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After years of giving you the

w o r l d

Today, I cant get enough of  

s p a c e

I see our friendship now amongst the

s t a r s

Light years away, long gone in the universe’s

g r a v e y a r d

Our light still travels, pleasant memories still

g l o w

My heart stays on earth, where hurt seems to  

e c h o
I’ve never once held true love...
I’d imagine it would be like holding a glass ball

It’s nice- Dancing with fragility,
Swaying to a beat that sounds like Forever,
Just trying not drop it

When you look into it,
you see an alternate version of reality,
A beautiful, warped world that holds light differently  
I’ve never looked through that glass

See, I’m the wise single friend at the party
Hiding behind a facade
Of freedom and independence
Chanting the mantra of
“you don’t need no man”
But that doesn’t mean I’m not looking

Right now I’m stuck in the biggest game
of Marco-polo I have ever played
And I don’t remember the game being so hard...

“There’s plenty of fish in the sea” they say
Yet day after day, I stand upon a boat
Calling our into a sea of potential...

Not once have I ever heard a polo in reply...
You told me that you hate yourself
And if I was honest with you

Sometime I hate you too
Not all of you, though...

Just this thing that’s pulled a veil over your eyes
Creating grey clouds in every blue sky

That’s wasting time entertaining fruit flies
Whilst feasting upon slowly rotting insides

These dark parts that have invaded
Now makes your soul cry...

I’ve never met someone so in need of insecticides
I dreamt of you last night

When I woke up the next day

The sky was ablaze

And for a moment I could see the future...

We were always destined to go down in flames.
After days of fighting again, of going round and round and circles... I woke up to the most beautiful, burning, sunrise... the orange clashing with the pinks in the most beautiful and chaotic way. Inspired by the sky, I accepted he was never going to change his ways... the friendship was never going to change and always end and restart the same way like it has... with damaging words and unforgiving flames from the fires he was always lighting.

— The End —