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Seek shadows,
Break the voices.
Seeing crazy lies,
Holding nothingness.
Cry hard when the raindrops shine
The shy marble kiss when the world crashes down.
Quarry of questions.
Granite truth.
Rivers flow in no direction.
So many eyes pass by
They all look but never see.
I ponder to myself
with my eyes closed.
Here I am
Drowning in this familiar dirt puddle.
That stretches for miles.
The rubber ring bobs by
Leaving it's crystal temptation trail
It's life saving trail.
And so I grab it
And float
For a while longer.
Hard nails. Soft socks.
Feet try hard to feel soft.
Smiles in leather. Chamois shine.
Wind dancing through silken robes.
Murderer prancing in in the wind.
Smash the glass. Break the screen.
The world turns from lava to rock.
Suffering upon the suffering
Injury to avenge the injured
Killing to keep up the killing
The tune of death continues to play.
Leaking wrists
Final twists
Weak knees
Hugs please.
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