She wails at me
From her forgotten cove
Perched atop a steel mast.
I listen to her,
Though shrill her voice rings,
Yet I do not run.
People scamper away like ants
Escaping extinction,
But when she beckons,
My feet stay locked.

The fire cleanses all
As it nears,
And her voice
Shall lead me to...

When I retire,
You haunt me,
Like a nightmare
That chases people through
Their dreams,
Depriving them of rest.
Foul demon,
Be gone from this earth.
Leave us alone to wallow
In the ashes of our youth.
Curls of blue atop
A mind of brilliance,
Her smile opens my soul
To the world's significance.
Life is pure and just as sweet
When our lips
Greet on quiet greens.
Take me away, blue one,
Take me with your gentle breeze!
For without you,
I am lost
And my heart
Has no place to keep.
A poem for my beloved blue wife.
Mirror-like cracks
In my shattered psyche
Run down my mind
Like the silvery tendrils
Of a shrill rain
After my sanity's loss.
The bells rang vividly through the cold misty evening as the carolers passed by,
Their serenades intoxicating the air with more and more of that red-green aura.
Busses, cars, and even an old man with a rickshaw zoom down the street,
Promising themselves they wouldn't let up the eve someplace away from home.

A silhouette emerges from the church carrying something wet and shiny.

Two cars topsy turvied and the passengers fell asleep.

Three men point exploding pipes at each other until they all fall down.

Four women braid each others' hair with clenched fists as the red mists paint the white brick wall.

Five people, all in a row, collapse onto the tracks of an oncoming train and decide to let go.

But the omniscient presence in the domed cloud sees all as a musing, for what are we but inklings?
Marla Holbrook Dec 2018
Acostada contra una palma
Sobre la esquina habanera,
Había una mujer hermosa
Linda como era sincera.
De un solo momento
Se paró el tiempo-
Una lagrima solitaria
Tumbo en la acera.
"Llorando y llorando me voy a pasar la vida" ella dijo, disjustada.
"Más nunca me quitan esta lluvia de mi alma."
Marla Holbrook Dec 2018
Ha sido una noche buena,
Eso no te lo puedo mentir.
Por las calles no sonaba ni una sirena,
El peligro estaba lejo de mi.
Aunque no puedo decir que es perfecta,
La vida es real.
Entonces hay que reírse como si no existiera los problemas,
Eso sería lo ideal.
Testing out my Spanish poetry skills, expect more to come!
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