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Who am I to you?
I often asked this question
but was afraid to ask.
I sensed something was holding you back
and we referred as friends
so many words and songs exchanged
but the intensity I felt, was real for me.

After flying through your magical worlds
after you created in me a new life of attention and love
to latter ignore me, left me confused, cold.
I didn't know what to think nor where I stood?
You felt I was fictitious, a created character
-in your magical novel of surreal love,
someone who was loved but forgotten
once the page was turned
and the book closed.
9h · 28
Ego or false pride is the largest block in our lives
this is due to fear of being hurt
worrying about what others may think of us.
There are some people we must hide from
but then there are those who can see through
masks and words.

Intuition sees through masks and reads energies,
discerning truth from lies.
5d · 56
I Relax to Flow
I release doubts, fears and should haves
everything plays perfectly at the right time
whether we see it or not

I delete erroneous childhood programing
while I brake unnecessary old chains
I've learned from darkness, fears and pains

I abstain from comparing self to others
then relax, to be able to dance
as I allow myself to follow the flow
Oct 31 · 99
Unequal Exchange
Luz Hanaii Oct 31
I took a risk for an equal give and take
rehearsed lines, paper love, is what you fed
I felt deceived, shortchanged.
I took the hits, I became an extra in my own show.
My soul bled loud, but heart refused to hear
I felt subdued in your entrapping game
'till Spirit said, "Enough! Let Go!"

An offer of crumbs and half truths
clearly understood
woke up and flew away.
Oct 28 · 82
At Peace
Luz Hanaii Oct 28
I bring all those beautiful and positive feelings back
I keep them because they serve and uplift me
I bring them into my heart
special harmony is back, smiling at ease
I am what I choose to be
my inner spirit at peace

I release things which no longer benefit me
I hold them in my open hand
observing as I blow them away
like dust into air
gone, released up into the darkening clouds
which blow far into the distance
emptying their content as rain over the sea
leaving only the brightness and warmth of the sun
Oct 26 · 148
Luz Hanaii Oct 26
embracing each new day
courageously letting go of the past
each challenge makes me stronger
Spirit always guides me
nothing to fear
I am loved
Oct 21 · 153
Luz Hanaii Oct 21
The flame of love blinded me
I held a rose by her stem, her red velvet dress
with numbness of mind
I pressed her deep to my heart
thorns dug at my flesh
tears mingled with blood
a cry in the dark
Oct 10 · 55
Present Light
Luz Hanaii Oct 10
The beauty and light of the present
I see the beauty of life
the light.

The sadness is the past
the suffering, the darkness, the doubt.

I have a deeper understanding of how life works
I trust my guidance and intuition
seeing the bigger picture now.

I chose my path
the passion for life
success, growth,
the light.
Oct 3 · 718
Final Act
Luz Hanaii Oct 3
A play in life has ended
great acting, well received.
A modern drama, play about lonely needy lovers,
emotional wounds, agendas, deceptions, realizations.
The final act summed it all up.
Holding hands actors took of masks & vowed.
The curtains closed.
Sep 26 · 389
Luz Hanaii Sep 26
Some people treat you like gum,
once they've chewed up all the flavor
they spit you out.
Sep 26 · 412
Flowers for the Dead
Luz Hanaii Sep 26
Don't bring me flowers when I'm dead
when I can no longer see nor smell
for you'll be buying them for you
for others to impress
or maybe just for show
buy them for me now
while I'm alive
while I can see them
love them
and enjoy
Sep 22 · 137
Luz Hanaii Sep 22
Sitting back observing the game
pressing of buttons, such archaic game
going through the motions of what's expected to say
such predictable actions,
I'd rather not play.
Sep 20 · 104
Facing Darkness
Luz Hanaii Sep 20
Don't run away from that which scares you.
Facing head on the darkness makes one lose fear
eyes soon adjust and you're able to see through it,
in order to find a way out of it.
Sep 20 · 158
Luz Hanaii Sep 20
Wisdom must be earned through experience,
wisdom comes through pain, sorrow, suffering...
but also through purity of intention.
Sep 18 · 2
Luz Hanaii Sep 18
blinded by my love's flame I held a rose by her stem,
admiring its freshness, her red velvet dress
her fragrance dulled common sense
with mesmerized mind
I pressed the rose to my heart
thorns dug deep at my flesh
tears mingled with blood
s silent cry in the dark
Sep 17 · 204
Vulnerable and Flexible
Luz Hanaii Sep 17
Let yourself be vulnerable
for therein lies great strength.
Be so flexible that no storm
can uproot you, in the end
you'll be rooted in the world
in abundance.

