or emotionally.
Apr 2019 · 146
Josh Apr 2019
He was chasing love,
Because he didn’t know
What else to chase,
Because he’d had enough
Of his everyday life,
No feelings, just thoughts
No passion, no care,
Half asleep, half the time,
Blurriness clouds his
Mind, hard to sleep when
It’s time, constant

Struggle to find, someone
That he can rely on,
Someone that’ll reply and
Someone that’ll try,
Someone to make a fuss
Over him, someone
That’ll see, the good in him,
His buried happiness,

Hidden by the fake smiles,
Pretending to laugh,
But he didn’t find it funny and
It’s funny because,
The things he does find funny,
Aren’t funny anymore,
Working, eating, meeting,
Normal life’s a bore,
Apart from sleep of course.
please let me know what you think!
Apr 2019 · 242
When You Know
Josh Apr 2019
You know you love her,
When hearing her upset,
Actually hearing he cry,
Causes you physical pain
From deep inside,
And twisted true guilt,
To stop the tears,
And tell her how much,
You love her.
Mar 2019 · 280
Josh Mar 2019
She hurts because she’s hurt and,
She hurts him because she’s hurting,

She smiles without smiling and
She laughs but she’s not laughing,

She’s made a life, that she is living,
But doesn’t live, to make a living,

She starts a fight to fright her spite,
And cry’s at night despite her might

She chases her dreams,
Not materialistic things,

Talks with benevolent themes,
And of her intelligent schemes,

She loves to endorse a good cause
And forgives all flaws,

She feels on her own,
Because inside she’s alone,

But she’s always positive,
Never the opposite,

Never hear her moan.
Feb 2019 · 198
When Time calls say goodbye
Josh Feb 2019
It seems hopeless,
She wants to hide,

Have you ever had
A battle inside your

Have you ever had
A problem you can’t

Have you ever felt
Like all ever do is

No, cos you’re not
And you’re not me,
That don’t make us
A speciality,

I’m just saying we got
Different personality’s,
I think it’s clear to see,
She’d rather be with me,

Because you don’t get
And you don’t really fit
And I think you’ll forget

You’ll forget her needs,
She need reassurance,
Passion, trust, love, get
On your knees, marry her,
That’s what she needs,

And if you won’t do that,
Then you should leave,
Let her fall in love with me.
when one person the relationship doesn’t understand the others mental health, either change that or end it, it’s not gonna work out well
Josh Feb 2019
This girl, she saved me,
And she’s kinda wavy,
But I think I ****** it up,

All these feelings lately,
**** diving me crazy,
I really need my love,

Thought it’d all go away,
If I blocked her for days,
Thinking I didn’t love her,

Now I’m dealing with pain,
This **** never goes away,
I think I ******* love her,

But now she’s found another,
And he’s a ******* good lover,
He loves to ******* **** her,

He thinks he ******* loves her,
Never puts anything above her,
She’s thinks he really loves her,

Gets on well with her brother
And even better with the mother,
She’s found love, clear to see

She’s forgotten about me.
Feb 2019 · 281
A middream Party
Josh Feb 2019
Let’s get drunk tonight,
Let’s make love tonight,

Let’s get lost tonight,
We can have a fight,

Get high as a kite,
Forget it all tonight,

Just come with me,
For the time of your life,
Feb 2019 · 127
Don’t say it, Tell me
Josh Feb 2019
Tell me you waited
For me,
Tell me you said no,
For me,

Tell me you think,
About me,
Tell me you dream
About me,

Tell me all you want,
Is me,
And that all you need
Is me,

Hug me, touch me,
Kiss me, **** me,
Tell me you love me.

Because all I need,
Is you, because I,
Love you.
Love is so tricky, it’s a pain there to remind us how much we truly care for someone. Love is the beginning of all feeling and action, and just like Adrenalin can cause panic and excitement, love can cause joy and hurt. You experience love throughout your whole life, but only few come along that really engage in your love and feel it, keep hold of those people because the overflow of emotion and feelings can make it easy for them to fall out of your life in the confusion, and it’ll be one of the worst mistakes of your life
Feb 2019 · 143
I’m sorry, I’ll change
Josh Feb 2019
I drink too much ***** and,
I smoke too much **** and,
I don’t talk enough,
I’m too hard to read,

But I’ll be little more prepared,
And show you that I care
Because, I love you I swear.

I can cut down on my sleep,
To give what you need,
Take time and make time,
That’s a promise I’ll keep.

