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It began as a mistake,
a sweet lie,
a sin i couldn't scape.
It began as a mistake,
as it took control of me,
like a demon
feeding the weak.
It began as a mistake,
but it was the most beautiful one,
that i ever taken.
Im seating here,
alone in my throne,
waiting to you,
to come home.
This is the tale
Of an empty sailor,
That crossed the seas,
Alone,in his wooden boat.
One day
A storm came,
A beautiful, destructive
And majestic storm.
The sailor didn’t run
He collapsed into her.
As he sinked,
He saw her.
That girl, looking to him
Through the storm.
For the first time,
The sailor felt complete,
As the girl huged him
Through the deep sea
In the night,
in the cold and craw darkness
i wander about the cosmos,
about the universe.
About all the things we could have been.
I wander if in a different reality ,
we are still together.
If we had kiss,
if you had stayed, if our bodies
had become one,
under the moon light.
I know you don’t want me,
and i know you don’t miss me.
But i will be here,
waiting  for you to come back.
Maybe our fate wasn’t written on the stars,
maybe we were just meant to fix,
each others hearts

I miss you...
Pretty little girl,
what do you wish the most ?
It’s my body or my soul?
Pretty little girl,
You drown me
To the memories I can’t forget
You erased me
Just to build me again.
Pretty little girl
Keep dancing in the flames
Where I can’t reach you.
I will wait in this place
Until I could get
A taste of flame
That I couldn’t never forget
I lost my name In the storm of my mind,
In the darkness time of the night.
In god i lost my faith
In the devil, I don’t trust my soul to take.
So, here I stand
A broken man
With nothing else to give,
Just broken thoughts
And bad dreams.
Oh my creator
Why did you made me this way?
In the shadows of the night
You build me
from dirt and suffer.
I was pure
A soul without a purpose
A man on path.
But then, you left me,
With a broken soul
A heart made of stone.
You made me a mortal
With a strong desire
Of the sweet immortality.
He was a stranger,
a man unknown.

He became a companion,
turned into lover.

His only failure came unexpected,
a secret discovered.

He was a stranger,
a man uncovered.
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