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Resplendent rays of sunlight shimmer gayly
on the summer salmon walls surrounding
our rendezvous space: an ancient courtyard
sprawling with vines & varied vegetation.
Flocks of peacocks interspersed between
birds of paradise & luscious palms,
calmly sauntering on the pink brick paths
as we walk against the cool autumn breeze
hand in hand.

Whispering voices long since heard echo softly
around us while our eyes connect for a subtle moment,
only to look past each other & see the expanse within.
Two lips born apart & yet of the same fruit connect;
differing halves reunited once more at long last.

Your palms clutch mine as my soul melds into yours-
the morning light has become immortalized
with the heat of our passionate sunrise,
leaving all worries cast out on the golden shore.
Nov 22 · 25
Marla Dantes Nov 22
no food
no money
no answers
just miracles
& pipe dreams
Nov 18 · 300
the void of personality
Marla Dantes Nov 18
how can you find yourself
if you've never been lost?
*insert white noise here*
Marla Dantes Nov 13
Forgotten foes & friends alike
brought back to life by a cycle
as ancient as the realm of time.

An eternal awakening
in perpetual motion
saving the earth
through a dimension
of sheer emotion.

Oh sweet child,
you are not of this world.
It has ended many times
& this will be true forevermore
until we as a community unite
to untie the lasso which harbors
us to a burning shore.

Awaken, my friends.
Feel the frost of Earth's ashes
nipping at your nose
& realize that this can be done
away with by a movement
towards the delightful unknown.

Show kindness towards yourself
as well as those who've grown cold.
Redistribute the resources held by few
so that the masses may thrive till days of old.

Water the trees that burn within our forests
& dismantle every machine within their bounds;
Let us nourish the universe's garden
so that her beauty may live on within hearts profound.
Marla Dantes Nov 9
Polyrhythms & sunny synths
rippling across the surface
of a blue lagoon as we are guided
to ascend by an enlightened
soul with the force of a typhoon.

Tinkling melodies & shining stars
gracing through the galaxies
within our hearts, pacing
in circles as it all continues
to lovingly fall apart.

Good vibes & joyous moments
take us all on a mystical journey
through the folds of time
as we flow through the waters
of golden beaches so divine.

What wonderful luck to be alive,
coexisting with the beauty
of a land touched by starlight.
An uplifting sea of memories
surfaces as nostalgia subtly sways
through the summer leaves,
floating upon a gentle breeze
giving way to an easy night.
A tribute to Masayoshi Takanaka & his wonderful music. Thank you for all of the good times!
Oct 29 · 283
Art Heals
Marla Dantes Oct 29
Creativity beats within every heart
steady as a drum, connecting us all
through the languages of art.

Many different tongues spoken
through the lens of a camera—
Almost as many spoken
through the stroke of a brush.
Songs lead to rushing anthems
while ballads quiet down to a hush.

Hardships may lead to harrowing
moments that make you look within,
but every time I’m sure you’ll find
an artist who’s art you can befriend.

Dig deep into the annals of history
& make connections with those
long gone—
Perhaps one day you’ll find
a masterpiece who can dwindle
your troubles down to none.
Oct 17 · 51
Caressed in Velvet
Marla Dantes Oct 17
Sweet surrender
O’ heaven’s bliss
A mouth of nirvana
With every kiss
Hold me tender
With your lips
& calm my soul
With thy gentle mist
Oct 17 · 92
I miss Russo’s pizza
Marla Dantes Oct 17
A bottle of wine
& some garlic knots
while we sit at a wooden
table with a checkered mantle.

The coal-fire oven roars warmly
as I take your hand in mine
& our hearts beat together,
while my eyes meet yours.

People chatter amongst us—
We order a hearty pie,
baked to perfection
with ample amounts of love
& a little bit of spice.

A few minutes pass & just as
I take my first bite,
this poem comes to a close
while I bid you all a
Dedicated to my favorite slice. I miss you, baby. Just because I’m too broke to visit doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop loving you.
Oct 8 · 232
Money Talks
Marla Dantes Oct 8
Money is a character that never stays in my story-
They always slip away like the wind whenever things
get too crazy or boring.

Money is allergic to me because it seems to think me rash-
Never paying any mind to my afflictions
unless they can be solved with cash.

Money talks to me like I'm a problem that just won't go away-
They bicker at the way my mattress is on the floor
& not nestled high up on a bed-frame.

Money acts like they don't know me whenever I come around-
Refusing to admit that I was once in for a penny
that should have turned into a pound.

