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So few times this month
have I wandered into your soul.
I know you are waiting for me.
I know your heart yearns for my arrival
but I am too lost
in this world
until I come to this quiet place
and sit peacefully here
and wait for your still small voice.
Only then do I discover  
the grand canyon
where your great soul echoes and humbly abides
waiting patiently for me inside.

Oh how I miss these moments in you
the times I come here far too few.
When I’m out and about drifting
as if it mattered,
my mind off-target and scattered
lights here and there in nothing
in smoke and dust
randomly finding a sprig of life
spotting in shadows a beam of light
and if I am lucky
that faint spark wakes
and reminds me I was made for you
you – a glint inside my breast
a piece of the universe compressed
an atom ready to be split
ready to explode
to expand
and soar.
I originally named this "Ready to Soar" but then I rethought it and decided to say what this process has been for me and what it takes for me to get ready to soar. Sometimes he/she/it (this muse) seems lost, or is it I who am lost?
 11h M-E
Memories haunt
No one will disagree
For we've all been the victim of past
 Holding us as prisoner
At one point of our lives

It was him again
Travelling through time
Coming back to my life through memories
Still fresh as if it happened yesterday
I was shattered again
As the nights got darker and darker
My tears streamed down more
Never willing to stop
Until morning
When I had to mask everything
For I never could utter a word that's deep..
So deep that words won't do it justice
Or simply I just can't express.

I hated love so much
For it left me in pieces
It gave me the bestest feeling
Just to leave me so fast and suddenly
That I never recovered from that trauma
I never stopped loving him
Even after knowing he never loved me
And I can't even blame him for doing so
I blamed myself for everything I went through
This feeling that we humans crave for
In our lifetime
Soon became like a nightmare for me
Like an enemy I want to be away from
I hated myself because of it.

Time do heals if you allow it
I was growing again
Little better each day
The thing I hated re entered my life
For it has a habit of arriving
When we least expect it
I started loving the feeling again
It felt like I was talking to an old friend
I met after years
I wanted to hug it tight
Never letting it to disappear again
Like it did last time.
You made me feel it
I never felt so loved before
Trust me, you made me feel special
This time my existence mattered
It's roots grew deep within me
So deep no storm can ever break it

I was scared of falling
You were scared too, I know
We both had a past
That killed our soul from within
We were both living but were lifeless
But now, I kept my fears aside
I was forced to, somehow
I felt safe
I dared to love again
So did you.

Let me tell you a little secret:
"I hated love before I met you".
A fictional ink after a long time. This poem flowed spontaneously through my pen. I want to write a part two for this but I don't know why. Hope you all are doing good. Stay safe <3
There once was a rotten tax collector
Who combed the rich Italian sector
   He lined his grimy pockets
   By cheating those he audits
Alas! today's appointment was one Hannibal Lecter
Silence of the Limericks
 3d M-E
Of your own free will,
you release chords beyond your
throat, angering a lashing tongue
that starts fires

Of your own free will,
you travel a great distance from
where your vocals carry north,
but echoing desires,
travel south of envy

Of your own free will,
you blacklist the frail,
bury your mistakes in haste
and pave over them, with greed

Your free will isn't free at all,
it has a cost
 3d M-E
A rock off the coast has no need to boast.
A rock off the coast just has to be.
There's no pressure, no stress, no need to impress.
It simply resides in the sea.
A wrote several poems while tree sitting in northern California. A handful of them weren't half bad. I'm going to post a few.
A break in the clouds
Of heavy burden

****** sand between
The toes, for certain

The surf, a cleansing
A light mist descending

Dark days of struggle
They ripple away

Laughter in the air
As children again play

 4d M-E
Red moon
 4d M-E
Red moon lingered touching waves on sea
moved in rhythm endlessly
she patrolled the empty rooms of sleep
needing something more to keep
I hid under the star jewelled sky
under citrus trees in blue dusk light
you hid in velvet caves at edge of night
as the wanton moon consumed the light.
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