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madi Apr 25
i hate these feelings you gave to me
when you decided you wanted more
your wandering hands burn on my body
and i can’t get you off
no matter how hard i scrub in the shower
my skin sloughs off but you are still there.
madi Apr 20
is it harder to
forget or to remember?
to forget is bliss

a numb, empty bliss.
and to remember is to
live with so much pain
madi Mar 4
there seem to be no words
coming from the void that sits in my ribs
where there was once:

libraries, poems, songs

now sits nothing
madi Nov 2020
and she cried
knowing she was found
madi Nov 2020
my skin
my bones
my hair
my blood
bleeds red
for you

my breath
my time
my love
my heart
will beat
for you
madi Oct 2020
you are all the lovely things

stolen kisses and drawn out romance
madi Sep 2020
thank god for the boys in the back of the classroom
with scars crossing their hands.
the boys who wait by your locker
and help you with your jacket.
the boys who know who you are, deep inside.
the boys who, no matter how far away they are
feel close to your heart.
the boys who share your dreams.
who give good advice.
who stay up late talking about nothing.
and tell you
sweet dreams,
talk to me tomorrow.
at the end of it all
i don’t know why we work so well.
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