In pain unite, in joy disperse
that is the curse of those who blindly cry
yet seldom seen nor ever truly heard.
From center pulled, tossed by each opposing force.

These multitudes who roam alone
pretending nothing's wrong, pretending...
Alone in crowds, myriads whose senses have been dulled
-in order to belong.

Think, think, think such is a mindless brain
let empty chatter steal peace and rest,
pretend that every thought comes from you.
Let ego credit claim, let him assume
that deep and clever lines belong to him.

At last for some there will come a point
They'll truly will be left alone
The thoughts scarce and
ego gone for lack of strokes
no lies to keep him strong nor fed.

At that point ego and brain will no longer
-dictate, nor be allowed to show their **** stare.
It will be spirit, who'll speak and guide,
he'll make aware, and soon awake,
removing wool from eyes,
breaking world's clever claws and programing.

Pain and joy, will no longer have the strength
once possessed to engage and pull apart...
In center they'll remain
at last set free.

"... I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly"
ego joy pain spirit aware strength programing  center
Luz Hanaii Oct 11
To you who walked away from my life
who simply stop calling and never said goodbye.
You know who you are!

Once we were close, two peas in a pod
we shared, we did,
we laughed, we cried...

I don't feel I faltered, while you led me down at times.
You hurt me, didn't keep your word,
left me more than once in perilous situations
-while you'd laughed and bragged about, at work.
I was young, naive, passive, never called you out on it.

I felt your judgments, your jealousy...
Don't know why? You were the pretty one,
the shining one, the smart one, the social one...
I looked up in admiration.

But as I've broken from my shell and
learned to differentiate from real vs feign,
matured to realize we often outgrow friends.
I am now grateful that you left.

You always wanted to find love and be loved.
Something I found and still enjoy.
Perhaps, that was the thorn
-that pierced your heart?
My peace, my love, my joy.

Somethings are better left alone.
This person lies and tells others that she calls and I never answer?  At this point I don't want to renew contact with such a heart.
Luz Hanaii Oct 3
each feeling casts a mood, varied degrees of energetic pigmentation

we're given certain shades to express within the mural

novices handed dark and muted tones

some will excel, never mind the palette nor the hues

and in our doodling, scribbling or master work

forget! for shades they matter not

but how well displayed the work
Luz Hanaii Oct 3
Feeling of the essence shedding light of words

not my doing but your unspoken chat

do I spell it out or can it be deduced

how a simple turn of  dice

became a curse

  stuck on  earth

for time unseen, unknown, agreed...

guessing  each new turn, watching all unfold

place for growth, exchange or curse

and at the end, what will it matter

was not all this planned and once rehearsed
Luz Hanaii Sep 26
Story number two

On a certain day the royal carriage passed by with the king and queen and the young prince.  They passed by a wise man, a poor hermit, poor in appearance.  The young prince asked, "Who is that man father?" and his father answered him, "He is a nobody."

Months latter there was a grand banquet at the court.  It had been arranged that every person would sit at the table according to their
rank.  The monarch had not arrived yet, when the hermit arrived poorly dressed, which all took for a beggar.

Without hesitation the hermit sat in the most important place. This unusual behavior, enraged the first minister who roughly asked him, "Are you by any chance a visor?"  "My rank is higher than a visor's!" replied the hermit. "So are you a minister?"  "My rank is higher than a minister!" answered the hermit.  Enraged the ministered asked, "Are you perhaps the king?" "My rank is higher than the king!"  "Are you perhaps ***?" asked the minister bitingly. "My rank is higher than ***!"

Angrily the ministered said in a loud voice, "Nobody is greater than ***!"  And the hermit said calmly, "Now you know my identity."  "That Nobody is me."
As narrated by Jorge Handabaka of Peru.
Luz Hanaii Sep 26
The ego does not exist it is only absence from consciousness.
How to measure or discover our level of ego.
All it's needed to know is how we react to adulation or
disapproval and insults.
The Crafty Hermit  (story number one)
Long time ago lived a hermit, whose hair was white like foam and  his face showed deep wrinkles that depicted more than a century of life.  Yet his mind was sharp and his body flexible. He had been able to develop great control of his body and developed great psychic powers, yet he had not been able to debilitate his arrogant ego.
Certain day death sent one of his emissaries to trap the hermit and take him to death's kingdom.  The hermit knowing that death does not show clemency to anyone, projected 39 exact replicas of his body.

When the emissary came to take the hermit.  He was shocked to find 40 exact bodies so he was not able to detect the right body and unable to trap the hermit.  He went and told death what had happened.

Death listened carefully and  gave him very strict instructions on what to do.  The emissary smiled and went back to trap the hermit.

Once again the hermit with his high intuition detected that the emissary was coming again.  He quickly replicated the trick again and manifested the 39 exact bodies again.  When the emissary came in he said, "Very good, very good, what a great accomplishment, yet you've committed a small error."
The hermit hurt in his pride quickly responded, "And what is that error?" and this is how death's emissary was able to trap the hermit's body and conduct him without delay to death's dark kingdom.
Translated from a talk about the ego by Jorge Handabaka.   Mr. Handabaka resides in Peru.
Ego is the way that conducts to illusion, to irreality, to suffering,  to death.
Because those ruled by ego are the dead who bury the dead.
Yet let's not sing victory right away.  For as long as we have not overcome, but succumb to adulation and insults we have work to do.
Luz Hanaii Sep 26
A certain king had become friends with a sage,
and they seemed to get along well, the king considered
himself a student of the sage.
On a certain occasion the king asked the sage,
"What is the ego?"
The sage looked at the king and responded,
in a very annoyed voice,
"What kind of ****** question is that?"
The king got tense, got red and feeling insulted
and enraged told the sage;
"How dare you speak to me that way, I AM THE KING!"
The sage smiled and said, "Your excellency, this is the ego!"
Extracted from a talk by Jorge Handabaka of Peru.
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