Money sleeps when I'm awake
                    I'm asleep when they're running late
       Money never asks me for a ride
   Because they know I can never abide.

These greenbacks that haunt my nightmares
are black widow spiders that nest in my hair-

They lay
             in wait for me  
                to move an inch
                       so that my soul  
                             can rest with a

­Yet money & I pay each other no mind,
unless it's a situation where I can scratch their back
                       as they reluctantly scratch mine.

Money thinks me not a supple talent
Money thinks me not a hard-worker
Money thinks me not a worthy tenant
Money thinks me not a good character

Their story is becoming the same as mine-
            Money talks
                     So long as you speak in rhymes.
Sep 9 · 823
The Ocean Within
Marla Dantes Sep 9
Obsidian wind chimes
welcome the crashing waves
as another day exits, slowly
sinking beneath the bay.

Cool waters drenched in
an almost amethyst hue
offer mental reverberations
as I ponder what I am next to do.

Though the sea is but a tide
that ebbs & flows-
repletes & recedes-
her words of wisdom forgo
past the banks of her beaches
& spread a breeze to every corner
of night.

She beckons me within myself;
her deep abyss but a mirror.
Her waters shine in a glimmering splendor
as she makes the path ever clearer.

To leave this shore that raised me
is not a sign of disrespect, but a show
of honor. My broken levees have her
to thank & for that, I call her mother.
Marla Dantes Sep 6
If I were to spend a day with you
The two of us all alone,
I’d dance my heart onto the pavement
While singing about your golden soul

The hues of a sunset summer dress
Hemmed by hand with love & care
Drape themselves over your sunkissed back,
Making it impossible for me not to stare

Though we may be parted, I never cease
To be in awe of you
Our journey together may have only started,
But I can’t wait to see what lies before us two
Jun 9 · 278
friends to be
Marla Dantes Jun 9
Some friendships never die—
& others simmer softly
In a boiling kettle of
Misty potential.
Marla Dantes Jun 9
Falling in love with her
Was a lot like wading in a stream:
I chose to sit in the shallows
Instead of drifting into the Ocean
Of my wildest dreams.
Jun 9 · 333
The Rainbow of Love
Marla Dantes Jun 9
Colors that caress the eyes
With majestic hues grace our souls
In comfort and expression;
A devout offering of love
From those that came before us
To every generation since.
May 30 · 267
The Eternal River
Marla Dantes May 30
Inspiration is a fickle wind
that can drift by like a hurricane
or sink down into a lowly cavern,
never to be seen again.

She is the aquifer beneath our feet-
Or a warm wave crashing on to
a moonlit beach.

It doesn't matter what you go through,
Her name will always stay the same.
A thunder strike at midnight
will keep you writing till noon
if your mind stays open to the waters
of her cascading monsoon.
May 29 · 2.9k
Where are the poets?
Marla Dantes May 29
In a world with
pain sorrow suffering
grief corruption mourning
angst yearning loving fighting,
where are the poets who bring us
joy through their delightful writings?
Apr 26 · 244
Cafe y Croquetas
Marla Dantes Apr 26
Una colada con dos croquetas
me da mas alegria que tener monedas
Aug 2020 · 364
Mango Dulce, Mango Fuerte
Marla Dantes Aug 2020
Sitting in a grove, meditating
under shade. Take a
deep breath and watch
your worries float away.
Millions of sunrises
grace the eye as vibrant waves
flutter to and fro-
Fanciful palettes of
red, orange, and gold.
Beautiful harbingers of joy
that rain down from above;
cosmic seeds blissfully
brimming out sheer love.
Feel the life force
coursing underneath your thighs
while this connection being forged
helps you soar and reach the sky.
All along, we’ve been
fruits of the same tree.
We’ve always known each other;
what’s inside of you is but
another part of me.
Feb 2020 · 727
Heartbeats like moonlight
Marla Dantes Feb 2020
The wind walks by my side
as I stride out
In the middle of a lukewarm night,
Searching for a kind
of loneliness that transcends
Our mortal sleep.

Sunlight beams bounce off of the moon
as heartbeats across the world hum low and soft
Only to caress our hearts with a soft light
and a nurturing patter from life's drum.

