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My soul has gone
And passed me by.
O lord,
Am I misery's child?
Everything has gone wrong.
Should I even wait the while?

Nineteen years ago,
I was born to a woman
I've yet to get to know.
She would holler and cuss me
Up and down,
Beating me into a mist
With an open fist as well as her
Fiery words.
Despite my vane efforts,
She said she could never resist.

I tried to expose her vanity once.
She broke a mirror
And slit my throat with the biggest shard.
As she did so,
I heard her say
"Toughen up, because this life is hard."

My tears drove the blood off the glass
As I sat flat on my ***,
Reflecting upon who I was
As the mirror foretold
Who I would not become:

A horrible woman
Destroying what she was meant to love.
Marla Toledez Mar 14
I seem to ask myself that a lot.
"Is this poem the best I've got?"
"How good does it sound?"
"Is it terribly profound?"

Perhaps I'm just losing my edge,
Maybe I should pack up
And go to bed.

Or maybe I should stop caring
And start daring,
Lest it be me who's head
ends up dead.
Attached to a body
with no poetic stead.
Marla Toledez Mar 14
Why grimace
Like life is leaving you
When the good parts
Have only

I lost my train of thought,
Should de-
rail yours.
Marla Toledez Mar 14
When we are born,
All of us are dealt a deck.
Some are obvious,
Some are mysterious,
And other's are unlike any before.

Many years ago,
I thought I could read mine.
The symbols looked foreign,
The pictures were strange,
And my mind was too young
To understand the grandest of deceptions.
So when they told me
I was a man,
There was no room for persuasion.

Every glance in the mirror
Affirmed their lie,
But it never quite felt right.
My love for women
Was undeniable,
Yet many saw me *****.

Little did I know
That after all the pain
And hardship
Would come a great love
To shatter my soul out
Of it's crystal cage.

But once I broke free,
My mind and body
Were able to embrace the femininity
And joyous beauty
I'd always chased after.

Love was the key
That let me finally read my deck:
A Queen of Hearts,
A Queen of Clubs,
Three Jokers,
And a bottle of Jack.
Marla Toledez Mar 14
We blow ourselves away
Like blades of red grass
Gushing out of a lawnmower
After it's run over a neighbor's leg.

How dare you see if the prior verse
Was misread?

I'll have it be known
That unbeknownst
To you, whom this concerns,
That I'm of undecipherable wit
& pithy
Only known to the likes of
Your mother.

So leave me be,
Lest you'd enjoy a visit
To the infirmary.
I'll be better off without you
By my side,
Just leave me here alone.
Be gone so that I may begone,
As I lie down in tears to cry-
Beating down my fears,
O why won't they die?
Eat your heart out.
Marla Toledez Mar 13
Every morning,
I made coffee for the people I loved.
A massive *** of brown gold
Perched atop a fiery hotplate,
Waiting to be used.

Hour by hour,
Dozens of cups were poured
As people began to smile
And forget about their worries.
Conversing and rejoicing,
The mundaneness of life
Becoming a subtle blur
As they slurped upon
The nectar I provided

When all is said and done,
With all the happiness
That I've put into this world,
Tell me why I sit here
As empty as that *** of coffee
At the end of a long day?
Marla Toledez Mar 13
I write poetry
Because it gives me wings
That let me fly above
The barren wastes of my past.

It may not always be pretty,
Or even sensible,
But my poetry's mark
Shall remain indelible.

For while others write of pain
Or striking colors,
I write of beauty
In all her forms.

I used to write about what I knew,
Yet everything is in the past.
What's there to do
When the world isn't to ask?
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