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I think of you a lot
And talk to you on the spot

I hope I'm not annoying you

I like you sweet
You've got me beat

I hope I'm not annoying you

I stare at you
My mind feels new

I hope I'm not annoying you

Butterflies in my gut
Their wings won't shut

I hope I'm not annoying you

As bold as thunder
But still I wonder

I hope I'm not annoying you...

5d · 36
Ads On Spotify

Stop interrupting
I do not want Premium
Please let me listen

6d · 129

Even when we're inches apart,

               You still feel like an ocean away

6d · 120

I aim the old camera
And focus for the subject
As my fingers dance to adjust its settings
For the perfect shot
With my eye in the viewfinder
I angle myself
While feeling for the shutter button
It's picture perfect


As you all pass me by
Not giving a second look
I'm creating something big
Something that you wish
You knew
But sadly, you will be

Too little        
                Too late.

Mar 12 · 49
Take Me For Me
Mohannie Mar 12

Take me, honey
Take me, sweet

Take me, lover
Take me, please

Take me for who I am
I will not change

To bend for your ways
So take me dear

And love me here.

Mohannie Mar 11

I remember the day when my life had fallen apart

June 2nd, 2016

This was when everything for me changed

I thought there was nothing left

And had finally hit rock bottom...

But what can one do in such a horrific time

But get up and try to live again?

You've got this.
Mar 9 · 47
Kiss Me
Mohannie Mar 9

Kiss me for the first time please
Kiss me sweet, like honey bees

Kiss me kind and warm and nice
Then kiss me hungry like fire to ice

Kiss me like you’ve never had
And kiss me so I know you’re glad

To be with me as I to you
Kiss me so we’re never blue

Mar 8 · 49
Just A Thought
Mohannie Mar 8

How I manage to be both a ******* and a ******* is beyond me.

Mar 7 · 26
5 Minutes To Write
Mohannie Mar 7
To express what is real
And to show how I feel
With my pen in my hand
My words I will bend
To let out my own thoughts
Before my life rots
A race against the clock
My mind I won't block
And then I will lay
I'm done for the day

5 minutes is up
Mar 1 · 97
Know Me
Mohannie Mar 1
You say you know me
Which you really do believe,
But I have dealt with more than you will ever know

And I wish I could let you know.
Feb 27 · 67
Mohannie Feb 27

I don't even remember why I was embarrassed!
She thought right as she accidentally reminded herself
why she was embarrassed.

Feb 27 · 180
Worry Child
Mohannie Feb 27

I've never faced a more challenging task

Than battling my own thoughts

Feb 24 · 143
"Fitting In"
Mohannie Feb 24

Fitting in has never been my strong suit

For years and years it's been a task
To find core friend and put on a mask

But I've noticed as time continues to sweep by
That maybe it just won't work, no matter how hard I try

This used to upset me, and yes, it still bites
Desperately, I ended up changing myself through fights

I changed and changed until I was no longer me
I locked myself away and would not let free

As time passed along
I kept singing this treacherous song

But soon, I felt tired of who I was
I saw my reflection, and didn't recognize myself. I paused.

A person who stared back at me was someone of lies
Someone who only held sadness in her eyes

This was not me and this was not right
It was time to end this weary fight

As the years go on
I learn to love someone who once was gone

I met new people who loved me as me
And they taught me that this is who I should always be

A person who once was lost and alone
Has learned that she never has to change her own.

A much longer poem than usual but this one is one of my favorites. Please read! I hope you enjoy.
Feb 19 · 142
Falling Together
Mohannie Feb 19

I once was apart
And I still might be
Even so, I put the pieces back in the cart
Then stacked them back into me

With a bit of duck tape
And then some glitter glue
I fix them into my shape
Becoming as good as new

I will be better this time
I've learned from my mistake
Climb back to my prime
And this time, I will not break.

You can still mend yourself. You aren't broken.
Feb 19 · 63
Mohannie Feb 19

If you crave freedom

You must let go of your chains

And change your old ways.

It’s time for me to change.
Feb 12 · 314
Wherever You Are
Mohannie Feb 12

Come out, come out
Wherever you are
Come out
And find me
So we could be together
Once again
Like we used to.

Feb 5 · 405
Mohannie Feb 5

The blonde boy walked up to the brunette girl
He asked her out to the high school prom
The girl looked up to him and said

"What's the catch?"

