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Madison 6d
You always make fun of me
For driving so slow

I’m driving you home
And it’s a 15 minute drive
It takes me 25

You laugh as I go 5 miles under the speed limit
I say I’m a precautious driver
You say we have time for 3 more songs

I drop you off and we say bye.

The next day you ask me to come over
I don’t even ask why
I just say I’ll be there in 7 minutes
You ask why it never takes me 25 minutes to get to you
Madison 6d
I wonder
If now
I can

I wonder
If now
I will
Madison Sep 26
i learn how to feel.
not by feeling
by seeing and being shown.
Madison Sep 26
I've been waiting for this switch.
You know when you switch on your light,
and your whole room lights up?

I've been waiting for something inside of me to switch.
I've been waiting for something inside of me to light up.
Madison Sep 10
I wonder how my mom will feel
When I tell her
The shirt she sewed the button back on for
I’m wearing on my first date
I bet she would be happy until she asked me his name.

I would correct her and say
Actually her name is...

I wonder if she would even let me finish the rest
Madison Sep 8
When you try and grab my phone
And I grab it back and say no
You laugh and ask if I am hiding **** on there
I think for a second
And that’s probably a better answer than
No, I’m hiding the fact the my 20 past poems have been about you.
How I use to write about begging to even being able to speak to you.
Then how I use to pray we would see each other and talk.

Then how we talked.
How we talked and we kind of just kept talking.
And how I saw you everyday for a week
And then I didn’t see you for a few weeks
And how I’ve never been more sad.
I have poems written about all the times we talked and exchanged secrets.  

So maybe I wish I was hiding **** on my phone.
How that would be easier to explain
Then all the times I’ve written your name
Madison Sep 8
I mean I guess
nights are always dark
But tonight it’s like
I can’t even see

I mean I guess
I’ve always been lonely
But tonight it’s like
I’m actually all alone
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