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  Jul 2020 Luna
you try to hurt me?
It is impossible to break me anymore.
and if you hurt me,
every scar of mine will build my throne,
and when i rule i will hold my scepter and
c r  u  sh  
                                                                                   y o  u r
             v e  r  y
Luna Jul 2020
I stared into space,
Pain in my 'heart'
We were twelve of us,
In Jupiter.
And only I felt the pain.
Painful pain.
And when ghostie looked closely,
He said something was growing on me-
Like a wild flower.
And I could feel it in my deepest insides,
But I couldn't let it
that is simply impossible.
Nothing should grow,
in my heart.
Whatever is growing on me is growing in my insides too and it feels like something good, wonderful. But I don't want it to because it will be going against mother nature, I'll have to take care of it and I am not meant for that.
Luna Jul 2020
When you have her,
You have all peace-
everything you should feel,
But everything in your head
is telling you
to let go.
Your heart bleeds when you do.
You have to have her
even though it's only,
in your head.
Luna Jul 2020
On nights like this,
I stare blankly into earth,
Watching your dreams.
Tears in my eyes
Cause a new day will dawn on you
And you'll have done nothing,
To get closer to the one in your dreams.
If only I had a chance to love like all of you but I am here to wish you goodnight and smile you to sleep. These nights are lonely for me, sometimes I wish I was sun.
Luna Jul 2020
I remember the first time I saw you,
I sank into those beautiful pools,
Felt the love in your touch,
Saw the love in your eyes,
You were my angel
I'd go through hell to have you.

But there's no hell,
I can't have you,
And that's my greatest pain.

— The End —