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Oct 2020 · 482
Rhyming Anthem
MDtheWordsmith Oct 2020
I can rhyme all day
Blow your mind, you don't even have to pay
Words hotter than a sun ray
Serve you like a hot lunch tray
To me, it's just child's play
Jaw dropped, not much to say
But haters will say I'm just okay
Eat them up like my prey
Make sure to keep them at bay
RIP here they lay
Angel of death, show my wings and fly away
Time to get on your knees and pray
But try as you may
My vote is nay
So tell your god I said "Hey"
Because I won't be seeing him today
Oct 2020 · 537
MDtheWordsmith Oct 2020
I just want to write
Escape this blight, out of sight
A dream for tonight
Aug 2020 · 350
MDtheWordsmith Aug 2020
I get up from bed
Pause to look back at you sleep
Think, God, I’m lucky
Jun 2020 · 324
The Teacher
MDtheWordsmith Jun 2020
Father, the teacher
Stories, lectures, instructions
A cherished life guide
Jun 2020 · 133
MDtheWordsmith Jun 2020
Lessons always being learned
Ill prepared we begin this test
Failure at every turn
Experience our only guide
May 2020 · 158
Puffy Clouds
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Looking at the sky
Crystal clear, peaceful and calm
The storm comes quickly
May 2020 · 113
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Windows in my house
Gateway to the outside world
Gateway to my soul
May 2020 · 797
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Take a puff, inhale
Poisoning my heart and mind
Your love will **** me
May 2020 · 150
Early Morning Servers
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Brisk early morning
Birds singing, serving up joy
An extra cup please
May 2020 · 427
Cool Rain
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Cool rain falls on me
The world feels a bit lighter
Rain cleanse my worries
May 2020 · 305
The Lioness
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
She's fierce yet caring
A lioness with her cubs
Mom, our pack leader
May 2020 · 112
Cell Phone
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Continuously waiting for a message
Eventually, bzzz – bzzz – bzzz
Looking down quickly to see who it is
Look another status update
People’s lives are so wonderful, it must be great
Here I am just sitting alone and checking my phone
Outside my door, knock – knock – knock
Now who could that be I wonder to myself
Except I’ll never find out, I’m waiting for a message
May 2020 · 94
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Earth so lush and green
Until man comes, careless we
Bring forth a wasteland
May 2020 · 125
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
The journey is so harsh and long
A test of your mind and might
A test you can not pass, if you think you’re always right
If you make it, you will be strong

Earning your place, you’ll now belong
You aced the test and put up a fight
From now on they will see your light
Immortal, they will sing your song

Immortal, you can do no wrong
May 2020 · 159
Writer’s Block
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Blank piece of paper
Just staring me in the face
Words don’t write themselves
May 2020 · 79
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Quietly you judge
From the corner over there
**** you stupid scale
May 2020 · 213
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Life, so full of gifts
Make sure you never forget
Always cherish them
May 2020 · 126
The Old House
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Light shines through the cracks
House with many memories
Unspoken secrets
May 2020 · 107
Today Was a Good Day
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Today was a good day
Left the house
With ripped pants
Sat on a hill
Full of ants
But today

Today was a good day
Got to work
An hour late
My boss
Beyond irate
But today

Today was a good day
Ate lunch
In a haste
Spilled all over
What a waste
But today

Today was a good day
Had to work
Late tonight
The bus
Out of sight
But today

Today was a good day
Walked through
My front door
Saw your face
Smile so pure
And today
Today was a good day
May 2020 · 439
City Life
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Walking crowded streets
People everywhere but yet
Still feeling alone
May 2020 · 140
Mirror, Mirror
MDtheWordsmith May 2020
Mirror, Mirror
On the wall
Why must you always
Watch me fall

I see you
And you see me
You look down with indifference
While I look up and plea

An inside battle
Between you and me
I am you and
You are me
Apr 2020 · 134
MDtheWordsmith Apr 2020
Life, dark and lonely
Wake up scared, feeling hopeless
Suddenly a light
Apr 2020 · 160
MDtheWordsmith Apr 2020
Nature, Mother Earth
Always indulging us with all her worth
Take from her, we have no fear
Unheard cries we choose not to hear
Remorse we will soon come to know
Extinction we will soon come to sew

— The End —