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Tiedät kai mitä varten.
Sinua varten.
Miksi jätit minut?


Ehkä se on hyvä asia.
Ei... ei hyvä.
Mutta pärjään.
When you look into my eyes
What do you see?
A broken girl with nothing left,
Or perhaps even something happy?

When I look at other people,
I see broken dreams and ripped up hopes,
Trapped minds
Bound by ropes.

I want to see
Dreams made and hopes fixed
Free minds
And endless bliss.

But only you can help me.
Will you help me reach my goal?
You said I’d see you soon
But that wasn’t true.
Then again it was said
Before I lost you.

After we won
I think I know
We would have lost
If you hadn’t let go.

And that’s okay,
Because now I’ve grown.
It was for the best.
I miss you, though.

We will remember you
But we won’t cry.
You wouldn’t want that
So we hold our heads high.
ENDGAME SPOILERS: so this poem is for Nat, because her death doesn’t get enough attention.
I’ve never been the type
To hang my personal life on a kite
For everyone to see
It’s just not like me.

But if you were to ask
I’d answer you fast
Because though no one knows it
I am a poet.
Mallory Blake May 14
You can rest now,
don’t worry.
We’ll be okay.

Because of you
we survived;
we can see another day.

You did well,
there’s no doubt,
but I wish you were still here.

A hero’s death
is always sad,
but yours brought a million tears.
*or should I say 3000?
Mallory Blake May 14
Don’t cry for me
I’m not gone.
My soul is at rest,
My heart lives on.
Light a candle
For me to see
And hold on to
My memory.
But save your tears
For I’m still here
By your side
Through the years.
            -Christy Ann Martine
This isn’t my poem, but it was too beautiful to forget.
Mallory Blake May 14
“She’s fearless”
They might say.
But I shake
My head because

One cannot be brave who has no fear.
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