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Marmaelady Jun 1
Nothing feels better than to help a friend…
To help you, my friend!
Tell me what I can do
I’ll be there for you
Tell me if you need a shoulder
Mine waits for you
Tell me if the world gets too much
I’m willing to bear it for you
With you!
Because I’m your friend
And that’s what friends do

For a friend who might be struggling right now.
Marmaelady Jun 1
I like the way you give me feelings
When it feels like I’ve lost all feeling
I like the way you give me peace
When everything feels at war
I like the way you give me hope
When I try to let go of hope
I like the way you give me love
Because that’s all I’ve ever needed all along

Love for myself
Love for the people around me
Love for love
Love… for you.


In case you forget
In case it gets too dull
Gets too tiring
Gets too hopeless

You’re not the only one who can give something

I’m here too!
A message to my favourite person!
  Jun 1 Marmaelady
I like that he doesn't have a Twitter
and writes poetry.
He's emotional and not scared to be.
Hazel eyes, thick brown hair and tan skin,
But of course he's gotta leave.
It's a possibility
that I could of fallen in love, eventually.
It's too good to be.
Always is.
I imagine all the possibilities,
as I tend to do.
A billion ******* people
and you're one of the few
that I could ever care about.
You are a gem.
You truly are.
Came out of nowhere
and shook my world.
I'm crying
and you hold me hard.
It's okay, I say.
I'm used to it, I say.
You and I are gonna be okay.
  May 30 Marmaelady
If I had a chance in my life,
To count ever kiss we had shared out of love.
And laugh at the countless zeroes in a line
Because it still wasn't enough.
  May 30 Marmaelady
There is a worry for the strong of heart
That its beating will only bring pain

But they take the blows and the blood
And smile through countless scars

Silence is worse anyway
  May 30 Marmaelady
Wake up wake up,
You're starting fires again

In the bowels of your sleep
Casting sparks to the heavens

Dreaming up stars
Just so they could fall

Crash so your dreams can come true

Never mind who you burn
  May 30 Marmaelady
If there comes a time
that you might lose me
Find me in my poetry
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