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Maksim Mar 2018
Twisted fibers, burning flame
Random chaos, shooting pains
Wild thoughts, running trains
Flying solo, empty plane
YOu are lost but I am not plain
Very different , gold among grain
I am a thinker, using my brain
Away from the followers, they drain
I soak out of bad like a strain
I stand up and stand strong like a crane
So high on the strongest strain
Rising up like a fire flame
Making plays in my life game
So now you will never forget the name
Maksim Mar 2018
Maniac depressive bipolar joker, full of habits that cause total havoc that creates thoughts in my brain leading to mental traffic. Stimulating stressful destructive demons that emotionally embrace my dysfunctional dreams. Frantic creature full off fantasies of dramatic discrepancies that paint a picture full of random realities from phantom personalities who sub-consciously causing visual fatalities to stop being dramatic and live my destiny.
Maksim Mar 2018
Born in 88, as  Pisces dragon
Living, smiling and clapping
Lost kid trying to find a place
In the world of emotions
Full of devotions
Full of hope in finding direction
In a world of total distractions
Pretty ladies, flashy cars, big houses and money
Influenced by emotions of time
Lost in thoughts of my mind
Have a passion and focus on my grind
Looking for  my partner in crime
Together we can shine,
with love and trust,
with passion and lust,
You and me ride
into the happiness
and leaving the bad in the past
Maksim Feb 2018
Walking up the concrete hill like an emotional rollercoastser. Feeling like jumping high on a trampoline to walking on fire and shatter glass. Walking up and making that loop with such relief like taking that first hit of that good kush. Walking the concentrate path over the train tracks feeling free like an innocent soul released from prison. Slowly and steady, my pace moving but my mind is mixing with thoughts like food in a blender. Reaching the midpoint, standing high in the sky, above all like the owl on the roof. Such a short distance ahead yet feeling miles away as I take steady steps like a lost tourist following a map. Around barbed wire fence like a captive creature believing to be safe. With a noose as a necklace as a final place which didn't feel right so I lifted it off like taking off my heavy college backpack and realizing to move forward toward my next phase.
Maksim Feb 2018
Love comes from where?Love comes from who?
It does not come from him or her.
It does not come from this or that.
It does not really come, that is a fact.
It is not something you lost or lack.
It is not broken piece in a stack.
So love must be from within.
Love is something that been.
Love is to be and to do.
Love truly is from you.
Maksim Feb 2018
I love you. You love me.
We so together, intimately.
With actions of passion.
Embracing each others minds.
Exploring each others bodies.
Experiencing each others energy.
Living wild like savages.
Being angelic and devilish.
Growing together with laughter and cries.
Connecting with the soul through the eyes.
Keeping each other warm in the cold.
In the ups and downs, staying strong and bold.
Therefore, we know we are lovers who are gonna love.
Maksim Feb 2018
Frozen in the moment.
Lost in time.Forgetting myself is the crime.
Striving for external is the crime.
Working for others making a dime.
Woke up knowing now is the time.
To stop holding back and following the river of the crowd.
Now listening to the universal sound.
Connecting with the universal ground.
Making my impact with a big loud pound.
Loving all and living proud.Walking slow and around me,
I surround me with a small town that speaks so loud while many drown. I rise up daily to take back my throne and crown
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