Troubles and a toiled resolve revolve
Around the humble mind, yet we are to
Stay open and kind. Love is the key-

Happiness: our communal reverie.
Oct 2019 · 621
A chipped facade
Marla Dantes Oct 2019
Beware of forgotten pasts
that hide behind shallow masks.
Their masquerade is a treacherous game
meant to strip you of any and all chance.
A friend, a foe, a vision of lies;
give them your fortune
and see where they lie.
Et tu, Brute?
Sep 2019 · 1.4k
Happiness is a french press
Marla Dantes Sep 2019
If all life meant for me to do was smile,
I'd spend the rest of mine making coffee.
Sep 2019 · 490
A burning dandelion
Marla Dantes Sep 2019
My hand is outstretched as I wait for life to take it from me,
something to guide a lost soul down the path of death's valley.
These tears are but signals and my wails but a siren:
Send help soon before I slip into the quiet.
Aug 2019 · 1.5k
Fat Thieves
Marla Dantes Aug 2019
Humanity is nearing it's watershed
and yet the world still lays dying.
We look to the stars for the future
as the ground withers beneath our feet.
Medicine is advancing constantly
while people lay starving to death.
Our world has a bigger economy than ever,
with its abundance of manufacturing
and ever progressing technology...
Everyone could live free and in harmony
with everything that we have achieved,
but the poor are still laid to waste
by the fat thieves and their machine.
Eat the Rich
Aug 2019 · 810
a communal cup
Marla Dantes Aug 2019
the best of art doesn't make people feel,
it is what people feel.
Aug 2019 · 1.4k
milky way
Marla Dantes Aug 2019
time and numbers are attempts
to decipher a universe whose nature
defies what we understand.
stop thinking about data,
consider the truth instead.
observe everything
until it absorbs you
and then leave,
seek not an answer,
but a response,
and it will find you
Aug 2019 · 2.7k
the black saint
Marla Dantes Aug 2019
i saw myself the other day
when my eyes met in the mirror.
past all of the sadness, anger,
beauty, pain, poetry, desperation,
laughter, hysteria, knowledge,
and kindness lay an ancient siren;
temptress of the forgotten.

call me a saint made of flames-
a fallen angel in witness protection,
redeemed by redeemers through
a wall of water and emotion
to be exiled for the rest of time.

our paths may cross sometime
and a purpose may be served,
but i am not of this space.

no. i am from pain and have
caused it in many ways, but
always for a good cause.
i am the parabellum of peace.

don't forget my name.
don't forget these eyes.
you'll never see them
in another life,
i promise.
Jul 2019 · 722
Portrait of the artist
Marla Dantes Jul 2019
­D­ESIRE                                                          ­                       REALITY
DESIRE                                                   ­                              REALITY
DESIRE                                                   ­                              REALITY
DESIRE                                                   ­                              REALITY
DESIRE                                                   ­                              REALITY
DESIRE                                                   ­                              REALITY
DESIRE                                                   ­                              REALITY
DESIRE                                                   ­                              REALITY
DESIRE                                                   ­                              REALITY
Jun 2019 · 2.0k
Same as it ever was
Marla Dantes Jun 2019
Love and confusion confounding the illusion of trust in a systematic regime which they deny ever existed but constantly promise to improve upon. The hat's shape and color may change, but our inability to exchange their deranged platforms for a stabler form of expression exposes our disillusion with dispossession and our embracing being complacent in the face of our rulers' all-encompassing corruption.
If the truth hurts, revel in its burn.
Jun 2019 · 1.3k
Go Fall in Love
Marla Dantes Jun 2019
You can't live a beautiful life
Without getting a few scars.
Jun 2019 · 477
Besos del Alma
Marla Dantes Jun 2019
Besos del alma,
Desde tus ojos bellos,
Me dejan encantada
Sin tu tener que mover sus labios.
Jun 2019 · 2.9k
Marla Dantes Jun 2019
I am so very broke, I can’t afford to pay it thought.
Fettered in a cage by poverty, left only to pray and rot.
The feathers of my soul have been tarred and stained by life.
So much so, I'm not sure if they'll ever again shine bright.
This Bird in my heart used to sing for my hopes and dreams;
Mourning every tragedy with requiems that gleamed.
A little Canary to be all mine until the very end of time,
Staving off this cold world and reminding me I'm fine.

This poverty starved her slow and deep, down to the very core.
Melodies that once remedied despair gone forevermore.
Nowadays, all I can ever do is reminisce about that yellow bird;
How she'd bring warmth to my life's cold hell of a blur.
The way our voices would harmonize on little notes;
Prophecies of a better future foretold from our nook.
That's why I still cling to the distant sound of their words,
Because they ramble on in me until nothing seems absurd.
I like to think she still sings sometimes, though no sound is heard.
That music of hope rings in my mind still, all thanks to Bird.
Jun 2019 · 2.1k
Our Silent Keeper
Marla Dantes Jun 2019
The moon changes subtly
Whenever we gaze away,
As our worries evolve swiftly
And our joys stay the same.

