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marla 1h
the white noise always cal-

led to me as a child.                                
                          ­        through the specks of gray-

white distortion,                                      
i'd find myself sitting a-

nd smiling.                                              
                             this world around me no-
w is far from that-
that simple feeling...                                          
                                           i understand nothing
and want nothing more                                    
                                               than the chaos                
                               in between it
marla 2h
my cold little world
is spinning violently,                                          
                                     its sensations grappling
every semblance of my spirit                                
                                          as everyone keeps living
and i just die.
i've been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand
  Jun 28 marla
He Pa'amon
Hello there, it is me.

Who am I, you ask, 
well, to be honest, I am not quite

Who is this
I speak of?
Is I am or am I is?
Who is me?

I have not met this I.
I have not met this me.

But they can tell you much more about me than I can -

They tell me I am woman.
They tell me I am white,

They say I am defined and thus I try to define:

amongst the 1's and 0's,
those bits concretized in the grid of the orchestrated I for all the Others to consume.

I do not know this I,
and so I consume myself so that I may learn and I may imitate.
So that I can be I,
But who am I?

I say I am strong, but I know I am weak.
I tell myself I am the smartest dumb person, and the dumbest smart person.

Yet I am not who I was ten years ago as I am not who I was when I started writing this poem as I am not who I will be when I finish.

So who is strong and who is weak?

I am all that I am and all that I wish I weren't.
I am everything and also nothing.

I am not man, but I am not woman.
I am neither kind nor mean, fat nor thin, smart nor dumb.

I am desire and I am pain.
I am suffering and I am happiness.

I am the breathe I am taking but I am also the tightness I feel at the armpits as my chest expands,
there isn't enough space for the world in my lungs.

I am larger than the world,

I am fluid.
I fill space,
expanding into,
invading the empty.

But I am the emptiness.
I am also the world.

I am you.

I am.
marla Jun 26
Love and confusion confounding the illusion of trust in a systematic regime which we deny ever existed but constantly promise to improve upon. The hat's shape and color may change, but our inability to exchange their deranged platforms for a stabler form of expression exposes our disillusion with dispossession and our embracing being complacent in the face of our rulers' all-encompassing corruption.
If the truth hurts, revel in its burn.
marla Jun 22
You can't have a beautiful life
Without getting a few scars.
marla Jun 16
Besos del alma,
Desde tus ojos bellos,
Me dejan encantada
Sin tener que mover tus labios.
Aquellos ojos verdes
De mirada serena
Dejaron en mi alma
Eterna fe de amar.
-Adolfo Utera
marla May 22
Flores amarillas
Con un flan de coco,
Una botella de ron boricua
Y la taza de cafe cubano.
Las palmas tropicales
Por arriba sobre todo.
Te lo digo ahora,
Va ser una noche muy buena.

No te vayas temprano.
Si te vas,
Olvídate del chocolate.
Tenemos mucho para darte,
Pero eres tu que le hace falta

Siéntate en la playa
Y con nosotros pasaras el rato.
Cálmate por esta noche,
Que las que vienen van hacer
Del carajo.
For the love of god, don't google translate this.
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