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Luiz Jun 29
You will feel my absence

much like a drug addict
does their drug
when in withdrawals

every time your legs kick
in anxiety and pain
it will flash my profile
to your thoughts

and you'll remember me

when you can't sleep
for the third night in a row
cause you need me in your veins
it will be only my shadow
lurking in the dark

and you won't forget me

and your voice will quiever
when you cry
your body shaking violently
as you *****

and there I'll be, front forward

for my absence will be your world
crumbling before your eyes
and then maybe, just maybe

you'll feel a fraction
of the devastation
you bring to those
that loved you

and then you won't ignore me
then you'll seek me out
but, by then

five minutes will be too much
of an inconvenience for me

for I will know your misery
as you were my addiction once
but abruptly took yourself from me

and you will swallow your pride
hoping for another chance
but you'll only see my smile
through ******* saluting you

and I'll plant in your thoughts
like a **** you can't ****!

one way or another
in a fantasy or your worst nightmare
I am your (absent) methadone

and you will not ever, ever forget me!
Luiz Jun 9
I'm waiting for the crescent to glow
the sun flowing to our moon below
my tranquility when darkness falls
for luna razored will save us all
the edge of bliss where It's bearable

there in the still I will lay at will
wait to have my destiny fulfilled
then be instilled with no god's goodwill
burn for those I ruined using pills
alive, three forevers I'll be grilled

in the valley of the fallen angels
and there be killed, then have my blood spilled                                            

and when the wet night ascends to the skies
I shall descend as demon with no disguise
Luiz Apr 28



Luiz Apr 21
Love is

every girl having her smile

the one you can't have
insta: @luizsyphre #loveisluiz
Luiz Apr 19
caring about her broken heart
regardless who broke it

shattering your own
in the process

and asking for seconds

© 2019 - Luiz D. Syphre
insta: @luizsyphre or follow #loveisluiz
Luiz Apr 1
last turn sun and moon
celestial bodies loom
I will be home soon
Luiz Mar 29
The day I die
let me be
to my own device!

for I will not deny
the pale rider's
calling with his lullabies

do not see me last
with a wet face!
keep your weepers dry
for our last embrace

for I shall be here at the ready!

as the beast will be announced

I will heed
the clattering hooves
in the stables
with it's anxious moves

and know that soon
I will taste heaven's
hues of blues

allow me a greet the knight
by the seaside
to mount his animal in stride
and float to starry skies

for when that day dawns
I shall be here at the ready!

my body will be clothed
in the finest suit
and last orders
of this old man
will execute

for when the light of that day
shines with my midnight
it will fill me with life

so let not your spirit die!
as I shall be here at the ready!

hours before the rider
mounts the beast
and I transend

I will have done
my goodbyes
with kin and friends

those beloved
be at the ready with me!

for my red eyes
shall prepare to see
my mom and dad free
together again, three souls
as one be

I will walk tall and bold
excited about events here
to unfold!

the raven will have cried at dusk
announcing the pale rider’s coming
with midnight and scent of musk

and I alone will feel the crying bird
as those eerie sounds will prelude
my dispatch to the now due!

for I won't fear
the fading of the light!
as the bright nears the core
of the dark night

this ready I'll perform in peace
as I'm tired, lonely and aching
to be released

the knight has met
no one like thee
longing for
their mortality to be

and the rhythm
of the galloping hooves
will thunder
on the ground lose

and there I'll be
ready to be
the judged and accused

I will not retract from the fading glow
or for the pale figure coy
instead, I will scream with joy:

"Oh! I've missed you mother!, I've missed you father!"

there I'll stand
at the ready
as I hear the hooves step

and the bird will sing
he's at my doorstep
and I won't flinch or evade
at my homestead!

you'll be proud mama!, you'll be proud father!

the beast's snout
will breathe on me!  
but as it draws closer
I will feel carefree
arms wide I will wait
and take a knee

the rider will wait
for my last plea for life
but it will never be!


instead, I will see
to his dismount and shout free:

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