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Desmond Baker Mar 27
But these garments divert shade

Like white pedals tossed by the wind
And woven together so delightfully

divinely given threads  

I walk blamelessly

Whose word can trump The Holy immortal?

Fade all you fallen

At one time your words stained my soul
Desmond Baker Mar 24
A love I can feel when they’re absent

Please believe

The sound of their voices suffocates shadows

In deep can lie my pain! A volitile hue

but their presence soothes  

You won’t get sunburn
Desmond Baker Mar 22
Can you pick me up if I’m melted?

If not, throw some paints on me.

A change of skin may give me the strength to
get up again.
Desmond Baker Mar 22
I sank into concrete
A loud silence
eyes emptied all else around you
I hanged you on the front of my mind

Your greeting
Eyes a gentle vibrant brown
Your scent engulfs me
I become weak just lead the way

Not a blemish on your skin
No artist of THIS WORLD nor of any kind can make you look better
I yearn to see you smile once more
To capture your full attention again
Is the greatest pain reliever

But your baptism was of earthly cisterns
Surrounded by enchanting greens
A natural beauty
It won’t inhibit decay though when you rose from water you glistened iridescence
So much so that diamonds lose flavor

My baptism was a vine of lightning
And a drip from the sun pulsates in my veins
I stay burning!

You yield to the night and I don’t!
Your roots are in the earth and you revolve with it and seasons change
Will you bring life in the winter?

There is enough light to keep me lit for seasons and an eternity
Desmond Baker Mar 21
Alloy wroth
Endowed fortune
and the jewels frozen fire

Eyes stricken they mirror the still flame
The soul, so unkept, longing for life
But only a picture of what could be

Adorning the lifelike
No feeling
Appreciate your banner
Love the homage

But very few mimic it
Desmond Baker Mar 18
No bundle greater
Love, strength, wisdom, and wrath

Bring the scales
To which ingredient lies your allegiance?

At times I wish I was as the clouds
So welcomed, but also feared at my coming
To bring shade or thunder
But where is the wisdom?
Guided by fickle wind.  

At times I wish I was as the butterfly
A star on earth
So elusive predators scatter when I spread my wings
But where is the strength?
A mere rain drop would destroy me

At times I wish I was an octopus
I can bring down sharks
outwit any human
Nothing is out of my reach
But where is the love?
I hurt my own brethren.

Who balances these ingredients masterfully to create this awesome recipe?!

I’ll tell you. He made fire and the flowers.

No behemoth gets away unpublished to lick their paws in peace!

No eye gets weary of seeing his work.

All beings fear his coming, even the idols dare not be animate.

All adore his qualities, they searched tirelessly for deceit.

He took the venom from vipers as if they bit a sponge and satisfied the flaming sword of heaven.

attempting to balance these ingredients is a mockery.

To choose one over another is death.

To honor the one who held them

That, is to be without hypocrisy
Desmond Baker Mar 11
A veil harder than diamond
Similar to space that covers the earth
Morbid black
Elusive like a snake
It’s like quicksand a tiring escape
Attached like hemoglobin we pulsate

I heard talk of the one like The Son of man
They say he is GOOD but not safe

They say His sword never fails
Unsheathed it sounds like hell
The sound will blur your vision
And his steps will make you stumble
Hands on gravel
The earth agrees
It’ll support our descend
The crows cawing louder than your screams
A ****** of them form a man-like being with an opening
Here is your gate and his sword will spill the key
Therefore this wielder always was able to set free!

But not those who ignore and or approve the caw
accepting that BLACK has a place in and with us all
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