Feb 5 · 224
Feeling Zero
Mohannie Feb 5

Zero is weird
Zero is odd
Zero is nothing
Because Zero is flawed

Zero is tired
Zero is scared
Zero wants help
Yet Zero never dared

Zero is lonely
Zero is cold
Zero is young
But Zero feels old.

Feb 4 · 89
A Guitar Song
Mohannie Feb 4

Its melodic sound
As she plucks through the strings
The music emitted was bound
As the waves rush with long rings

It humed through the air
And beamed to our ears
Her music was fair
As she serenaded her peers

The Guitar Song was loud
The Guitar Song was proud
It showed all her heart
And kept us from falling apart.

Jan 29 · 638
*Miss Delilah*
Mohannie Jan 29

She was a delilah
And sprouted from the ground
She came up to meet ya
And tell you you're found

She grew like a fire
Straight through the sky
And bloomed like a choir
As your tears begin to dry

She was a protector
And became your shield
As sweet as nectar
With her heart she has healed

Miss Delilah was strong
The day she broke through the earth
To sing you this song
And to show you your worth.

Jan 27 · 44
Second Best
Mohannie Jan 27

Never to be chosen first

Or acknowledged for what I've done

To only be "friends"

And nothing more

To just be the extra

In a play made for the leads

To not participate

Because I am not seen

To be stuck in a cycle

Where I can't be enough

And to be trapped in a place

Where I'm always chosen second

Jan 24 · 165
The Dead Poet
Mohannie Jan 24
I try and I try to fight through the page

To create my own lines and feel all my pain

But yet I get nothing. No prize in return.

So all of that pain tore through me for what?

I hate writing poems but I do so anyways

And I continue to hurt with no good to come.
Jan 24 · 182
A Spring Morning
Mohannie Jan 24

I remember the day when death had stolen you from us

It was a stunningly sunny spring morning

But life felt as cold as the frost upon a winter’s earth.

Rest In Peace, Lola. I will forever love you. <3
Jan 22 · 55
Mohannie Jan 22

Trigger Warning- contains self harm

I hate to think that I've caused so much pain
To my poor family when I slit at my vien

I had so much anger and sadness and grief
To be stuck in my ways and not turn the leaf

As I cry myself to sleep each and every night
I had so much little in me to fight

Constantly tired of feeling this way
And feeling like dying every **** day

Hating my self with all of my passion
From my head to my toes, to my hair to my fashion

Feeling worthless with nowhere to belong
A sunny day in which I would long

Yet it was constant storm and frost everyday
And cut after cut because I thought I needed to pay

For the damage I've done and broke in my path
What I felt for myself was such strong wrath

And that's how I felt not so long ago
It was **** and pain, my self esteem low

But trust me, dear
You can continue from here

And move on today
Instead of this hate where you stay

For I have survived
After this war, I am still alive

So what I'm saying is that your story cannot end
These broken pieces of yours, they can still be mend.
This is an incredibly raw poem that I didn't think I'd post.
Jan 22 · 127
Mohannie Jan 22
I am feeling stuck
Like I’m drowning in quicksand
Struggling to be free
Jan 17 · 164
Mohannie Jan 17
I wish you knew

The pain I feel


But you don't

Because I never

Let it out

For you to see.
Jan 15 · 76
Mohannie Jan 15
Heavy feeling
Emotions peeling

A mess of a humam
My stress I will cram

Sad all the time
Never feel a chime

Stuck in one place
Losing the race

Everyone passes
Going in masses

Never wired
Only tired

Sad masked with jolly
But I always remain

I just needed to get this out. I don’t even care if anyone reads it.
Mohannie Jan 14
After months of waiting
My ring has arrived
I admire the craftsmanship
And soak in its gold

But I find out a flaw
As I slide it right on
And see that it doesn't
go all the way down

I have been anticipating
when this **** ring would come
And being ****** enough
To think it would fit like a glove

A beautiful ring
A beautiful gem
A beautiful band
That's just too small

With months after waiting
My ring has arrived
Only to find
That it just doesn't fit
Take this poem however you want.
Jan 14 · 60
The Flow
Mohannie Jan 14
No people to see, no places to go
I'm stuck in one spot

