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The flame of love blinded me
I held a rose by her stem, her red velvet dress
with numbness of mind
I pressed her deep to my heart
thorns dug at my flesh
tears mingled with blood
a cry in the dark
Luz Hanaii Oct 10
The beauty and light of the present
I see the beauty of life
the light.

The sadness is the past
the suffering, the darkness, the doubt.

I have a deeper understanding of how life works
I trust my guidance and intuition
seeing the bigger picture now.

I chose my path
the passion for life
success, growth,
the light.
Luz Hanaii Oct 3
A play in life has ended
great acting, well received.
A modern drama, play about lonely needy lovers,
emotional wounds, agendas, deceptions, realizations.
The final act summed it all up.
Holding hands actors took of masks & vowed.
The curtains closed.
  Sep 28 Luz Hanaii
guy scutellaro
she wanders into my soul
so effortless
sweet and easy
like sunshine
on a sunday afternoon

she feels the raindrops falling
can see the silence calling
and steals the love
from my heart

divides my soul into equal parts
and kicks the pieces
into a hole
that she has dug
just for me

with her eyes.
Luz Hanaii Sep 26
Some people treat you like gum,
once they've chewed up all the flavor
they spit you out.
Luz Hanaii Sep 26
Don't bring me flowers when I'm dead
when I can no longer see nor smell
for you'll be buying them for you
for others to impress
or maybe just for show
buy them for me now
while I'm alive
while I can see them
love them
and enjoy
Luz Hanaii Sep 22
Sitting back observing the game
pressing of buttons, such archaic game
going through the motions of what's expected to say
such predictable actions,
I'd rather not play.
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