I spy a cloud receding
Light trapped a while, then let go
My share,
         On my skin, sunshine walks

I am my heart
When it is beating
Where would I go
When it is not?

My little eye
It drinks the sky
Light trapped a while, then let go
My share
        In my head, are too many clocks

I am what I see
How I see, it keeps repeating
What would I do
If I weren't all tied up in knots?
Waiting for a hint
A spark to light the attic
To burn off the lint
And clear the static

But waiting to know
Is not the same as learning
I wonder where my blessings go
When my useless mind is turning

Wishing for a helpful push
In the direction of my choice
Like a burning bush
To hand me my own voice

Growing living dying
Waiting waiting waiting
Is the same as sleeping
Without the joy of dreaming
I clipped the tips of wings
I once longed for
Watching ships come and go
From a solid shore
My careless fault
A mental virus
My confirmation bias
My salted wound stings no other
No other stars to wish upon
But the one atop my spine
I have no other eyes
To look into
But mine
I have this friend
Who doesn't say much
He's never done me wrong
He turns my words on myself
He doesn't care what I say

As much as what I do

I dont fall
On deaf ears
But my words sure dont sink in
As much as what I do
We both depend on this vibe

My friend has autism

He cant help but listen
He cant help but move
He cant help but teach me
These things he knows
Are universal
Wind and sun dance on skin
Relief after a numbing lot of time
Wearing a sarcastic winter grin
Fake for the sake of feeling fine
Today is fit to try a real one
Try my hand at steering fate
Getting along has had its run
Time to speak easy before its too late
Since the air isn't biting
And for once I'm not hiding
The light stirs my blood
Sets off a new will to grow
I am a newly formed bud
Suddenly it cannot wait
To open and show
Its color and shape
All you ever need
Is fresh air and water
A reminder rewinds me
For my future to free me  
I have got to hold onto
The me at the start
An observant seed
That finished his thought
With a steady heart
And no need to speak
A moth set course for the sun
True to the start
Through clear eyes
An introverts chart
An endless blooming
Of intricate possibility
That speaks when asked
And says...
To the kid that read, but never spoke
There was time for this and only this
To stop was to feel himself dead
To live was to be happy trying,
To translate his abyss.

There was a time, he spoke for fun.
Lightness that is harshly missed.
But out of mud the sun returns.
To live is to be
Happy with this.
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