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Nove Jan 24
in the beginning of time I am free
I stare directly into the morning sun
and listen while its harmonies engulf me
like slow motion feathers that gradually

fall down delicate air
under a yellow solidarity
which serenades me amid no
example of breath held conceit

I cannot hear any siren of deceit
so I breathe and reproduce a primal strength
feeling my mother's lithic quilt
gird my hands

hands that have become my home now
to use in the planting of duty
remembering how perfect her gems
were meant to be inside the earth

giving the land and thus my body
a gift of solid warmth and marking
where one only needs a firm footing
for then will my internal eyes open

as I stand before daybreak's deep rise
soon hearing the call from heaven
founded by my mother's wisdom
her nest within the landscape
Nove Jan 24
of what gods are forever?

the answer in the mirror
of mind's eye

are the others for whom
each will become

have been them always
and will know them again

when our dream has begun
inside divine memories of now

awake inside the blue box
in faithful silences made deep

shaped deeper than time
by manifesting eternity

as neither darkness or life's light
but rather of souls in the knowing

that existence is love's story
which began unto myself

and ends beside your glory
Nove Jan 24
delicate in Saturn's formation
amplifying the power of the sun
remaining measured

the moment enshrined in purpose
reminding brilliance that a reality of shadows
is what inaction becomes

is this not love?
Nove Jan 24
the stars above,
their eyes

the soil,
their bodies

the wind,
their voice

the green,
of their souls

in depths amid
the varied

fog and hue

a tapestry forest
of impress

illuminating found
Nove Jan 24
distant glistening horizons
saw our lids lay
into slumber's reverie

saw our temples soar
to great heights inside r.e.m.
and so shall we believe its plea

as mouths open up to breath
under mind's witnessing
devotion soundly roots

combines with mutual desires
creating truth
in forms of dancing arms

that run towards mirth's deluge
whispers of beating hearts do praise:
my goal in love will cherish you
only lovers left alive
Nove Jan 24
their journeys foreknown
nay exalted and impactful

though remembered only in dreams
this collective

begotten by measure and forecast
in freedom's careful fantasy

when cellular states of perception
ring in fleeting brittle patterns

where caves mined mercilessly
may well perceive their resonance
Nove Jan 24
passion's cove --
a crag,
the rip

near the thunderous hour
my doppelgänger bled in the ocean
as it held the sharks to its throat

with eyes that can see myself
only in transition --
within the face of solemnity

beyond the death of us
where we could not follow each other
past viscous gazes of innocence

when returned upon the shore
the true boundary an echo
of yesterday's wind

its anthem of every vibration
when many becomes one
at home by the limit of illusion

in their fall --
made past all,
rises the future
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