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Luz 20h
Peoples words tell us stories either true or not?
                         some think they can fool you
but Subconscious Body Language will give them away
       if communication's by text rely on your Intuition
   and their energies
there's always more than meets the eye
                        stay alert be like an FBI agent

Tolerance is great, but it can go too far
             listen to your gut, put yourself and Safety first
if one keeps gibing you the Heebie-jeebies, drop him!
  let them deal with their weeds and broken lawn mower
     tend to your garden and enjoy your peace

              People are like poker hands
bet on the good hands, the bad ones just 'Fold'!

Focus on the good, gratefulness brings abundance
              my teen son would say: "Thank you Capt. Obvious!"
Luz 2d
Meet the new and improved
with whitener,
and greater cleaning power!

Filtering the noise around me
I seek inner peace, all else is irrelevant
I don't need empty words
energies shout louder

New beginnings with some is like going back
to that same dark bar with alcohol smelling rugs
glad that intuition smells the patterns

I stick to my word like tick to blood
yes and no's remain firm in my records
I forgave, now writing a new book
Luz May 18
sun’s rays caresses every living things upon the garden
better take in the bathroom mats
delving to profound depths of life sharpen by recollections
I shouldn’t have gotten rid of all my high heels
shedding light on fears and anger that cloud the judgment
next time I’m going to give him a piece of my mind
expectancy, feeling like something pending
did I mailed that birthday card?

cocktail of sandy time mixed with arid air,
drying-up memories, haven’t tinted my hair
recalling less each day, did I leave the stove on?
words once said slowly wane
starting to forge what you looked like

passion got stuck between the pages
of some old forgotten dusty book
that I’ve misplaced
and the love? that’s still around,
flying like a mindless gnat around the air
as I sit here and reminisce
Hmm! should I swat it?

(Revised, from my poem "garden meditation"
added some humorous lines in between the old lines.)
Luz May 18
Air singing
                      melodious chimes
                                             freesia traces flowing
reminiscent, nostalgic
                                things surface
light's disclosing
plaguing of sources
shifting of unstable causes
                           disappointment viewing
death of red roses
                                                  their short existence
                    as thorns thrive
crowning the grieving
in crimson drops
Just thought I'd change the format of this poem to show flow.
Luz May 17
Got disillusioned, Not being loved in purest fashion
      Yearning to feel the intensity of the love I offered
   missing the lack of purity of highest essence my soul desired

               I surrounded myself with Love
         with All that is pure, noble and gentle to my soul
       I dedicated this and All love songs to Myself and to Love
                   It's not narcissistic it's Finally Valuing the Self
             love self before you can love others       
                         so you'll have love to give
                                        otherwise you'll just be needing
       constantly taking, never filling the void,
now that's Narcissistic!
      Love is the rescuing light, the guiding force of life
              I surrendered to Love
                         No more waiting for outside love to rescue me

         Love was in my heart, politely waiting
                         waiting for me to Finally Come Home

                      "I'm so sorry I went looking elsewhere for You
                                            -outside of myself"
                            "Aun te Quiero" (I still love you) I said, to Love
                                         -heart aching with intensity
                and Love's reply was, "I always will!"

P.S.  Love and song inspired
Luz May 14
Definition of Love:
"The happiness of knowing that someone exists."

Luz May 14
I fell in love with the masks you wore
but just like any masks
they were meant to fall
and fall they did

behind your feigned strength was weakness
behind your experience was youth
behind your love was fear
behind an illusory world was a great escape.

I did see through the masks
but it's okay! we all hurt, need to learn, grow
and at times escape.
I understand, no hard feelings, nor regrets!

No one is perfect or mask free at all times
please forgive any hurts
or misconceptions I might have raised.

Go on, don't worry, don't look back, fly free
just like me!
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