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Maddie Rea May 15
Sliding back into this pit of tar

Drowning I'm not sure I can swim

Feeling like I'm lost and never coming back

It's not like I'm worth it

Maybe it's just another panic attack

This can only be a nightmare

I have to die to wake up

I can't even seem to get that right
Maddie Rea May 15
The demon is back licking the black blood from it's lips

Its venom causing me to cry out in fear

The crushing sensation in my chest

All consuming fire creeping over my shoulders

Possessed by urges to slice into my arms

Jaw broken words hanging silently in the air
Maddie Rea May 15
My body full of lust wishing it was your touch

Breast full bouncing slightly as I touch myself

Feeling my muscles clench while I hold my breath

Sweat running down the side of my face

Pinching ******* my ****** something close to a bite

Just waiting for your sweet kiss goodnight
Maddie Rea May 15
I had become the monster of my nightmares

A person I never thought I would be

Committing unthinkable acts

Caught in the design of true insanity

Being pulled by the undertow

Some reason you thought you were a fish

The sky opening up

We can hear the thunder crying now

Finally we are ready to take the last bow
Maddie Rea May 15
Round three I still cant sleep, I pace myself to death
Just to lay down without getting that much needed rest
My tears soak my shirt to the life I'm giving up
Turning from sadness to anger just like that
I cant understand why I would want to go back
The nightmares and panic attacks
Insomnia through and through
Motivation gone, someone please give me a clue
This is my time to learn and grow close to god
Satan tempts me more everyday, **** him he had to stay at bay
Why wont he just let me be
God has a plan I know in my heart of hearts
He will leave his everlasting mark
Maddie Rea May 15
One look and I was took, memories of another life reminders of how fragile a spirit may be

The want and need for a better life, only you can make it come true

The blue of your eyes like Christmas lights blinging off the ice

I crave to see what you will come to be I pray to thee

As beautiful as a lotus slowly blooming
Maddie Rea May 14
Here i go lost my marbles again
To light for the dark to dark for the light
The true definition of neutral
idle time had always been an enemy to me
Its the breath of fresh air i truly need
True bliss avoilding me.
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