Perhaps she is a beacon
Baring light for our souls,
Enticing us into her depths
With glimpses of the heart's gold.

Blessed enchantress,
Affixed in a gentle way,
Dragging all from ached misery
And harboring us in her supple bay.

Reject ye thy sun's beating rays
& dispel lightning's spiteful bright tase,
Look only to the night sky as it glistens
If you seek to bask in nature's grace.
The Heart's Gold is more a subject of the soul than it is of heart.
May 2019 · 965
Tricky People
May 2019 · 3.2k
Pressure Vessel
Marla Dantes May 2019
I live for pleasure
And it bores me.
Out of measure,
I live deplorably.
In all frankness,
I always tell lies.
Reality is a mess
I lately despise.
Why not let go?
Why not fritter away?
Because I may never grow
Lest I see the end of the day.
May 2019 · 1.8k
Our first night together
Marla Dantes May 2019
We met at a park by your place,
A hill overlooking a lakeshore vista.
The sunset hung over the horizon
As did our words, awaiting conversation.
The nerves got to me and so I flung my phone,
Your laughter a cacophony which my heart still adores.
We had pizza on a bench that night,
Or at least we tried;
Nights at the park have more bugs than we'd like.
But after all the talking and laughing and grinning,
It's our departing hug that sent me spinning.
I'd give everything to have that time again with you.
But alas, I needn't give anything,
For our nights are still this rich and full of youth.
May 2019 · 1.2k
Note to my future self
Marla Dantes May 2019
Spare me the intricacies of your subtle speech
So that I may bare my soul and have you reach.
May 2019 · 1.6k
Viva la Fiesta
Marla Dantes May 2019
Flores amarillas
Con un flan de coco,
Una botella de ron boricua
Y la taza de cafe cubano.
Las palmas tropicales
Por arriba sobre todo.
Te lo digo ahora,
Va ser una noche muy buena.

No te vayas temprano.
Si te vas,
Olvídate del chocolate.
Tenemos mucho para darte,
Pero eres tu que le hace falta

Siéntate en la playa
Y con nosotros pasaras el rato.
Cálmate por esta noche,
Que las que vienen van hacer
Del carajo.
For the love of god, don't google translate this.
May 2019 · 2.2k
The Light
Marla Dantes May 2019
People are like dense shafts of light
That shine from the heavens 
Down to our mortal plane.
Each individual a different collage
Made up of varied strands and colors,
All based upon their character and spirit.
Those who do good shine brightest
While the powerful boast flames
And the dying flicker.
Don't think your light can be changed?
All it takes is the will to shift the power 
With a deep well of might into the light
You want to be.

Then, let the rest be history.
May 2019 · 1.4k
The Miracle of Poetry
Marla Dantes May 2019
This is the only time we'll ever meet.
You could be in a cafe
Or a bus as you read this.

My words travel to your eyes
Like light into an event horizon.
Whether you remember me or not
Will never matter.

My name is not important,
But don't let that fool you,
Our meeting is as grandiose
As the creation of life itself.
For my light may flash
A heavenly bright torch

So long as your mind
Can make the right choice.
Whoever you are and wherever you may be, thank you for letting me cross the threshold of space and time into your life, even if for a moment.
May 2019 · 1.5k
Time's Cinema
Marla Dantes May 2019
To linger in the stillness
Of Time's infinite wake
Is to stifle a lifetime
For loss' sake.
Take grasp of Your being,
Brief as it may seem,
For the rest is darkness,
And the silence:
Apr 2019 · 1.4k
Strike thy Tyrant
Marla Dantes Apr 2019
Humility escapes
The proud
So that it can
The meek
Like a small child
With a pencil
The Temple
Is weak.
Apr 2019 · 1.7k
Honey to the soul
Marla Dantes Apr 2019
Be kind
Every time
Your reflection
Meets the eye-

Who you see
May just be
The person
To set you free.
Self-Love is like honey to the soul.
Apr 2019 · 5.9k
Pink Flames
Marla Dantes Apr 2019
This flame grows higher
As the days march on,
It shan't ever tire
For it rages much too strong.
In my heart, yes, in my heart
The immortal heat yearns,
Bring thy kiss and start
A sensational sweet burn.
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