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212 · Oct 2019
Drippin pain
MadPhiwe Oct 2019

I saw “you” and was left breathless;

Gasping... choking... suffocating..

Desperately Searching and yearning for air,
Mesmerized by the uncanny sight
Of carved sadness on your face.
The pain in your eyes had a strong
Resemblance with the inhumane graffiti downtown,
The place where losing your soul is fashionable.

You bathed in misery, clothed with sorrow
You smelled like regret, and had the purest fake smile.

You were genuine
You were dripping
You were dripping pain
52 · Sep 2019
When you
MadPhiwe Sep 2019
When you HATE me you let it be known that you hate that me.
You live up to the fact that you hate that me, and you put in some effort into proving why you hate me.
You become carefree about it, and you’re not concerned whether people judge you or not.

But when you LOVE me, you’re too scared to let it be known.
You’re embarrassed and don’t even live up to the fact that you love me.
You’re ashamed of putting in some effort to prove why you love me.
You get absorbed to the possibility that people might judge you.

When you hate me, you hate me with passion, you hate me unconditionally and you never compromise.

Why can’t you love me as beautifully as you hate me?
50 · Apr 2
MadPhiwe Apr 2
Sometimes I wonder what made you do it...
I hope it wasn’t pride.

But if it was, I can’t judge
Because I haven’t swallowed mine.
I guess pride is gonna be the end of us after all.
50 · Sep 2019
MadPhiwe Sep 2019
There are good people
And there are vile people
Then there’s YOU
The worst kind of the two.
MadPhiwe Oct 2019
There are addictive melodies of sweet nothings in her speech, obscuring you with wit and beauty, her biggest flaw: She’s a perfect but rotten peach.

Temporary forever is her favourite hello, she’ll woe your heart’s sweet tooth like too much consumption of cotton candy and trounce your centre with mystic confusion. She’s a devil with a halo.

She’ll fatigue your brain with false enticement while in reality; she’s numbing your emotional desire, leaving you in a space for lost souls just for her enjoyment.

Her heart is jar filled with stolen joy, taken from the honest with deceit like dark magic from Troy. Her word is poison, killing you from within; silencing your will, suppressing your spirit and convince you that you’re worth the pain; that dying a little inside won’t be in vain.

She’s a ramp infused storm… that’s Why People Like Her Shall Never Again Speak.
38 · Sep 2019
This little light of mine
MadPhiwe Sep 2019
This little light of mine cannot shine
It’s dead
It’s dull
It’s been shun

This little light of mine is like gum
Banished from the mouth
Chewed up
Used up
Spat out

This little light of mine is out
It’s famished
And dried up

This little light I call hope
Is killing me
Silencing me
Drowning me

Despite all the signs
That this little light
Will be the end of me,
I ignored.
34 · Nov 2019
Just Another Heartache
MadPhiwe Nov 2019
Yearning for his embrace is viciously addictive
Killing and silencing the logical functioning of her reasoning

Enticing her thoughts with his melodies seems vindictive
He makes her vulnerable. He leaves her exposed; unable to defend herself or defy his harmony.

Pardon her but around him, she feels sadistic.
Through him she understands why some people are narcissistic.

He’s cursed and the blessed assurance he gives her is that he tastes his own thoughts before He spits them out, he’s cunning.

When His words feels like cheerful screams from the carnival, she must know she’s fallen victim, she’s  become prey to this monstrous animal.

Dissecting her dialect from intel to intellect, he’ll leave her with a non functional, gasping diaphragm.

As part of his courtesy, he’ll leave a diatribe saying she tried...
he’ll leave her dilapidated. I guess he’s just another heartache
MadPhiwe Dec 2019
Deceiving your heart with intimate lies;
Feeding comforting poison to your soul will make our hearts bind.

I'll let you win your futile game of Hard-To-Get
So you can lose my game Hard-To-Forget.

You once saw through a lie, so
Hiding my dishonesty inside your truth is the perfect place to hide.

When I met you, your heart was left to die on Mars,
I saved it to walk on it like the 'Rose' it was.

I had my fair share of being a lover;
So I'm going to be a heartache in your heart my significant 'other'.

I will reign your Queendom with infliction
And leave the idea of love as a lethal infection.

You made your love a contest
Winning it was my conquest.

I told you 'Pain is the name of the game'
You said you'll play the whole way...

— The End —