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Luz 12h
amar pero saver que en esta vida no es posible
solo conformarse con la union de energias
pero debo dejar todo porque esto
solo me ata me deja de tomar mi vuelo
a cielos mas altos
esto fue tan raro, como un sueno
una locura, alga que no ocurre a diario
una coneccion cosmica
algo que muchos no viven
es mejor dejarlo ir
tiene que solucionar cosas
ademas las edades no se prestan
ni los valores o creenzias
Luz 4d
I heard she tamed the beast
had him eating out of the palm of her hand.
Most could not believe
the beast finally a tamed animal?

A dark and ominous castle
fancy table set for two
music playing, candles swaying,
red roses, crystal glasses, fine china..

No witnesses that night
just the two of them alone in the castle.
Her long hair captivated him
"You're so beautiful, I never felt like this!"
"Please follow me, I have a surprise
for you in my bedroom."

The screams of delight turned violent.
Eventually he steppes out
whipping the blood from his mouth.
"She was tasty, and oh how I loved her!"
Moral of the story, beasts might fall in love,
but one can't trust them to remain stable,
it's just in their nature.
Luz Apr 24
Insanity reigns!
Everyone's crazy, except you and I.

From the beginning of time,
the strong have ruled the weak
creating worldly distortions and rules
to subdue the masses.
To survive one must adapt
what appears strange at first
soon becomes the accepted norm.

Stockholm syndrome, mental confusion
the victim ends up caring for the predator.  
To endure, the mind and sight dims
ends up warping ones view
the insanity of survival mechanism.

The heat in the frog's water is gradually increased
slow change in temperature is not noticed
until the frog cooks to death
or so it claims the myth.

Denying human rights and life
became acceptable in Auschwitz
pain, suffering, death
it all became meaningless
such dehumanizing insanity.

The horrors of dehumanizing others live on.
Population control, a sinister mission
disguised in benevolent, acceptable form
which goes right over most heads.

Duality, light vs darkness
a struggle like health and illness
the constant battling forces on earth
-where evil seeds remain alive at work
but some can see reality through special glasses
The time has come for the masses to align
left or right?
pick a side!
Last stanza inspired by the 1988 movie, "They Live"
Luz Apr 21
I need your help
English is my second language, at times I tend to type
words the way I hear them and not the way they're spelled.
Please do correct me or question me when I write
something questionable.
In my poem Checkmate I wrote the word
"chess-board" wrong,
I had written 'chest-board' I got questioned
on another site and corrected the word.
I don't mind being corrected, it keeps me learning
I don't get offended.
Thank you!
Luz Apr 19
Una dama una vez dijo,
si no sabes como domar demonios
no desates los mios.


A lady once said,
if you don't know how to tame demons
don't untie mine.

I hear this in Spanish and wanted to share it.
Luz Apr 19
I'm sorry you were hurt
I'm sorry you're in pain!
If you were to try to give them
the spiritual reason to their pain
it's going to sound unfair and unreasonable
the best thing you can say to them is,
I'm Sorry!
Love is the perfume of respect.
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