Accept that we did do
One thing right, except
All we did do was fight,

Hold eachother through
The night, what’s mine is
Yours and yours is mine,
I said I hated you,

I lied.
Had two unfinished poems kinda merged them, does it work or?
Jan 2019 · 251
Josh Jan 2019
Honestly I want to put my,
Trust in you,
But you can see if I have,
Trust issues,
I’m gonna need an awful,
Lot from you,
And I really hope we can,
Make it through.
Jan 2019 · 138
Josh Jan 2019
We’re all nothing to someone,
And that, you can’t forget,
So if a girl is playing hard to
Get, there’s probably someone
Else she’s trying hard to get,
They say home is where the
Heart is, but I’ve got a hole
Where my heart is, because
I let a *** where my heart is.
- Dave
Jan 2019 · 139
Falling in Love
Josh Jan 2019
I can’t find the words,
To describe this girl,

Amazing, cute, funny,
She rocks my world,

My light in the darkness,
Vision through the fog,

The way her voice carrys,
In everything she says,

With such compassion,
Kindness, love and affection,

It’s hard to describe our
Inseparable connection,

We met by chance,
One random night,

We spoke for some time,
And it felt so right,

I wanted to do it again,
The more we spoke,

I didn’t want it to end,
Anything bad she’d help,

I could never see myself,
Above her,
And then I realised,
I love her.
Josh Jan 2019
It’s okay,
If all you did today,
Was live,

It’s okay,
If you’re just trying
To survive,

It’s okay,
If you don’t exactly
Feel alive,

It’s okay,
If you don’t know,
The way,

It’s okay,
If you don’t want,
To stay,

But stay,
Even just for today,
It’s okay,
Jan 2019 · 177
Thoughts of a Tired Man
Josh Jan 2019
It’s not like was before
She doesn’t want more
It’s him I bet, he’s stolen

I should **** him,
Dig my fingernails into
Either side of his throat,
Pushing deeper into his
Scummy skin, crying in
Pain as my fingers claw
Deeper into his throat,
But no pain matching
What he cause me,
Stealing my girl, she was mine.

Or maybe a should **** her,
Cheating *****, she stopped
Caring, stopped wanting me,
I should gouge both her eyes
Out, push my thumbs in and
Stop her from gazing upon
Another man again.

Instead I wait,
For her return,
If she doesn’t
I’ll everyone,
Jan 2019 · 146
Talking To Myself
Josh Jan 2019
You like him, I hate him.
He’s a waste, a **** up,
But you still accept him,

And through everything,
You always care,
But we can’t be friends,
I love your stare.
Jan 2019 · 127
Josh Jan 2019
What’s it like to love?
I thought I knew,
I thought you do too,

We were both wrong,
Just obsessed,
To find a similar mess,

It’s funny how some things,
Change as we,
Move on through life,

But still, other than you
The best feeling, on my
Cold pale skin,
A sharp edged knife.
Jan 2019 · 178
Late Night Emotions
Josh Jan 2019
It’s not like was before
She doesn’t want more
It’s him I bet, he’s stolen

I should **** him,
Dig my fingernails into
Either side of his throat,
Pushing deeper into his
Scummy skin, crying in
Pain as my fingers claw
Deeper into his throat,
But no pain matching
What he cause me,
Stealing my girl, she was mine.

Or maybe a should **** her,
Cheating *****, she stopped
Caring, stopped wanting me,
I should gouge both her eyes
Out, push my thumbs in and
Stop her from gazing upon
Another man again.

Instead I wait,
Wait for her to return,
And if she doesn’t
I’ll **** everyone,
Jan 2019 · 231
They Are Not Me
Josh Jan 2019
I hate everyone,
They say loneliness
Is just the inability to
Connect with others
Around you but I know
For a fact I would still
Hate them all,
Fake, stupid people,
I hate people
Nov 2018 · 123
To Regain, To Appreciate
Josh Nov 2018
I remember just,
Thinking about
You all day long,

Obsessing over you
And what I’d lost,
How I’d ruined it all

Imagining all the things
We could do together,
Had I not been stupid,

Had I’d not over looked
What was right in front
Of me, waiting for me,

We could have been together,
Could’ve been happy forever,
Not anymore though,

Sat next to each other,
Talking all day, but not
Touching at all, I stilll

Smiled, I was happy,
We were under the
Same sky at least,

But then you said you
Had to get something
To get of your chest,

You admitted you still
Wanted what we wanted,

I felt the same but didn’t
Know how to say it, so I
Pulled you in, and placed
My lips upon yours,

You understood perfectly,
Kissed me back,

I remember standing
There, thinking about you,
For the rest of the day,
About what I’d gained,

Obsessing over what
I now had, in my
Possession finally,
Perfection at last...
Oct 2018 · 523
Discovering Love
Josh Oct 2018

What a sensation,
I think, You overthink,
You feel, I get sensitive,
I laugh, you giggle,

It wasn't always like that,
But I like to think it was,

What is love?
I never knew,
But now I do.