Sep 13 · 73
With Love
Luz Hanaii Sep 13
Do take care of you.
I could no longer suppress.
I pray for your peace, healing,
and abundant success.
I'm sorry if we caused each other pain,
I hope you understand.
I hope you regain your strength.
You are amazing!
It was all worth it.
Be well!
Until we meet again.

With love.
L. L. L.
Sep 11 · 48
Luz Hanaii Sep 11
When you let the Divine
to take over,
you get pulled into
your own authentic power.
It's a force of inner Love that
wants your wholeness and
Unfold my true and radiant
self, dear Lord!
Sep 10 · 112
I am
Luz Hanaii Sep 10
I'm always at the right place and at the right time,
because I am there.
Sep 3 · 140
Humble & Aware
Luz Hanaii Sep 3
Remain humble and aware of the present.
Jul 31 · 763
Luz Hanaii Jul 31
most beautiful inspirations comes from silence
majority will fret and flee from it
a select few will thrive and remain
in silence
Jul 18 · 163
Luz Hanaii Jul 18
Our love, a gleaming lake of fresh water.
You went searching for fires of passion
came back with singed wings.
Told you dear, "Passion does not last!"
But I'll have to agree that, it sure is fun!
Let me clean your wounds,
refresh your thirst,
then merge yourself in me.
Delight in my touch,
I am true and real,
I'm the water you need.
Jul 15 · 210
Luz Hanaii Jul 15
this passion I feel for you
one day will be just a
sweet bitter memory
this silly heart will recall
without pain and agony
just another deep experience
I don't know why he chooses
these intense lessons
why can't he just go on doing his
work and behave?
Jul 11 · 121
Parallel Universes
Luz Hanaii Jul 11
In a distant universe we were once close.
My work led me away from you,
there were things out of our control.
I could not openly share with you
it would have been crazy, irrational,
unfathomable!  I was not allowed.

The study of parallel universes
in this current universe is simply a theory
there is no way I could begin to show you
to prove to you, that we knew each other
my concrete proof would freak you out.

I went through several parallel universes
trying to align situations that would lead
us back together, to what we once had.
but at every turn things would
not align properly, crushing others, us.

I kept hurting, destroying those close to me.
Running into other versions of myself was most unsettling,
not only for my doubles but also for me.
I have promised to simply surrender to the fact
that you and I are not meant to be.

And now I’ve come across you, we even made contact
exchanged words, but you don’t seem to recall.
Meeting a coincidence? or universe playing once more?
You’ve triggered such intense feelings. I’m glad you’re alive.

I can not harm you, others nor myself anymore.
I accept the pain and move on. I’ve realized these journeys only bring
tragic desolating consequences to ourselves and others.

Perhaps some day your truth aches will make you recall.
Closing this with love.
Jul 7 · 126
Luz Hanaii Jul 7
Air sings of gentle chimes
enhanced with traces of freesia
immense sadness overtakes me
no specific reason
perhaps grieving beautiful roses
which don't live long
while thorns thrive on

being judged unjustly
children who are abused
cries of tormented souls
sacrificing for love
people who left,
who I once loved

Just being here,
taking each moment in
I close my eyes and
let sadness enbrace me
not judging
just feeling
Jun 10 · 337
Luz Hanaii Jun 10
who said you could play with my feelings
I could do the same to you
but you don't have much to play with
Jun 4 · 115
Living Theater
Luz Hanaii Jun 4
In the theater of life some show horror films and dramas
others will decide to display comedies and  love stories