Just go with the flow

No plans to be made, motivation is low
In my house I will stay

Living in the flow

A dangerous place, its evil will grow
Can't leave from this spot

I'm trapped in the flow

I fight to leave, my emotions will grow
Keep my head out of water

In a war with the flow

To fight against this dark, manipulative show
In an attempt to escape

The chains of the flow

A tiring fight, with blow after blow
But in the end

I will break free from the flow.
Jan 13 · 92
Mohannie Jan 13
The way she speaks
To the dimples on her cheeks

The way she walks
And how I think she rocks

As I admire her short hair
And the clothes that she would wear

Then when she speaks to me
Everything feels free

With the butterflies I felt
Every word makes my heart melt

And with her totally badass ways
My feelings are ablaze

God, she’s awesome
With her, I never feel glum.
Jan 13 · 124
Mohannie Jan 13
After all these years
I’m just now realizing
I’ve a crush on you
I have been friends with you since elementary school and I’m just now realizing how I’ve been thinking of you nonstop and I’m always excited to see you. Huh, I guess I have a crush on you :)
Jan 12 · 243
My Boy Prom Date
Mohannie Jan 12
If only mom knew
That what I really wanted
Was to go with her.
Jan 11 · 92
Mohannie Jan 11
As free as a bird
To fly at great heights
And being washed by the sun
Feel the warmth of light

To spread your wings high
Then lift off the ground
And soar through the sky
Only peace will be found

To feel free as a bird
Away from all stress
Only my songs will be heard
No fears to express
Hope you enjoyed!
Jan 10 · 154
Mohannie Jan 10
A way to express
And to let yourself feel

To not bottle up
The damage inside

And to let it all out
As a way to survive

In rhythms and rhymes
To make up a song

In a way that is real
A type that is raw

And powerfully done
Ready for all

The truth then comes out
But still kept safe.
Jan 10 · 122
Paint The Sky
Mohannie Jan 10
Spread love like petals in the breeze
And embrace life with a smile, please

As your life is a gift
So, let your face lift

Soak in the sun
Dark clouds, there are none

And remember
As long a we will all stick together

We can get anything done
As we are all one

So it's time to paint the sky bright
Then, we'll spread our bright light

Because a bright sky is indeed
Just what this world needs.
A happier poem
Jan 8 · 1.1k
Let. Me. Live.
Mohannie Jan 8
I want to live in a life
Where grades don't cut like a knife.

I want to not live in a place
Where only the smartest win the race

I want to not have a number define who I am
And to be compared or cry over an exam.

I want to be equal, despite all my flaws
Than to feel ripped apart by your hurtful claws

I want you to listen, and your attention you will give.
I am not defined by my grades so please just



Jan 7 · 158
Mohannie Jan 7
B * A * N * G



j      m      !
   u       P    

into a new WORLD

don't stop your  ~D R E A M S~

let your paintbrush

onto the canvas
                 and into your
                               <3 HEART 3>


               ...then you will...
trying out a more odd side of poetry for today. I have an art project about surrealism and became inspired by its whimsical ways. Hope you enjoy!
Jan 5 · 420
My Eyelids Still Fall
Mohannie Jan 5
My eyelids are heavy
I close them once
They continue to fall
A struggle to lift

I stare into space
To keep them ajar
But they still continue
To fall like bricks

Or a feather to the ground
Soft and hard
Heavy or light
But continue to drop

My head is in buzz
I fight to wake
My eyelids still fall
But I stay awake

Because I cannot sleep
Must stay awake
Too much to do
And still too much weight

My eyelids will fall
Which I can't allow
Them to fully close
So I carry the weight
I deleted this one from a bit ago then decided to post it again. Hope you enjoy!
Jan 2 · 1.1k
Writer’s Block- A Poem
Mohannie Jan 2
I’m blocked

Can’t think of anything to write
Searching for inspiration with a fight

I’m locked

Scanning my head for lines
Scouring my heart that confines

I’m shocked

Nothing to say
No words to pay

I’m clocked

Nothing on the sheet
The clock I can’t beat

I’m blocked?

Turns out I just wrote a poem
While suffering from writer’s block
Huh. I wanted to write something but I’m in writer’s block. Here’s the outcome!
Dec 2018 · 188
Like Fire
Mohannie Dec 2018
I can be fire
Let me ignite

But I can be cold
Blown out in an instant

But today I’ll stand strong
Fight through the wind

I will ignite again
My flame will burn bright

I will be fire
An unstoppable force
A new year equals a new me! Today will be the start of me becoming stronger and pushing past my problems. I will be fire and I will be new
Dec 2018 · 273
Colorblind To Love
Mohannie Dec 2018
I remember what it was like to have a crush
It was a magical feeling, such a rush!

