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When you read my words, consider them snapshots.
Just as photographs, they reflect, they've captured a time a moment of my fleeing experiences, assessments and conclusions at the time.

Some snapshots reflect, beauty,beliefs, ideals, pain, ignorance or worst. Please do not define me by these.  I am continuously searching, learning, growing, evolving with each new experience, with new light with new love.  

Snapshots create views, illusions, notions, emotions be them good or bad, current or past.

No snapshot can truly define us, for we are complex beings,
wrapped in layers.  Layers hopefully shed as we grow in various ways; ******, mentally, psychically, spiritually...  For many of the fabrications we once regarded, turned to smoke screens.  Like innocent children we presumed, relied, accepted, 'till made aware.

January, 00, 0000
  Jan 15 Luz Hanaii
A father wanted to have
one of those profound,
slightly awkward talks
a man typically has
with his young son.  
So the father said to his son,
Son, I need to talk to
about when you were born.
Where you come from.
It was a sea of trees,
under golden leaves,
down below
of emeralds in sod,
in a mystic grotto
where doves live in furlough.
I said dad, I am almost
25 years old.  
This all sounds ridiculous
and you're a lunatic.
And this is why I dont
speak to my dad
Luz Hanaii Jan 15
I am not special nor think me better than the rest.
I'm down-to-earth, cautious, with common sense.
A loving and nurturing, simple woman
that makes many mistakes
a dependable person, trying to be better
learning as I go, that is my quest.

I like the simple things in life
healthy natural food and nature
common overage nice people
good old-fashion respect
to encourage and build
I like kind loving folks.

Attacks and confrontations turn me off
also viewing violence, that grieves my soul
which leaves me sad and  make me run to His arms.
I have better things to do with my life
than to consume my time confronting negativity.

My motto is, "Live and let live"
for some that's too lame, I respect their views.
I love my time, my peace, my space
my simple way of life
in which I dwell with love and peace.
It is better to walk alone in peace than accompanied, but walking on egg shells.
Luz Hanaii Jan 15
Remove the veils of ignorance and prejudice
that darken and sadden a wandering soul
for ego like shadows succumb to light

Love knows no religion, color or race
she finds no fault nor seeks her own fame
for she resides in hearts filled with light

To be as a gentle child shrouded in light
should be the soul's goal
enjoying each moment in love
Luz Hanaii Jan 15
what makes us resonate to others
is it the way we express ourselves
the words we choose to use
the length of our poems
the subjects we adopt

i believe is an energy
an intangible sense
a magnetic force
an attitude
a feel
Luz Hanaii Jan 15
my man does not lash out at me
he is gentle, he is kind
he's not a saint and he does get mad
but when he does and can not contain
-his anger, he chooses to walk away
rather than to say a word he will regret

my love is willing to please my every mood
although I won't abuse his gentleness
perhaps that is why he's willing to run out
-in the middle of the night to buy
whatever I may crave...
but I don't abuse, perhaps that is why

He's always willing to talk and discuss
whatever is on my mind...
At times he's sweeter than a mom
and I'm tougher than a dad
other times he's the strength of my life
and I'm the love of his life
he tells me all the time.
Luz Hanaii Jan 14
Your spirit a mixture of strength and kindness
such commanding and loving energy
a magnet which has kept me glued
by your side for so long
the power of your voice
makes me feel specially feminine
just the sound of it makes love to my ears
your presence draws the most precious
reassuring feelings never felt before
this love like fine wine
with the years has become
an undying choir of light to my heart
and for you I don't fear to be called a fool
to write the most common cliches
all in the name of love
First published and written on Dec. 20, 2016
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