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"Yeah, seems like we're all trying to climb a ladder
It's crazy what we'll do to climb it faster
It's like we throw away the things in life that really matter
Just so that we can make it to the top, and wonder what we're even climbing after"
 Nov 3 Madison
“are we gonna be okay?”
I heard the man in gray say
sorrowful blue eyes
high cheekbones cut the night
body turned black
as if the fire seemed to crack

“just hold my hand, forget the day”
while blood covers the bay
lonely brown eyes
rosy cheeks illuminate the night
body turned white
as if the air needed another bite
 Oct 2 Madison
She met an artist
His fingers were made of gold
They moved like brush strokes
She was an empty canvas
His portrait of rainbow tears
It's not pubished yet,
It's still being written.
It'll be published anonymous,
By me.
And it's about you.
And me.
Yup. I know.
It's really messed up.
I've written an entire book about you.
And all the ******* things I feel.
The worst part is,
That you don't even know.
No one knows it's about you,
Or that I'm writing it,
And that maybe It'll be published someday.
But until then,
I'll keep writing my book.
And let the poetry fill the once blank pages,
With you, and all my in-love words.
So I've kinda written a book. A poetry book. It's gonna be called: "All the things I wanted to tell you but never did." And it's exactly what the title is. Maybe I'll post a part of it later. I've written a lot of thoughts, poems and stuff. for every "thing" that I've written, there will be a new page. It's just a collection of "poety," all directed to the same person. The idea is to publish it anonimously, and not get any money for it. I'll put the links to my *anonymous* social meda and stuff. My Hellopoetry, Tumblr etc. It'll be hella emotional and personal. It'll be full of love confessions and depressed things I think daily. Idk how to explain, but hopefully it makes sense. If you have an idea, opinion or anything else, just comment or message me. ily all m=so much <3
 Aug 12 Madison
 Aug 12 Madison
i think it would be nice to have a moment
perhaps in the late afternoon
where i could lay myself across the grass
and our shoulders could bump together
like the branches above
and the breeze could smooth us into the earth
with you at my side
i think it would be nice
 Aug 9 Madison
Mitch Prax
Love does not have to
be perfect, it only has
to be shared with you

8:28 PM
 Jul 24 Madison
 Jul 24 Madison
                       ­               So
 Jul 10 Madison
on failure
 Jul 10 Madison
i am not the daughter my father wanted.
i am too apologetic and too aloof.
i am not the daughter my mother wanted.
i am too damaged. i think i always will be.
i am not the granddaughter my grandmother wanted.
i am not girl enough. not even close.
my legs are too hairy and i don’t like boys enough and i’m too blunt.
i am not the best friend my best friend wanted.
i am too self centered and full of excuses and just too much.
i am not ever enough for anyone.
i will never be the person my loved ones want me to be.
i don’t even know who i want to be.
just when i thought i had become a person i could be proud of
i look around at all the people i’ve majorly disappointed,
and i realize that i can’t win.
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