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997 · Oct 2017
Hate You, Love You
MA Oct 2017
Hey you!
It seems like you've forgetten
Yes, you have forgotten about me!

You've abandoned me for many years
You went away without a word
You left me at 5 years old

And I hated you...
Cursed you for all the pain that you caused
Blamed you in every adverse

I just hated you!
I've told myself that I will never forgive
Even in death I will keep the hate

But then... **** this heart!
Despite of everything
I still love you deep inside

Your memories were misery
You were never there in my agony
But still, I love you

Yes, I do... I really really do
You're still a part of me
And I'm a part of you

That's the irreversible truth...
We are forever binded in strings of blood

I could never cut loose!
This is about my mom. She left me when I was a kid and I hated her for that. But despite all the hate, somewhere deep inside me, there's still love for her. It was so hard forgiving her but in the end, I did it. I have let go of everything. Now I feel better.
246 · Oct 2017
Colorblind Misery
MA Oct 2017
Covered in dirt,
I felt like the time has ceased to run,
My body couldn't move and my will to fight was gone.
Everything around me has turned from purple into grey,
Even  the colors of the rainbow started to fade away.

Then I realized that the world is BLACK and WHITE,
Perhaps people are just color blind.
Could it be that green and blue were just illusions of the mind?
'Cause I see nothing but a colorless world or perhaps...
I'm the one who's blind.
This was my first poem. I wrote this when I was under the influenced of drugs (I don't do it anymore). I was really depressed and words kept popping in my head, and this was the result.
231 · Oct 2017
This Has Been Me
MA Oct 2017
This has been me
Didn't you notice?
I am not changed
I am simply the same

This has been me
I've always liked black
Wear loose tees
And act like a wack

This has been me
I'm still emo and weird
Nerdy at times
But loves to laugh hard

Yes, this has been me
That awkward person you knew
I haven't changed
Just so you know
203 · Mar 2020
MA Mar 2020
Tossing, and turning, and looking around
Life's but a cycle, you're up then you're down
Just like the seasons constantly change
But every year, it repeats, just the same

Sometimes it's harder to see brighter days
When lies and deceptions keep crawling your way
Would it be better to fight all the waves,
Or float like a leaf when it's fanned by the breeze?

Hayayay... I don't know
Hayayay... All I know
Things will be better in the end

Tossing, and turning, and looking around
Here in the crossroads confusions abound
Too many paths, don't know which one to take
Running, moving ends up— the same place

Maybe it's better to sit and be still
Perhaps all the worries just might disappear
Just like how flowers need sunlight and rain
We grow through the seasons, so endure the pain

Hayayay... I don't know
Hayayay... All I know
Things will be better in the end
This will turn into a song.
I am a noob writer so kindly send me your thoughts and ideas on how to make this poem better. 😊
153 · Mar 2020
MA Mar 2020
Who am I?

Nothing but a speck of dust in this vast universe.
A star-crossed voyager, trying to find the meaning of her existence.
A dreamer who dreams big despite being little.
A wandering soul in the wilderness of her own world.
A delicate and fainthearted creature thriving in a desolate land.

But then again I ask myself,
"Who Am I?"

I am created in the image of the Almighty One who turned the nothingness into an infinite existence.
I am loved unconditionally by the Everlasting Father despite my transgressions and called me righteous.
I am anointed and appointed by His divine hand to be a part of His kingdom.
I am a daughter of the King of kings and Lord of lords, a real royalty!

Yes, I am.
Full of faith, saying,
137 · Mar 2020
Caught Up In Your Presence
MA Mar 2020
Tender waves of grace
Crashing over me
Fills me up
I'm trapped in a warm embrace

Like a rushing wind
Lingering on my skin
Your love overflows
Time and time again

There is no escape
There's nowhere to hide
Spirit inside me
Burning like a fire

And with every breath
God, I lift You high
There is no mistake
You're my one desire

I'm caught up in Your presence
And I'm caught...

Sound of symphony
Whispering in my ear
Saying, "I am here"
"Come and rest in me"

Like the dancing leaves
Swaying in the breeze
I am waltzing free
In Your endless grace
Second song...
86 · Mar 2020
The Adele Song List
MA Mar 2020
You ain't my type of song
I don't even want to sing along
But you're ever so stubborn
You have shattered my cover

And here I lay on this bed
I feel like I'm Rolling In The Deep
Sinking, drowning with the thoughts in my head
Thinking.... we could've had it all
If only I could sing the entire song

We could've Set Fire to The Rain
If that is even a thing
Or stop the Turning Tables
Like we used to play When We Were Young

It does feel like a Million Years Ago
But All I Ask is...
If this is my last night tonight,
Know that I will always say Hello from the other side

I may be Chasing Pavements
But I will always Send My Love to Someone Like You
This is my Sweetest Devotion
So once again I'll go back to rollin'
Just fun stuff I did a few years back.
49 · 5d
Hey, I’mamess
MA 5d
Hey, I’mamess
Can I have a moment with you
Don’t you know that you’ve been looking like the world is against you?
Well, ya know
I’m just curious what the hell are you going through?
If you wanna talk, just tell me
I’m all ears for you

Hey, I’mamess
So you’ve been feeling stuck
And you can't figure out what’s causing you to feel like that
Could it be your mom, your dad, your grandma, or pa?
Or maybe it's just yourself
Oh, I guess that's that

And now you’re telling me you also feel uninspired
And you can’t even write a song, a poem, or anything that rhymes
Singing is now boring and your fingers are tired
Tired of playing the same tunes almost every night

Hey, I’mamess
I heard you know God
And you’re telling other people about His great love
I must say, it’s a good thing and I salute you for that
But now you’re telling me you’re a hypocritical wing nut

Hey, I’mamess
You are indeed a mess
You’re an unproductive, recalcitrant, idiotic wreck
But hey, I’mamess
A lot of people like you
They appreciate your talent and the things that you do

Lastly, I’mamess
I think the world is not really against you
You are a mess because you criticize you
I’m just talking to myself

— The End —