It’s a type a pain,
The kind to drive one insane,
Whatever happens it’s there,
Always near, always clinging
On, it stays close.

From the moment,
I saw you, in my way,
You took my heart,
And you lead it astray,

And then I came to find,
That with my heart,
You controlled my mind.

I guess I’m still the one
To blame,
I allowed you, to drive
Me insane.
Oct 2018 · 423
Late Night Talks
Josh Oct 2018
Look at the stars,
They shine so bright,

Look up at night,
Glowing moon light,

Look at the sky,
Darkness with might,

Look into my eyes,
Looking back at yours,

Feel the wild wind,
Breezing past your skin,

Feel our hands holding,
Talk to me, let me in...
Oct 2018 · 242
Josh Oct 2018
I smile, with the biggest
Frown on the inside, but
I smile,

Even when the world is
Getting me down, and,
My feelings overwhelm,
I smile,

Even when I want to cry,
And I’m asked how I am,
But I just stand and lie,
I smile,

Even when I am broken
Inside, all I can do is hide
And fake happiness so,
I smile,

Hiding my pain, nobody,
Sees me drowning in this
Hateful world, so vast,
I smile,

For there’s peace, at last.
Oct 2018 · 1.3k
Losing Patience
Josh Oct 2018
Today was hard,

Like every day,
But worse,

And it pushed me,
To the edge,

I couldn’t handle it,
So now,

I’m laying here,
Feeling this pain,

It will go away,

All because,
I gave up today,

Because life is a game,
And I wouldn’t play.
Oct 2018 · 1.5k
What is my worth?
Josh Oct 2018
What is my value?
To anyone and everyone,
How much would
Someone give, for me?

To have to me alive,
To have me in their
Position, or to just
Know me,

Know how I feel,
What I feel,
Know how I think,
What I think,

How much would
They give,
For my happiness,

How much would
They give,
For my satisfaction,

How much would
They give?

What would they give,
For me?

How much would,
You, give for me?

How much am I worth...
Oct 2018 · 207
Early Morning Thoughts
Josh Oct 2018
Waking up at 4am,
Thinking of you,
Laying awake in bed,
Thinking about the

Times we’d lay there,
Thought it would last,

But like all things it
Seems it had to end,
But did it?

I told you to leave but
Never said goodbye,
I said I wanted us to
Stop, but that was a lie,

I caused you pain
But it hurt me more
And now you have
Moved on, from me

But I’m still stuck in
The past,
I just, thought we
Would last...

I don’t know what to,
I don’t know what to,

I told you to just let go,
But I never did myself.
Sep 2018 · 203
Keeping It All In
Josh Sep 2018
I’ve been thinking,
About life, about me
About, everything,

Things I do, things I say,
Things I think, how I feel,
How I act and how I speak,

And I realise how much
Of lie, I am, I live a lie,
Never being truly honest,

Because I can’t, and I can’t
Even say how sad I am or
How much, I hurt because

I can’t, and who’d care
And I’m scared, and if
I did, If I were to open
Up and say how I truly

Felt all of the time,
It would hurt to much,
It would be too hard,

I can’t get through,
It’s too hard to do,

I give up.
Sorry if this is a bit attention seeky, I’m not going to **** myself soon so if anyone worries, thank you but I’ll survive
Sep 2018 · 209
Josh Sep 2018
Misfits, outcasts but it is
Them who we shall outlast,
Forgotten, we don’t fit in,
Some would call us pioneers,
Changing ways not doing
Things, proper, how maverick.

