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The stars    20 something year old, in love with the moon and the universe. xoxo Sandoval Find me on #Instagram @poetrysandoval
Your Local Grocery Store
15/Genderqueer/a threat    he/they
17/F/slow dancing in the dark    All I want is a human connection
19/M/Somewhere    Some beginnings are just as uncertain as the ends
Jasmine dryer
17/F/drowing in emotion,    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED is it a trend just to cry? drowning in emotion is my devotion I'm 17 years old. I'm a poet and young ...
Bo Burnham
Sabila Siddiqui
20/F    Instagram account: Website:
28/M    half of what i say is meaningless
Nat Lipstadt
M/nyc    write for the blind and sing for the deaf, be their guide, be their intimate, aid them to escape boundaries, by granting them the saws ...

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