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Mohannie Jun 24
I wish I wasn’t me
Definitely not today
But for the time may be
The girl I hate will stay

I wish I wasn’t me
A ***** up from the start
Someone you never want to see
But sadly, my body I can’t part

I wish I wasn’t me
God, I never learn
To never once be free
To be lock inside an urn

I wish I wasn’t me
And that is all to say
Yes, the truth hurts
And yes, I want it that way.
Mohannie Jun 4

computer notification:

"Low power"
Anxiety rushing like a shower
It's dying

The yellow glow begins to sting
My body starts to feel a ring
It's dying

My mind in swirls and it feels tired
Blood is pumping and emotions wired
It's dying

Lower and lower the percentage goes down
My life is no longer in bound
It's dying

Closer and closer it drains so fast
Far too stressed I will not last

It's dying

It's dying

I'm dying

Mohannie May 26

Flower start out as buds
Not knowing what they'll look like
But, when they bloom
They're magnificent
Each one alike in species
Yet, each one unique
But still, as gorgeous as ever

Just like us.

Mohannie Apr 29
Look into the mirror
and write a poem

Not about the bad
Not about the sad

But about the good
I think you should

How your imperfections make you unique
No one is like you
You are the perfect you
And that's enough
Mohannie Apr 28

Desperate to change the world with her words

Aims to inflict damage on every reader

Who lays their naked eyes upon her work

But, how much change can one simple poet cause?

Mohannie Apr 27
Wipe away the dark on a cold cloudy day
Entering our souls with light, where it will lay

Make us feel warm through the coldest hours
And wrap us in safety with the smell of flowers

What we need is the shine from the sun's bright light
To keep us away from life's hurtful fight

So be the sun that will light up a life
Let out your warmth and chase off the strife.

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