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Foxu Chan May 2017
I once thought I was to be alone
To be unloved by all
But then he caught me in my fall

I was drowning, gasping, unable,
While everyone around me was breathing
But then he showed me his light,
And now I am living

When your heart turns to ash
Is when you tend to fall
But it's the love that fixes it all

This boy is my life, heart, my soul
He's the air in my lungs,
He's the beat of my heart,
I've finally been given the chance to restart

I love him more than there are stars in the sky,
And it burns brighter than the sun
When I'm with him, I feel like I've won
Foxu Chan Dec 2016
He promised me worlds
He promised me love
But all I have now,
is my broken heart
He told me he loved me
he told me he cared
he told me all these things
but it was lies
Why is he like this?
I don't understand
now he's dating my friend
and I'm afraid he'll hurt her
What will I do?
What will become
of this sad broken girl
oh tell me, nonexistant god
Foxu Chan Dec 2016
I've succumbed to the darkness
Emptied out my pockets
Let it crawl inside
I feel nothing
I'm forever tumbling
Into emptiness so goodbye
The real me is gone
It's been hurt for far too long
Oh, how many times it wanted to cry
Foxu Chan Dec 2016
He is a lover of the darkness
it's his only true friend
Why can't he love me?
I'm more than just pretend
As well, however, the darkness is my friend
It's real name is pain, so whenever darkness shows
my pain has come again
So does that mean he loves
it when I simply suffer?
Ah, makes sense
Don't worry dear, I'll cut for another
Foxu Chan Dec 2016
Something is off
Something is wrong
Inside my heart
Something is gone

I used to run perfectly
Not a single twitch
Then something broke it all
And now I'm missing ticks

What could have caused it?
What makes me malfunction?
Perhaps the answer lies inside
With this rusted wrench

I remember bits and pieces
I recall some events
But the main detail is
He was worth more than a few cents

Yes, it was the mechanic
The one supposed to fix
But instead he broke me apart
And now I barely tick

Many mechanics were supposed to fix my heart
But none have followed through
For a moment, however
My heart simply flew

Then the repair turns to destroy
As they tear out my wires
And for a moment
I wish to be set on fire

Now I sit alone
Hearing my internals fail
And now, in a moment
I shall die from the male
Foxu Chan Feb 2015
I hear this soft voice near my ear
Beckoning me to follow near
I hear it every night

But it doesn't give me fright
Every night I am more, and more temped to follow
But I am too tired to move

But tonight, I'll follow
Maybe it will leave me alone if I do

I slip out of my bed
Slightly rubbing my head

I follow it out to the woods
I don't think I should
But then I approach the old, abandoned park

What could have lead me
To this place in the dark

I check my watch and it's midnight
I'll call this park my Midnight Playground
My Playground in the dark
I made a preqel - sequel to "My Midnight Playground" It's weird I know
Foxu Chan Feb 2015
I walked past old, dead, trees
And into an old, abandoned park
I glanced at the huge, old tree
At the decayed bark

I returned my eyes to the playground
Then checked my watch
Five minutes till midnight
Then they will begin their march

I sat on an old, broken swing
Staring into the dark
Then there was that familiar ring
That rung throughout the park

I hid under the slide
So I couldn't be taken

Then they left
Leaving me to play
Momma would worry about my land of play

But I ignored that
Crawled out into the night
I sat on my swing
Looking in the dark
My midnight playground
Isn't as magical as it seems

A horrifying destination
That clouds my dreams
But I am cursed to forever find myself here

At the twelve hour
Terrifyingly dangerous
I forever walk alone
To my midnight playground
Since the age of three

Now I am thirteen
The monsters roam freely
I only depend on me
I can not leave this cursed place
Until the next night
But remains night as the moon holds still

I was forced to remove people by ****
But that was ten years ago
I do it on my own

This place disappears when I escape
It holds the remains of the bodies
Just to haunt my soul

I get called by its whispers
Telling me to follow
Then I find myself approaching
It's gate of the marrow
It's not based of the ****** book, the name makes me think of this.

— The End —