But no not I,
I choose to stray away
From the flock,

Not from a need to be special,
Or edgy but a need to just be,
Different, to not do these things,
They all do or at least not the
Same way in which they do,
An urge to rebel and repel,

I don’t want to be normal,
Never have, but nor do I wish
To be abnormal, just something,
different, you could call it

A unique style, or poor taste,
I have both yet neither of these,
I am me, not just an individual
As we all are, but independant,

See the world needs people like him and her,
But also people like me, you see
We deter,

From the norm, they don’t
Understand, no one truly does,
Going left when they go right,
It’s simply a buzz,

You question me while keep
Walking forward never looking
Back, always ahead,

Reassurance? I need of none,
You probably still don’t understand but for those
Who do my work here is done.
But it is not work, simply fun...
Being truly alternative and different is a rarity yet so easy to accomplish. If someone could be just like you in every way easily, then you are replaceable...more so than those who are truly different. Be different, encourage your weird wild side, don’t be afraid to stand out, stare in the face of adversity. Be loud, be bright, be quiet, be dark, be you. Lead but never be lead, listen and learn but don’t follow, be true and live your life to its fullest, don’t leave your memory’s hollow.
Sep 2018 · 623
Home at Last
Josh Sep 2018
I’m lost, my location,
All these bad roads I’ve
Been shown,
Trying to lure me away
From home,

But you still found me,
You know how it feels,
Became someone who
I could talk to,

About my struggles,
I don’t always treat you how you,
Truly deserve to be,
But you don’t mind you forgive
And never judge me.
On my darkest days you guide
Me through,
Leading me in this wilderness,

You’re only just discovering it
Yourself, but take me
Along anyways, for I have a
Special place in your
Kind heart, as you do mine,

We long for home,
In search of a place
To call our own,
And along the,
Journey discover,
We’ve found home,
Within eachother.
Sep 2018 · 165
My Phobia
Josh Sep 2018
Phobia: An extreme or irrational fear or aversion to something.

I fear it,
I get extreme worries,
Thinking about the
Possibility of it,

It’s scary,
Scares me, I hate it,
But it is not
Irrational, to me

Even though the possibility,
As of right now is very little,
I still fear it beyond belief,
My phobia: losing you.
Is it irrational to fear the loss of your everything?
Sep 2018 · 290
Still Learning
Josh Sep 2018
Through the pain,
All the rainy days,
The cries to sleep,
All night I’d weep,

The sudden realisations,
And paralysing sadness,
Triggering’s of jealousy,
Feelings controlling me,

I’ve learn that,

Time controls everything,
Circumstance decides all,
And patience is a skill,
Always to be improved,

Comparison is the thief
Of joy,
Appreciation is the key
To happiness,

Through all that’s happene,
I guess what I’m trying to say,
It’s so hard to say, I miss you,
And I learned that, I need you.
Who could you not live without?
Sep 2018 · 249
Wild Ones
Josh Sep 2018
Only the wild ones,
Give you something,
To remember,

Only the wild ones,
Are the ones you,
Can’t get back,

Only the wild ones,
Are the ones you,
Can never catch,

The only ones to,
Make you, feel,
The only ones to,
Make you, do,
The only ones to,
Make you, you,

Only the wild ones,
Take you somewhere,

The ones to show you,
A different path,
Always make you smile,
Make you laugh,

Always the wild ones,
The ones who aren’t,
The ones who don’t,
The ones who always,

Only the wild ones,
Are the right ones.
Tell me what you think
Sep 2018 · 387
False Trust
Josh Sep 2018
You picked me up when I was low,
You took me higher than I’d flown,

But how was I to know,
You would only to let go,

Let me fall so deep,
Then leave me to weep,

Take me so high,
Knowing it was a lie,

Leave me in pain,
Its happened again,

Made me trust you,
Only to brake it,

Told me you loved me,
Only you faked it.
Aug 2018 · 226
Josh Aug 2018
Do you ever feel lonely?
Ever feel like the everyone else
Has this life, planned out
But you’re just wondering

Like a lost soul,
Trying to find you’re place,
But never finding it,
Never finding where you fit in,

Never finding the place
Where you feel just right,
Like you’re just stumbling
In the night,

See even if I found my place,
I’d probably still feel unwelcome,
That’s just how I think now.
Aug 2018 · 319
Josh Aug 2018
Sometimes I feel

Like everyday I wake up,
And live a lie,

Like I’m not actually me
Even when I try to be,

As if no one actually knows,
Me, the full me,

Even those closest,
Seem somewhat distant,

As if everyone else is over there,
And I’m over here,

Stuck on my own,
Isolated from everyone,

But I’m doing it to myself,
And I don’t know how to stop.
Aug 2018 · 191
Easing The Pain
Josh Aug 2018
I need to ease the pain,
If possible erase the pain,
Better than taking a razor blade,
To my arm again, I’m stopping
That from happening.

