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Mae Hoek Aug 26
I hold myself hostage
To the thoughts in my head
But I can’t escape it
Even though bars aren’t made of lead
Might as well call me Morrison
Because I can’t take anymore of it
Mae Hoek Jun 5
Springing like the fountain of life
my heart rejoyces for his words
the dance and frolic like leaves
being blown in the wind in fall

my feet have more step
my voice has more volume
inside everything breathes
and grows for him

I have not felt this in a while
for I had lost him
but now with time
he's back again
Mae Hoek May 28
I feel as if it'll get better,
then I cut.
I feel as if I'll heal,
then I cut.
I feel as if the world won't crash down,
then I cut.
I cut because of him.
I cut because he didn't care.
I cut because he didn't love me.
Did he love me?
Did I love myself?
In all of this confusion,
I've forgotten myself.
Mae Hoek May 24
We could have made it worked
but  you threw it all away
To anyone reading these, my boyfriend broke up with me a week before prom, and I'm writing these about him and the feelings I had an hour after he dumped me.
Mae Hoek May 24
I loved him more than he knew
Then he knew
But now I still love him
Even though he needed something new
Mae Hoek May 24
You said you loved me
You clearly don't
Mae Hoek May 19
Sometimes I wonder
who I am
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