sufferings are nothing but our own perceptions
awareness allows us to choose different genres
I got tired of projecting dramas in my theater
Jun 4 · 387
Blank Screen
Luz Hanaii Jun 4
life is the blank screen we choose
to project the pixels of our emotions
May 29 · 417
Cruelty or Elegance
Luz Hanaii May 29
A single rose in a vase
cruelty or elegance?
May 25 · 269
Luz Hanaii May 25
It's a blessing knowing both worlds
yet not sinking in a pit of despair
nor flying out of orbit
May 25 · 148
All is Well
Luz Hanaii May 25
All is well within me, I exchange love and respect with others.
May 24 · 327
Love is My Friend
Luz Hanaii May 24
Love has become a close friend an allied
constantly calls or knocks at my door
brings bouquets of fresh poems
we sit and talk on the floor
He taught me to amplify regard towards others
sharing countless delightful hours of pleasure
the love I now feel is 10 X and more
we toast to joy, dine on salads of berries and passion fruit
at times he leaves to do, who knows what?
that's when I take advantage to write
before golden birds fly off
May 24 · 266
Just Glow
Luz Hanaii May 24
It's been extremely difficult being me lately
not because I'm depressed on in pain
but because I'm bursting with love
and want to engage with others around me
talk, laugh, share, shine...
But because I'm also highly sensitive and a bit empathic
I sense and realize not every one around wants or cares to
Never realized how hard it is
to keep the lid on
and just glow
May 24 · 325
Life Pays Me
Luz Hanaii May 24
Please don't feel you owe me
life pays me in infinite ways
May 23 · 174
Luz Hanaii May 23
My mind is fertile my soul prolific
glad they're not flesh and blood
body and wallet would take a toll
Luz Hanaii May 23
the power of the written word
words are powerful like drugs
love words form combinations
until they open up the heart
an illusion all make believe
a dream, a game to pass the time
'we fall in love with nothing
and when it's all over we cry'
May 23 · 227
Luz Hanaii May 23
beautiful words after dark
our private messages
brought down the moon and stars
caressed my ears my senses
no names, no strings attached
Disneyland love a farce
babbler eloped with my heart
left me empty, crushed me like trash
May 22 · 269
Language of the Heart
Luz Hanaii May 22
If you talk to a man in a language he understands,
that goes to his head.
If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.
   ~Nelson Mandela~
Anyone here speaks Spanish?
May 19 · 198
Love is Beautiful
Luz Hanaii May 19
Love and beauty, gifts bestowed upon some
Together they design a gentle modesty
for love is perfection, seeks not his own
yet beauty without love promotes ego
love devoid of beauty is not possible
for love is beautiful!
May 19 · 99
Luz Hanaii May 19
When trust is gone, he takes everything of worth with him.
May 19 · 58
Honor Gardens
Luz Hanaii May 19
Honor gardens thou the flowers tempt you with their
alluring beauty and perfumes.
May 18 · 115
True Love
Luz Hanaii May 18
A love story is not told but lived
and will never get out of style
A true love story has no end
for if one of the lovers dies
true love will carry on.
Original date published  Aug. 22, 2016
May 18 · 434
I am the Light
Luz Hanaii May 18
Under the sky
under the starts
under the fields of flowers
I am everywhere
I am the light

Je suis la lumière
Sous le ciel
sous les étoiles
autour des champs de fleurs
je suis partout
Je suis la lumière
May 17 · 104
The Bubble
Luz Hanaii May 17
under sapphire ski, I sit to ruminate
the wondrous beauty of surrounding space
no fears, worries, nor future plans
it all fits so well, perfect if such...
chewing the cud upon nature's live rug
lack desire to move on
at a distance, two goats **** heads
illusory bubble dispelled
oh! the challenge of life
got to go
May 17 · 63
Hope and the Now
Luz Hanaii May 17
T.S. Eliot noted in one of his quartets,
"one can hope for the wrong thing."
Hope is simply the absence of knowledge
A "future" which doesn't actually exist.
One need to be attuned to the present, the now
to meet its demands
it has nothing to do with hope.

While I'm in the 'Now', I hope I'm not missing out
something important in the past or future.
May 15 · 274
Luz Hanaii May 15
Arrogant, rude, ignorant blindness judging and finding faults,
yet crying "poor, poor me!" one dying of cancer,
diverting attention to the scrape in your knee.
Iniquitous dinning soup of blood and spines.

Oh! unfortunate souls, mesmerized, trapped in such web, mindless drones, precariously sinking into black holes, lobotomized zombies, enslaved sounding boards, too weak to escape, mental hell on earth.  

Energy holder, specter from hell, thriving in egotists, spirit of dark realm, return to whence you came from.
May 3 · 170
Luz Hanaii May 3
We judge according to our own perceptions and
experiences, which with the passing of time are
'subject to change.'
May 2 · 308
Shunning Escapism
Luz Hanaii May 2
Staying in the now, a cold shower for the mind,
both bring an awareness, a newness, a calm...
Shunning escapism is like restricting the mind from
unhealthy tempting snacks,
avoiding such brings a hunger for healthier fuel,
get more accomplished in extension of time.

Returning to simplicity in a complicated world.
It's not about having more but doing with less.
It's not how much you say, but what and how you say it.
At times not even a word, but a kind gesture a smile.

Quieting the mind and reducing its furious speed,
it's when you're able to stop, and not only smell the roses
but also listen to them.  
Being present will force us to face not only good but also guilt, insecurities, fears...
Not pleasurable facing the shadow side, yet getting to know
one's complete self intimately, priceless!
Luz Hanaii Apr 30
Be indifferent to the wicked!
They infiltrate all realms,
taking advantage of kind souls,
who think their love can heal them.
Apr 30 · 379
Trust your Gut and Heart
Luz Hanaii Apr 30
Trust your gut and heart,
They have not evolved to the state of doubt.
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