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Her blue eyes reflected the sunlight
while my brown ones looked down
Her perfect hair bounced the right way
whereas mine looked like a black nest
She sashayed her way through the crowd
and I always stayed in my corner
Her voice touched the perfect notes
whereas mine refused to even sing the simplest melodies
Her excellent grades made her the queen bee
while I was left all alone
But then one day, she came to me and said,
"you're so lucky, you're all I ever wanted to be!"
There were fireworks in my body after listening to her,
But my mind started to wonder,
Now am I the Misfit or her?
When the magic disappears
and the cold words stare back at me
I often wonder if it's true or its false
The relationship which is like the unsinkable ship
Is it finally sinking because of no safety harness
And crumbling down because of the space between
I ask my self If its true or is it false.
When the evening sun sets down
The stars then mingle among themselves
But when the morning sun comes
They quickly fly away and only come back
When it's gone down
So every time it sets I ask myself if it's true or if is it false
Well I can't answer that
It depends upon you to tell me
Whether if it's true or is it false,
Did we never share a bond?
Or was it just I lost in a world,
I believed wanted the best for me,
Yeah, So is it true or is it false?
Come let us cross the waters of distance
And create something incredible
Something special that only you and I share
But can we do it,
Cause I've given hope
And I don't know whether it's true or is it false.
Can we cross that bridge or fall in between
I don't the answer
Because I ask you to tell me
If its true or is it false
The bond that once lasted between us,
Is it gone or is it still there hiding in some corner?
The memories we had together,
Are we creating more or has it stopped forever?
I can't say anything,
Cause I've given up all hope
And am wondering,
If its true or is it false.
I trust you, I do
And never had a shingle of doubt,
But in the tale of times, something has happened
Which has caused me to ponder
If its true or is it false
If its time or is not
To go our separate ways,
And if it is, good luck in the future
But whenever our paths cross or before you go,
Just tell me
If it was ever true or was if always false.
Adam's ale lay still
She looked up one night at Asteria,
"Oh great one, you are surrounded by ***** friends,
But look at me, I have no one
And I stand here alone"
"Don't worry little one" said Asteria
Appearing from between the stars,
"You'll have visitors in a time
No one dares to open the hatch"
and disappeared leaving behind some fairy dust.

The leaves turned amber
and started to fall
And the snow came
to visit her dear friend Terre,
The mighty blue lost all its hope

All the green beauty was gone
And what was left was blankets of snow
The symbol of rebirth had withered away
And the calm blue with not an ounce of trust

Just then the snow crane cried
Searching for a place to spread its ivory feathers
It looked down at the beautiful sapphire
and landed there in the warmth of its sod

And the legend can be seen even today
When the scarlet fronds start to fall
The snow angel glides through the clouds
and comes to meet the dazzling cerulean
They continued to shout at her,

But she was not crushed,

Not a single tear left her eye,

Not a single word came from her mouth

But deep down the words of disgust

Had started having their effect on her

Now, I wouldn’t say she’s perfect

But at the  same time, I would call her unique

For she was sweet and smart just like the rest of us

Her hands wrote the neatest calligraphy

And her inner star was ready to come out,

But those words of hatred had told her

You’re not us, you’re not worth it

I thought this happened once in a  while,

But boy I was wrong.

Now every time they saw her

they would laugh at her

Call her the evil names

Tell her she had no friends

But all I wanted was to befriend her

Hours passed into days and days into months

They continued to mock her

So what if she wasn’t good at studies

She’s a rock star

And if continue with your atrocious behaviour

Let me tell you something,

It just proves something she has which you don’t

And if you think she’s not even the slightest bit near perfect

Well, neither  are you,

And my dear friend who aspired me

Just remember, be less sugar and more spice

only as nice as you’re able to without compromising yourself.
Dear Diary, I
Hope you having a good time
If not, let me write
In you, the wonders of life
Live, Love, Laugh, Bye Diary
At twilight, when everything is black
Something silvery arose from the shadows of the dark
While the diamonds appear and stark

At twilight when everything is black,
The sky, not a single diamond it lack
On a wonderful journey of twinkles, it embark

Seeing high beyond the tree's bark
The diamonds glittered as though to spark
While the diamonds appear and stark

At twilight when everything is black
The diamonds glisten to reembark
For the leaves nod as though to hark

At twilight when everything is black
The moon speaks its gentle remarks
While the diamonds appear and stark

The clouds clear to reveal the sky
And those who try to hit this mark
To touch the sky diamonds that lie high,
Leave behind their mark
Dream ( Acrostic)

During the day you can’t find it,

Reappears never ever as though it was a bandit

Every Night a new adventure begins,

Aeons have passed but, moods it continues to lightens,

My dreams would get me a genuine grade, but some I can’t submit

Worth More Alive
United for wildlife is trying so that the tuskers can strive,

A hundred killed every day, and soon there will be left only five.

The elephants are ultimate help in construction and in gardening,

You do them well, they come to pay you homage barging,

I don’t know about you, but I think elephants are worth more alive.

Smile ( Acrostic)

Sometimes it’s great to simper,

Many take it as pass on letter,

In one go, it can brighten many days,

Laughter now fills the air no matter how strong the sun blaze,

Everyday to smile is the thing one should always remember.

Opened Its Wings
A ship once sailed to this dock,

By accident, it went loose and went on an amazing adventure,

It went to a place it thought it was too feeble to go to,

But that was just its starting point,

Ever since, it has had great adventures, only because it let loose and opened its wings!

We promulgate tussle a times

And at time rings the euphoria in the sourest limes,

We have clubbable times and even doleful one,

Sometimes we can be fidus Achates and sometimes with each other we’re done,

But whatever happens we’ll be sisters, like two chimes in a wind chime
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