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Mayuri Mar 2018
Of hushed giggles, the flowers had bloomed,
As a rainbow melted into clouds unconsumed.
Of thick blades, the grass had long grown,
As the heavenly sky carried it's sun all alone.
  Feb 2018 Mayuri
Jayantee Khare
Sitting under the sky
away from the crowd
This Valentine's day
no music loud

Neither chocolates
Nor dinner cosy
Just aroma of coffee
No fragrance rosy

Talk heartful with
the moon and stars
Showing my heart's
deepest hidden scars

Praying to the God
to help me to heal
To remind my heart
to not to feel
Just spilling thoughts
  Feb 2018 Mayuri
You see that light bulb?
When that light bulb stopped working,
When it was broken,
You knew.

But the thing with people is
You don’t know when they stopped working
You may not even have known
That they were broken

What a tragedy, huh?
  Feb 2018 Mayuri
Cosmic Dust
Hi, it's been a while
I called to ask for I've been curious
All these days
Have you been fine?

I gotta be honest, I know it's late
Too late, yeah, I took a while
I hope you'd still hear me out
Just like old times

For years, by my side
Since the beginning of time
You were there and I'm thankful,
Thankful that you were mine

There were things I couldn't tell you
And feelings I failed to show
You'd probably hate how long this would be
But I thought that you should know

Ever since we parted
On our bed your empty space
Sunshine hasn't passed through the curtains
Light gone with the smile on your face

I still wait for your texts
Though I know you'd rather call
I'm not sure why I still hope for you
When I know I'm hoping for nothing at all

And the days that have passed
You never cross my mind
For you were there and never left
You haunt me all the time

I still see you in crowds
And places we used to be
In the form of silhouettes
And flashbacks of old memories

How I came to let you go
You gave up without a fight
The you whose words were beautiful
Became silence that was cold as ice

"Let's live our separate lives"
"I'm sorry, it's for the best"
I thought I didn't deserve as much
To be loved as much as love itself

No, I'm not here to apologize
To the damage already dealt
But I may be drunk to send you this
Too drunk on hurt and regret

Today you're supposed to be happy
For it's the day that you were born
And the day you walk down the aisle
With happiness that's yours to own

You were the eye and I, the storm
Like hurricanes we formed our home
You were the peace that's meant to stay
And in your life, I shall dissolve

It's not goodbye for eternity
Warmth of your peace I'd always seek
Right now we're just not meant to be
But the next lifetime, I hope it's you I still meet
for Shay, Tine, Stel,  and every NielSung shipper out there!!
Mayuri Jan 2018
I'm a ******* ice berg, cold and frigid within the ice. I will stay rooted for years, and build up that ice you can't break.
But then again..
I am a bonfire, so ******* hot I could burn you down to ashes. And even after I am doused away, I will reignite to singe you away.
Or perhaps,
I would also be the waters of the ocean, deep and dark. You'd find yourself so lost as I would drown you away.
Yet again,
I could be the winds of a cyclone, dense and strong, I may blow you far away into lands unseen, or take you within the cotton candies of heaven's azures.

Here's a twist to the above,
This is the kind of love
I'll give to my true love.
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