Having the thought that they might be the one
And when their eyes fall on me, it was I with the sudden feeling of stun.

But now as I grow older
My heart begins to feel colder

Why is this? I ask
My feelings are only a mask

Have I been hurt too much?
Maybe love and I are no longer in touch

I miss this feeling that we speak of
And perhaps, I will forever just be colorblind to love
This has kinda been bothering me for a while. I just feel like I haven’t had a crush or any motivation to have love in a long time. This is pretty ****** but eh.
Dec 2018 · 623
You Are Okay
Mohannie Dec 2018
Listen to me now,
You are stronger than you know.
Just take a deep breath.
Sometimes, we all need to be reminded that we are okay and that we are worthy. Take a deep breath because you are going to get through this! It may seem tough now, but this will all be okay soon! I believe in you :)
Dec 2018 · 2.7k
I Came Out Today...
Mohannie Dec 2018
To my two close friends
Never thought I could do it
I feel amazing
Today is a very special day! I came out as bisexual to my two close friends! This is honestly a HUGE milestone for me and I'm so relieved that I finally let my truth out. This has been quite a long battle and now I feel like my journey has officially started!
Dec 2018 · 224
Hear Me
Mohannie Dec 2018
I want to scream
Let my words burst through in a stream
It has been pushing at me
It wants to be free
It needs to be seen
I need to express where my thoughts have been
I fight to be out
And live my life as I shout
To live in my truth
While I still have my youth
I want you to know
And to let myself grow

I want to say every word
I want to be heard.
Dec 2018 · 130
I Feel Like Sleet
Mohannie Dec 2018
Rain can be as beautiful as it can be dangerous.
While sun is warm and bright on the surface.

Hail is loud and hectic and much
As wind can be fast and hurt from its touch

Fog is mysterious
A tornado is serious

Cyclones will swirl
Hurricanes will whirl

Snow is gorgeous in all different ways...

But sleet is heavy and melted; with a sadness that stays
Dec 2018 · 119
Shopping List
Mohannie Dec 2018
Shopping list:

- Milk
- Eggs
- Oranges
- Pie crust
- A poem
- Strawberries
- Pencils
- A story
- Cereal
- Soup
- A way to express
- A need to feel
- Someone to impress
- Conflict to heal
- For people to see
- How this world can ****
- A place to be free
- To not feel this chill
- That life leaves behind
- This battle uphill
- Of not being blind
- And staying together
- In a time of hurt
- To fight off this weather
- And to wipe off this dirt
- Yogurt
This is a different poem from what I usually write. It was super fun to make and I hope you like it!
Dec 2018 · 922
Black Sheep
Mohannie Dec 2018
I am quiet when everyone’s loud
all I want is to speak over the crowd

I am small in a world that’s incredibly tall
wanting to be something great and grand like all

I am weak while the world around me is strong
it’s hard to feel like I really do belong

I am different in ways I can’t yet describe
everyone’s the same as I live umong my own tribe

everyone can fly into the air with a leap
as I am stuck on the ground

I am the black sheep.
Dec 2018 · 540
At This Time Of Night
Mohannie Dec 2018
at this time of night
when the moon is up high
the quiet's alive

but no one's awake

I'm the only one up
the lights are turned low
and I feel alive

but no one's awake

the silence is chilling
this blanket is warm
my body's alive

but no one's awake

my earbuds plugged in
I take a quick stroll
the music's alive

but no one's awake

at this time of night
when everything's sound
I feel alive

I am awake.
I really like this one! Hope you enjoy it! :)
Dec 2018 · 90
Rhythms that Rhyme
Mohannie Dec 2018
How does a poem sound
When there's no rhyme around?
How do words fit
If the end does not transmit?

Rhyme, time, chime, dime.

You could write with a rhyme every line
This could change how it sounds
But still make it all align
This is now a poem that is still confound

Write, change, light, range

You could continue this pattern
And it will always sound good
But what if you don't rhyme?
How does this poem sound

Different, good, bad, odd

A poem does not need these rhymes
All it needs is feel
Something that is special
And is powerful anyways.
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