I know exactly where to go
And where I want to go,
That euphoric land of numb,
And I can get there with just
That sweet 20 in my hand.
Looking better to me than
Golden sand.

My clothes are torn, I’m kneeling,
I want to feel that warm feeling,
I put the needle in my vein,
But it doesn’t draw any blood,
My heart begins to thud,

I try all round my body, trying to
Find that an open vein,
I find one, the one on my neck,
Looking at myself in the mirror
I think what a monster I am,

I sit down then open a can
Pour it into my cup, get some
Ice cubes, chuck a few in,
Then sit back and think about
My life, what the hell am I doing?
Aug 2018 · 375
Even If
Josh Aug 2018
Even if the stars won’t align,
And we can’t get it right,
I’ll still stand by your side,
Till the day I die.

Even if our what if’s come true,
I’ll stand by you,

Till the day I die,
I’ll stand by your side,
Until we can get it right,
Even if the stars don’t align,
Aug 2018 · 211
The Last Time
Josh Aug 2018
Hold me,
The way you did that night
That we kissed, underneath
The stars, sitting in our car
Love that would never end,
Love that wouldn’t dent,

At least that’s what we thought,
But I guess that was just a lie,
One of many that were told,
By you and I.

Hold me like you did, once more
And don’t let go,
Jul 2018 · 762
Things You Didn't Do
Josh Jul 2018
It’s true,
You regret the things you didn’t do,
The chances you didn’t take,
The opportunity’s you didn’t make,

The hands you didn’t hold,
The secrets you never told,
The dances you didn’t danced,
The things you never said,

You regret the things you didn’t do,

The places you didn’t go,
The people you didn’t meet,
The things you’ll never know,
The times you didn’t eat,

The things you never gave back,
The things you didn’t appreciate,
The people you didn’t date,
The things you never realised,

You regret the things didn’t do,

The things you didn’t try with,
The people you didn’t keep,
The things you didn’t hold on to,
The things you didn’t put your all into,

The things you didn’t stop,
The things you didn’t turn down,
The things you never thought mattered,

It all matters now,
You regret the things you didn’t do,
It’s true.
Jul 2018 · 405
Why Things End
Josh Jul 2018
The stars don’t align,
It’s just the wrong time,

You’re not meant for each other,
You’re not supposed to be a lover,

It’s not really meant to be,
You’re not supposed to be happy,

You don’t have good luck,
You just mess things up.
Jun 2018 · 546
The Way I Love You
Josh Jun 2018
The way birds need trees,
And flowers need bees,
That's the way I love you,
That’s the way I need you,

The way kings need a throne,
And people need to moan,
The way plants need light,
I need you in my sight,

The way that boats need
The sea, I need you to
Love me, you are my want,
My Need,

My hearts only desire,
The way that heaven
needs angles and hell,
Needs fire

Because I just want you,
And that’s the only truth.
And that’s the way I love you.
Jun 2018 · 440
Josh Jun 2018
Sometimes I hurt myself,
Sometimes I cut myself,
Let the blood pour out,
Let the pain flourish,

Sometimes I burn my arm,
Blushing burns on my cold caucus,
Scaring it, every mark a ventilation,
Sometimes I hit my head
Smash it against the wall,
Still the demons remain,
And still I do not change,

Sometimes I imagine something new,
Sometimes I imagine ending it too,
You see all these terrible things I do,
It’s because Sometimes, I think of you.

But we all have bad habits.
May 2018 · 187
What Happened There?
Josh May 2018
You were the honey,
I was the bee,
He was the bear,

I’m trying to make you see,
See what happened there,
He took you from me,

You were mine and
he stole you For himself,
And made you love him,

More than you loved yourself,
That was hard to do,
But you did it for him,

Even though he treated you,
Much worse than I did,
You didn’t batter an eye lid,

You’d lay down for him,
Let him walk all over you,
What a painful view,

Seeing you get hurt,
Time and time again,
I knew you would leave,

I was just waiting for when,
But I didn’t expect you to
Go back to me,

I didn’t know what to say
Exactly, So I told you no,
saved myself from pain,

So you went back to him,
Again and again,
May 2018 · 240
A Painful Love
Josh May 2018
It wouldn’t work,
wouldn’t end well,
I knew that, But I
still wanted it to happen
For better or worse,
Because what is life
without love?

I wanted to feel like the one,
Even just just for a moment,
Thought it’d be worth it,
But look at me now-
Nah it was still worth it.
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