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  Nov 2015 Melissa Jaca
Where am I now in your life?*
Can you still see me from a distance?
Or you *completely
left the memory of me?
  Nov 2015 Melissa Jaca
May we both have happiness

The thing we desired for
The thing we deserve to have

As we part ways, opening new doors
Million of leaves have fallen
Thousands of stems are broken
Hundreds of logs are lost
How much do it need to cost

What is the meaning of nature?
Does it need to last for the future?
Get a glimpse of its help
And you will know its wealth

Hear the sound of its whisper
Smile gratefully with your whiskers
Feel the presence of its beauty
And care for it cause it's worthy

This poem was written by my classmate, Sonny San Buenaventura while in our RCD Class Hahaha
Melissa Jaca Oct 2015
Sorry for not smiling,
Sorry for not talking,
Sorry for being someone's friend,
Sorry for not liking what you like,
Sorry for being cautious,
Sorry for being simple,
Sorry for being happy,
Sorry for not being smart,
Sorry for having my own opinions,
Sorry for trying to be better,
Sorry for prioritizing myself,
Sorry for being to attached,
Sorry for knowing what I know,
Sorry for being fat,
Sorry for not being funny,
Sorry for being poor,
Sorry for not being cool,
Sorry for existing,
Sorry for breathing,
Sorry for being me,
And sorry for thinking you would say sorry too.

For all the people who just took me for granted.
Melissa Jaca Sep 2015
Maybe I've been searching for love,
When loneliness is all I can have.

Maybe I was trying to make a smile,
When tears are falling in my eyes.

Maybe I've made you my fantasy,
When "us" can't be a reality.

Or maybe I was hoping for more,
When all I deserve was less.

Melissa Jaca Sep 2015
I never belonged in your life.
I'm  just a chapter that's about to end.
Or maybe I wasn't a chapter at all,
Just a single paragraph would do.
I know I don't have the right,
To feel hurt or sad,
For I am nothing and so is my heart.
I feel the burst of emptiness,
In almost every moment.
Please let me have peace,
And take my heart,
For it wasn't mine anymore,
Let me be just empty,
Cold, dark and numb.
Let me forget you.
Let me move on.
Let me be free.

I would always want to ask you.
But, nah. Nevermind.
What's the point of asking.
You won't tell me anyway.
random thoughts, kunyare twitter lol
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