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I wish you knew

The pain I feel


But you don't

Because I never

Let it out

For you to see.
Heavy feeling
Emotions peeling

A mess of a humam
My stress I will cram

Sad all the time
Never feel a chime

Stuck in one place
Losing the race

Everyone passes
Going in masses

Never wired
Only tired

Sad masked with jolly
But I always remain

I just needed to get this out. I don’t even care if anyone reads it.
After months of waiting
My ring has arrived
I admire the craftsmanship
And soak in its gold

But I find out a flaw
As I slide it right on
And see that it doesn't
go all the way down

I have been anticipating
when this **** ring would come
And being ****** enough
To think it would fit like a glove

A beautiful ring
A beautiful gem
A beautiful band
That's just too small

With months after waiting
My ring has arrived
Only to find
That it just doesn't fit
Take this poem however you want.
No people to see, no places to go
I'm stuck in one spot

Just go with the flow

No plans to be made, motivation is low
In my house I will stay

Living in the flow

A dangerous place, its evil will grow
Can't leave from this spot

I'm trapped in the flow

I fight to leave, my emotions will grow
Keep my head out of water

In a war with the flow

To fight against this dark, manipulative show
In an attempt to escape

The chains of the flow

A tiring fight, with blow after blow
But in the end

I will break free from the flow.
The way she speaks
To the dimples on her cheeks

The way she walks
And how I think she rocks

As I admire her short hair
And the clothes that she would wear

Then when she speaks to me
Everything feels free

With the butterflies I felt
Every word makes my heart melt

And with her totally badass ways
My feelings are ablaze

***, she’s awesome
With her, I never feel glum.
Mohannie Jan 13
After all these years
I’m just now realizing
I’ve a crush on you
I have been friends with you since elementary school and I’m just now realizing how I’ve been thinking of you nonstop and I’m always excited to see you. Huh, I guess I have a crush on you :)
Mohannie Jan 12
If only mom knew
That what I really wanted
Was to go with her.
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